Friday, June 29, 2012

Lets Go Shopping!

Last week after my first mall shopping venture, I had a request  to go shopping for the Orange Feather and the Across the Universe.  Ask and you shall receive!!  Im going to start off with the Across the Universe.
Emily, one of our fabulous clients, disclosed to me that she likes Kate Winslets style, and that she needs an outfit that will transition well from work to social.  To be completely honest I picked out the outfits for the Across the Universe before I got her message about her style but I think what I came up with was exactly what she was looking for!  The Across the Universe is fantastic because it has so many colors already in it that all you need to do is pair a solid color top with it.  I went shopping in the Sevier Skirt closet for this one from our Michael Stars line.

The black look is a perfect Kate Winslet Look.  Classic black, and modest with the 3/4 Length Sleeves.  If you want a top that will transition great from work to social hour go with the mustard on the right.  There is a touch of sparkle in this Cap Sleeved Drape Neck that makes it more dressy.  Mustard not for you?  Thats okay, go with the same top in black.
If you want something fairly causal, this Drape Neck Tank is great!

For shoes, I went to Target.  Kate Winslet is classic, not trendy.  With that in mind here is what I picked out:
Heels for height!
Casual Flats
with a touch of

Lets move onto the Orange Feather.  Emily I know you have the more orange side showing on yours.  In the shop we have the more beige side showing so that is what I went shopping with.  Everything I picked out will look just as great with your skirt!

For the Orange Feather I went to Target.  No need to spend a small fortune when you can look great for less!
Modest Top with
Peek-a-Boo Arm Slit
Casual Sophisticate

I want to first explain that this skirt was not my size, I am actually holding about four inches of extra fabric behind my back so please don't judge on fit!

I love the top left look for your next vacation or lunch date with your girlfriends.  This beige knit dolman sleeve with black cami says, 'Sophisticated meets casual' while not trying too hard.

The black is very Kate Winslet.  Classicly modest with a hint of skin exposed at your arms.
Self Belted Black
Jersey Knit
Navy and Orange:
Made for each other!

Last two looks!  

On the left we have the most casual option.  This is a comfy jersey knit top with fun neck detailing that is hard to see due to lighting.  It comes with a black jersey knit belt to better define your waist.

Now the look on the right is just to give you an idea outside the box. This is not a 'Kate Winslet' look.  As always, we are here to show you outfits you would not have usually thought of.  This is a basic white tee with a cowl neck line and fun navy and white  button up sweater.  This look is perfect for fall to early spring.  I love love love orange and navy together.  They are actually complimentary colors on the color wheel.  If your looking for a fun outfit, go with this!

Can't go wrong with this neutral.
Won't take away from the orange.
Thanks for the request Emily!  I went to Target on Wednesday so be sure to get there fast, Im sure you know how fast their inventory moves!

One last tip:  One of my favorite skirts this season happens to be quintessential Kate.  It is called the Black Scalloped Lace.  Good for year round.  I love this one!  Check it out by clicking here!  

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DIY-Measure Yourself Video!

Have you ever wanted to purchase a Sevier Skirt online but didn't feel confident to measure yourself in order to make your selection?  We completely understand.  That is why we made a 'Measure Yourself Video'.  Mary, our shop manager and Suzanne, Sevier Skirts founder, will take you step by step on what measurements you need to take, and where those measurements are.

First Suzanne will talk you through the steps.  After that, Mary will demonstrate how to measure yourself on her own, just like you will being doing at home.
So whip out those measuring tapes and watch our 2 minute video.  You will be able to join our sales rep team by the end of it!

This will be available on our website soon so stay tuned.  Ill let you know where to find it!

Monday, June 25, 2012

SOW: Water Bouquet

This weeks SOW is sure to put a pep in your step.  I chose the Water Bouquet due to its excellent color options and in style floral print.  This Water Bouquet is a light weight cotton.  A perk of this skirt?  It can be washed in the washing machine!

When choosing an outfit for this skirt I thought first, I want color.  Second, I want a light look (weight wise).  Third, I wanted an outfit that could look different based on how you styled the top.  I went with three long sleeve button downs.  

Water Bouquet

The coral top is silky and will look nice for  nice dinner out.  Pair with a denim jacket and heels for a hot date or flat coral strappy Steve Maddens for a girls night out.

The Yellow button down is actually a very small gingham print.  I think you should roll up the sleeves on this and un button a few buttons from the top.  With a fun bun, your looking adorable for your next cookout!

