Monday, September 30, 2013

SOW: Vivian Black!

The SOW this week is hot, hot, hot!  One of my favorite LBS'S (Little Black Skirts) is on sale 20% off this week only: Vivian Black!  This skirt is great all year round, especially for the holidays.

The Vivian is a medium-heavy weight fabric.  The base is a sturdy woven beige with black flocked zebra print on top.  Flocked basically means that it feels like velvet.  The Vivian is complete with a blind hem.  This baby was made for a straight style.  Be it Classic or Pencil, be ready to show some leg!


Black and beige are the easiest colors to match.  I have it here with this orange silky blouse.  All colors are a go with this skirt: red, coral, blue, green, mustard, yellow, white, black, fuchsia, the list can go on and on!  This is a hot little number so I topped it off with this feisty jacket.  

For the office, keep the blouse and add a blazer or cardigan and classic black pumps.

Friday, September 27, 2013

New Fall Wardrobe for Under $500!

When Fall comes around I feel like a kid again, ready for my new back to school outfits.  Unless a wardrobe sweepstakes is involved, it's just not going to happen.  You don't need a new wardrobe to put together fresh outfits, you just need a few great pieces. 

With less than $500 dollars, I'm going to show you how to update your wardrobe this Fall.  It's about mixing a few staples (chambray & riding boots) with a few statement pieces (lipstick & coat).
New wardrobe under $500
1.  Floral Jacquard Sweater-Zara $79.90
Everyone needs a good sweater for the Fall/Winter.  Choose a good pattern in a neutral.  You can pair it with most outfits and change the look based on the accessories.
My favorite Fall accessory?  The oversized scarf of course.  Again, pick a scarf with good neutrals and a pop of color.  I am also in love with cheetah printed scarves with a little color.
3.Armani Rouge Lipstick- Barney's $32
A bold lip will change your look.  I like this dark rouge for fall.
4. Leather Riding Boots- Zara $159
Invest in a classic riding boot.  It will be your go-to this fall.
5. Coat with Gathering- Zara $159
I love a good statement coat.  Pick your best color and stand out this fall.
6. Full Tilt Chambray- Zilly's $23
A chambray top, as precious to me as my favorite jeans!

Focus on the Chambray Shirt
Focus on Chambray
Featuring the Cathedral & Zig-Zag Adobe
Belt it, scarf it, tuck it.  Dress up, dress down.  The options for your chambray fall our endless.

1.  To brunch
2. To work
3. To a tailgate
4. Lazy Sunday

Focus on Statement Coat
Statement Coat
Featuring the Corvina Black
A classy cut with a bright color will stand out this fall.  Pick a bold color, don't be scared!

1. To a school event
2. To work
3. Out on the town
4. Cocktail party

Focus on Slouchy Sweater
Focus on Slouchy Sweater
Featuring the Antique Paisley Velvet & Mimi Houndstooth Black
A comfortable sweater with a fun, understated print can stand out or blend in.  It's all in how you outfit it.

1. To work
2. To a concert
3. Everyday look
4. To a fun dinner

Focus on Oversized Scarf
Focus on Plaid Scarf
Featuring the Blockbuster Gold & Coco Dots Red
Does anything say cozy like an oversized scarf?  Pick a classic print like plaid, houndstooth or cheetah.  Wear for function or fun!

1. To work
2. To fall break vacation
3. To a movie date
4. To work

Focus on Riding Boots
Focus on Riding Boots
Featuring the Blockbuster Gold & Soho Plum
To the office, the tailgate and out on the town.  Find your perfect leg lengthening boots for fall!

1. To a tailgate
2. Everyday
3. To work
4. Everyday
5. Lazy Sunday