Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Working Girl: Boo Style!

This entry goes out to all of my working ladies that want to dress up for Halloween but still have to keep it professional.  Every time Halloween hits, I have the hardest time thinking of something original to do.  I'm not one to spend a lot of money on a costume and I usually throw something together.

For the workplace, its even harder showing that festive spirit while keeping in line with the dress code.  Don't worry, you've come to the right place!
Happy Halloween!
Pair your favorite orange skirt, like the Ellie Orange, with your favorite black top.  I picked the Michael Stars Slub Drape Neck for warmth.  Go to Walmart, Walgreens or any party store and buy fake bugs.  Glue these to your hose and voila-you've got a fun Halloween look!  Add a pair of fun earrings for extra flair!

Below are a few of my favorites for Halloween...

For your nails...

for your refreshments...

 your home...

for handing out candy, or a fun party favor...

for your pumpkins...

I did both of these with my pumpkins.  Instead of 'welcome', I painted 'boo!' on my pumpkin.

and a makeshift outfit for the kids.
 A bag of jelly beans is a fun, crafty costume that you can make on your own with balloons and a clear trash bag!

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 28, 2013

SOW: French Brushed Wool Brown!

We all love our LBD's and LBS(Little Black Skirts), but what about our other LBS?  Show some love for one of my favorite hues: brown, in a Little Brown Skirt.  This week's highlighted skirt is the French Brushed Wool Brown!

From our favorite Parisian mill, the French Brushed Wool is a soft felted wool in a perfect medium weight fabric.  You can have this skirt made up in all three styles.  Below I have the swing and classic represented.  My favorite pick?  CLASSIC!!  This is a classic skirt to be worn to work, church, play, parent duties and beyond.  For that reason, pick the most versatile, in my opinion, of styles!
SOW: French Wool
If you want to keep this look classic, pair with heels and a Michael Stars or 3Dot top.  Want to have fun with it?  Choose one of the looks above like a printed blouse or a casual tee with a unique stripe print.  I love black and brown together.  In fact it is one of my favorite color combos.  For that reason I went with black riding boots.  If you go with black and brown together, you MUST keep the accessories the same color.  Boots, bag, jacket, and belt must all be the same color!!  Other than that, its pretty simple.

Add a fun pop with a monochrome matching color watch like the coral time piece I have above.  Combined with the coral stripes you are tying this look together!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wanderlust Wednesday: Cruise Edition

To celebrate my birthday, this lucky girl (me) is going on a cruise.  Tomorrow I set off from Miami to Nassau with sunshine, salt water and fancy outfits in between.  To share my excitement with the ones I'm leaving behind, I thought a good ole' Wanderlust blog was due!

Apart from bikinis and wraps, I'm taking Sevier Skirts with me with the following cruise-worthy outfit.  I'm imagining bright colors against tan skin with a little shine.  Here is what I came up with...
Wanderlust-Cruise Edition
The Limeade Chevron Sequins is a fun pick for your dressier cruise nights.  Start with drinks on your personal deck followed by a three course meal, a little gambling at the casino and dancing late into the early morning.  Sound like a plan?  I thought so.

Red is green's complimentary color so I knew I wanted a bright red shade to go with this skirt.  I chose the always flattering coral to compliment this sequins get-up and a coral clutch to tie it all together.  With sexy stilettos you will be one hot number!

Monday, October 21, 2013

SOW: Babzy's Ivory!

It's the most wonderful time of the about a month that is.  Be ready for the upcoming holiday party season with Sevier Skirts!  I handpicked this week's SOW to wear to such an event.  The Babzy's Ivory is our highlighted skirt this week at 20% off!

The Babzy is one of our luxe velvets that we adore at Sevier.  Perfect for the holidays, this medium weight, painted paisley velvet has some sheen as you walk and schmooze.    This skirt is available in all three styles.  My pick: Swing!  This fabric drapes beautifully, perfect for a fuller skirt.
SOW: Holiday Checklist
It can be tricky dressing for a holiday party.  Should you wear red, or is that too Santa?  Should you wear sparkle or is that too New Year's?  As far as I'm concerned, you can sparkle it up every day ;) 

 I started with the skirt in this look and went from there.  With this beautifully painted ivory, I wanted to keep the top simple with a flattering silhouette so a peplum was the perfect choice.  Next, I went for the maroon coat.  The color is rich and sophisticated, and the tailored fit is spot on for a party.   

The accessories are where you can have a lot of fun with it.  Sequins shoes-check.  Small purse is a must, and to adorn a simple silhouette top add a statement necklace to turn up the wow-factor.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Gameday: Tennessee Vols!

Along with the cold weather, Fall also brings football.  Down in the south, the SEC isn't just a past time, its a way of life come football season.  To non- football lovers like myself, it means finger foods and cute outfits!  Go team (wink, wink)!

To start off the first outfit to take to the tailgate, I'm going with Sevier Skirt's home team, the Tennessee Vols!  It's easy to dress for game day with a team like the Vols.  Once you finally find the correct hue of orange, which is nearly impossible-you just go with it.  Not much option involved.  Below, Sevier Skirts has the perfect orange in the Cascade Orange!
Gameday: Tennessee Vols!
The Cascade is a beautiful medium weight cotton brocade.  This is a structured skirt, looking amazing in a classic or pencil.  Above I have my favorite fall outfit, denim jacket and comfortable long sleeve ensemble with riding boots!  Throw on a fun scarf for mixed prints or a cream one like I have to class it up.

Another great option is the Ellie-Orange...
You can't go wrong with cowboy boots on game day, especially in the South ;)  Show off those legs and small waist with a belted chambray top.  Cool, calm, and comfortable.  Thats what I'm going for on a long day of walking, eating, and hanging out.

Have a great weekend!  Go Vols!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Favorite Boot!

I've said it before, I'll say it again.  Boots are my favorite skirt accessory, hands down.  
My favorite style of boot?  Easy- knee highs.  Short, tall, skinny or curvy, these boots look good on all body types!

Below I have a Sevier Skirt montage of our looks with knee high boots.  Check it out! 
Knee High Boots
1. Short?  Choose a boot with no horizontal detailing such as straps or hooks or hardware.  Those details will break up your leg.  Pick a boot with a heel to add some height and a clean shaft free of any detailing like look number 1!  Over the knee boots will also make you look shorter, so keep the height right below your knee.

2.  Dress up your look with a stiletto heel.  Not only will this give you extra height, it also classes up any outfit.

3. Go casual with a slouchy boot with no heel.  Not only are these boots comfortable, they're also flattering.  My calves are non-existent making my thighs disproportionately bigger.  With slouchy boots covering up my lower leg, it evens out the weight of my leg actually making my thighs appear slimmer.   Gotta love that!