Monday, April 29, 2013

SOW:San Diego Stripe!!

As I write today's blog, I happen to be sitting in perfect 95 degree Costa Rican weather.  I'm taking a little get-a-way to visit an old friend and catch some much needed rays.  In a small attempt to bring sunshine your way, I picked one of our Southern California skirts for this weeks SOW!  Take 20% off this week only on the San Diego Stripe!

On a buying trip to California, one of our girls stumbled upon this gem and I love,love,love it!  This is a light weight cotton skirt, perfect for Summer.  The print and colors are eye-catching but not trendy.  I look for this in clothes to know that they won't go out of style.  I love this skirt in a Swing with the diagonal stripes.  When buying in a straight style, the stripes goes horizontal.
SOW:San Diego Stripe
To keep this skirt casual, pick any solid t-shirt and you're good to go!  Any color goes: yellow, blue, teal, orange, red, green, coral, purple, etc.  For a day look, throw on flip flops!

My inspiration for the outfit above was beach vacation at night.  When you want to look cute and put together but aren't sure exactly what the dress code will be of your destination a solid flowing blouse with fun printed espadrilles is a good start!  You're not sure of what the weather will do so you need to have a bag big enough to stash a sweater, along with your camera, phone, and wallet. This fun tote is a good carry all!

To keep with the beach theme, I went to Swell to outfit this look.  Swell is an online store full of surf brand clothes.  I grew up working in surf shop at the beach.  Surf brands have come a long way from printed t-shirts and flip flops.  You can find cute, inexpensive finds perfect for your next beach vacation.  

Fun Fact: The bangles I picked are made of resin, the same ingredient used in making surf boards!


Friday, April 26, 2013

Get the Look: Teal and Gold!

When I get inspired, I just get inspired.  I am loving gold and teal together so I had to put an outfit together for you ya'll!

As easy as it is to go over the top with this look, when dealing with gold and glitter theres no need to go over the top.  I picked a skirt that has wow-factor (Mimi Houndstooth Sequin-Aquamarine) so we could keep the top simple.  As you can see, the top is just a cardigan.  I would suggest a plain white tank or tee underneath.

Now for my hint of gold, I picked a simple gold belt.  Small piece, nice statement.  
Teal and Gold
I like the idea of nude shoes.  You can choose a nude or gold bag, either is great!  Keep the jewelry gold and simple.  Again, the main attraction is the skirt and belt.  No need to pull attention in too many areas!

Have a great weekend!  Try to incorporate gold and teal in your weekend look!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Color Me Yellow!

Color me yellow because monochromatic is in!  A trend you will soon see hitting the streets is one color head to toe.  To jump into this trend I didn't want fierce, I wanted cheer and Spring.  Whats cheerier than yellow?!

I like the monochromatic look for two reasons.  First, its easy.   Your hues don't have to match so pick one item texture, one item print, and one item solid all in the same color and you have one heck of a look.  For example, my texture is the Sorority Eyelet Yellow.  My Print is the Seychelles heels and my solid is the Karen Millen yellow top.

Second, one color head to toe is slimming.  The look isn't broken up by different colors so you appear elongated which is always a good thing!
Color Me Yellow!
Want a bold look?  Wear all the items above.  Want to dip your toe into this trend before diving in?  Thats cool too, just pick a few pieces above to pair together.  For example, Take the Sorority Eyelet Yellow Skirt with the Envelope Clutch, Tory Burch Phone Case, Kate Spade Earrings and the Seychelles Shoes.  Now top this look off with a solid white shirt.

How far are you going to take the trend?  Head to toe, or splashes here and there?  The choice is up to you!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

SOW:Flash Back Lagoon

With wedding season upon us, I know you need a good skirt to rock for all of those photos you'll be in.  For this weeks SOW, I made sure to pick a wedding appropriate fabric.  How does 100% silk sound?  I am excited to present the Flash Back Lagoon as our SOW!

The Flash Back pattern is artistic, sophisticated, and elegant.  This skirt is available in a Pencil or Classic.  Both styles are perfect for a nice occasion.
Skirt of the Week
The Flash Back is eye popping enough, I suggest pairing a solid top with her.  You can go the dark route like the look we have to the left.  Or, lighten up your look with a white top like I have above to the right.  

For the lighter look, I have the Flash Back paired with neutral accessories.  Again, the skirt steals the show so keep the rest of the outfit low-key.

