Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Color Me Yellow!

Color me yellow because monochromatic is in!  A trend you will soon see hitting the streets is one color head to toe.  To jump into this trend I didn't want fierce, I wanted cheer and Spring.  Whats cheerier than yellow?!

I like the monochromatic look for two reasons.  First, its easy.   Your hues don't have to match so pick one item texture, one item print, and one item solid all in the same color and you have one heck of a look.  For example, my texture is the Sorority Eyelet Yellow.  My Print is the Seychelles heels and my solid is the Karen Millen yellow top.

Second, one color head to toe is slimming.  The look isn't broken up by different colors so you appear elongated which is always a good thing!
Color Me Yellow!
Want a bold look?  Wear all the items above.  Want to dip your toe into this trend before diving in?  Thats cool too, just pick a few pieces above to pair together.  For example, Take the Sorority Eyelet Yellow Skirt with the Envelope Clutch, Tory Burch Phone Case, Kate Spade Earrings and the Seychelles Shoes.  Now top this look off with a solid white shirt.

How far are you going to take the trend?  Head to toe, or splashes here and there?  The choice is up to you!

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