Like to wear a lot of color?  Me too!  I like yellows, fuchsias, and blues with the green in the Flash Back.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


I am so excited to announce that our new website is up!  This has been in the works for quite awhile, I hope you like our new fresh and so clean website!  
We wanted to strip our new website of any fluff and leave need to know info only!  Have a friend that would love Sevier Skirts?!  Now is a good time to introduce her to our product with this re-vamped look!  Not sure which style to choose?  Let us help...

I love, love, love this page!  Here we break down all three styles and which is best for your body type.  Need more help?  How about a measuring tutorial?  No problem, we've got you covered...
Mary will take you step by step in the video above on how to measure yourself for an online order!

Thinking of hosting a party?  Watch the video under Host A Party for a little taste of what its like.

If you're new to Sevier Skirts or would like to freshen up on who we are, we have just the page for you!  Under our 'New to Sevier Skirts' tab at the bottom of the page, you will find out the tricks of the trade!
Our Skirt Girls have been hard at work launching our new look, we would love it if you took a moment to check us out ;)

Sevier Overlay!

Merriam Webster defines Overlays as: to lay or spread over or across.  To Sevier Skirts an Overlay is: texture rich, eye-catching delicate top layer with lightweight cotton support underneath.  Basically overlays are beautiful fabrics, great for special occasions!

While doing my research this week, aka reading fashion blogs (I love my job!!)  I stumbled upon a new trend.  Overlays all over!  What better spokesperson than Kate Middleton to highlight this dainty trend!
Sevier Overlay
This is an easy outfit to achieve.  First, pick your favorite Sevier Overlay.  Charlotte's Web-Ivory that I have shown above is one of my favorites.  I also love the Charlotte's Web in Lavender!  Now hit the mall or online store and find a lace top in a like color.  The Charlotte's Web Ivory is easy to match because every lace top will always have an ivory option.

Now for the accessories.  The accessories are going to define the look you are going for.  Sophistication with a twist?  Pick a bright belt to wear at your waist like teal.  Want pure sophistication?  Keep all the accessories neutral.

For flattery sake, if you're picking a blousey top pair it with a belt at your waist.  Otherwise, you may appear frumpy.  Always highlight a slim waist if that is one of your assets!

Monday, April 15, 2013

SOW:Nepal Indigo!!

Confession:  I stole this weeks SOW look from Kate Hudson.  Confession #2:  I'm not sorry about it!  This weekend, as I was perusing pinterest for DIY's that I'd never attempt, I stumbled upon this gem of an outfit!  Kate Hudson, you have never looked better!  With that, I had to go with the Nepal Indigo as our Skirt of the Week!

I have been waiting to spotlight this skirt since she came out!  She is one of my favorites!!  The base is a medium-heavy weight cotton ikat print with a blind hem.  Want to feel skinny?  The structure to this skirt is outstanding, so she will keep you in nice and tight!
Mixed Prints
As soon as I found this photo of Kate Hudson, I knew I wanted to create an outfit just like it.  Mixed prints are still in,  Kate nailed this trend!  If you are new to wearing mixed prints, this look is a great place to start.  Mixed prints have enough going on, so I love that she went with a monochromatic color scheme.  I nabbed the same exact shirt from Ann Taylor.  The light blue of the blouse is a nice refreshing color.  Keep the shoes plain and navy to go with the skirt.

Not into mixed prints?  No problem, a plain Michael Stars top will do the trick.  I love coral, magenta, reds, orange and yellow with this skirt! 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Wear this / Not that!

Spring is here with Summer around the corner.  I couldn't be more excited!  Now its time to finally think about my warm weather wardrobe.  Put away the scarves and break out the tank tops!  I should probably hit the gym more routinely now too ;)

One of my biggest wardrobe struggles are the casual occasions.  You know the ones.  Brunch with girlfriends, errands in town or a movie date.  You want to look nice, but not like you put in effort.  Jeans and a cute top are out due to the heat.  So what to do?
Wear this / Not that
If you're like me, the only reason to wear shorts is when you're working out.  They look amazing on Ralph Lauren models, not so much on me.  When I want that effortless, put together look, I always spring for  my Sevier Skirt.  Throw on a basic solid top and you're good to go.

So what makes the best shorts substitute?  If you like khakis, go for a beige or yellow skirt that goes with everything.  I suggest the Tribal Ivory or the Morning Dew Neutral.  Pair with your favorite soft t-shirt and you will look feminine and casual.

More of a jorts kind of girl?   Pick a blue skirt in the hue of your favorite blue jeans.  I guarantee we have any color from navy to royal to light blue.  If you're a dark wash kind of girl, go for the Eurydice Eyelet Navy.  Want a lighter wash color?  I love the Railroad Eyelet Seafoam.

Have a great weekend ladies!  See you on Monday with a hot deal!