I love the mint top.  This is the ultimate fresh color.  Simply pair this with the brown strappy sandals for your next vacation or throw on the blazer, and brown flats and take this look to work.  In the summer time its nice to not be in black in the office.  You will put a smile on your coworkers faces with this fresh look.

You can mix and match every piece I have here.  Just a tip:  If you want to match the coral top with the coral jacket, which would be very cute, pick a neutral show to go with.

If you would like one of the pieces in this blog, click on an icon above and it will shoot you to the page!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lets Go Shopping...

Good morning ladies!  I hope this Friday finds you well.  If not, at least its Friday right?  So this week I decided to mix it up a bit with the blog.  I have shown you previously what I would wear with skirts from my own closet as well as picked tops and accessories out from the internet.  The only problem with this is you ladies may not have whats in my closet and I can't show the outfit together from images from the internet.  To solve this dilemma, I hit the Green Hills mall and went to the first store with a sale sign I saw.  Cue Ann Taylor Loft.
Add caption
I'll be doing a mall/store series about once every two weeks.  I'll pick a skirt and take it shopping for an outfit.  I'll do stores that are accessible in most cities for our clients that don't live in Nashville.  The Gray Gardens was a huge hit this year so I have chosen it as my first skirt for this series!
I think fuchsia looks dynamite with this skirt.  I love purples with grays above any color as it is.  This shirt is comfortable and casual.  It has pin tuck detailing with a rope tie at the neck area.  I love it!

This is my favorite look with this skirt.  A simple safari pocket button down.  Look how the pink really makes the pink pop in the skirt!  So cute.  Either tie the shirt like I have, tuck it in, or leave it out and belt it.  You could do so much with this top!


Next up: Shoes.  Lets go to Nine West.
Ladies, meet Tiffany.  Tiffany is the store manager. She had me in and out in five minutes.

If your a flat kind of girl, go with this fun animal skin print.  I love the teal with the Gray Gardens.

For a small heel, these two are great.  You will get your wear out of the neutral.  The blush is a hot
seller as Tiffany tells me and I find that it can be treated as a neutral as well.

Blush flat for the ladies who are not into heels.

I love these suede pumps.  Both colors will look amazing with the Gray Gardens.  This can take you into a fall looks as well.
Same color options as the above suede pumps without the extra height.  To be worn for a fun, casual occasion.
These look great with the bangles from The Loft.

If you have a skirt your having a hard time outfitting, let me know the skirt and where you shop and Ill have it covered!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Options, options, options...

Yesterday I was perusing the Sevier Skirt website when I was blind sided by yet another new feature...Michael Stars is finally here!!!  While I was looking at the shirts I was struck by the perfect timing of choosing the Annie Damask Dot for our SOW this Monday.   I can honestly tell you I had no idea of the colors we were getting in for summer.  If you notice, the colors match the Annie perfectly.  Coincidence?  Yes totally, but lets roll with it ;)

So I've put together a few looks for you with our new Michael Stars styles.  I told you we were about to make your Sevier Skirt shopping experience even easier and voila...

So follow the arrows.  Any color will go with the Annie, its up to you to pick the color that is most appealing for your taste.  Have fun with it!
Some accessories to go with your look...

Monday, June 18, 2012

SOW: Annie Damask Dot!

This week's SOW is the Annie Damask Dot!
Enjoy 20% off of this lightweight cotton skirt this week only!  This is a faux damask.  A true damask is a fabric that has a pattern by the way that its woven together.  We call this a damask because of the way it looks.  Most damasks are too thick to wear in the summer which makes this skirt so special.  You can wear this skirt spring through fall.  I chose this as the SOW this week due to the amazing colors you have to work with.  You can wear bright, light and any color green in between.  You can also wear coral, yellow, white and brown if you want to match this dead on.  Otherwise, you can choose colors that aren't even in the skirt such as fuchsia and it will still work with this skirt.  Below you can see how I paired this skirt.  I have a few options for you...

Annie Damask
Yellow and coral match this skirt dead on.  You can see how the fushcia fits right in with this look regardless of not being in the skirt
I am a huge fan of jean jackets.  Lucky for me, they're in!  Top this look off with a jean jacket, colorful or neutral sandals and you are ready for your day!

P.S. I love this skirt in a swing!  It drapes really well.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day

Incorporate Sevier Skirts in your Father's Day this year.  We want to make it easier on you than it has ever been to get your family dressed and out the door in a stylish fashion.  After all, we know its the moms out there who are putting the outfits together ;)
Let Sevier Skirts make it easier for you this Father's Day with an outfit that is sure to impress!
Surprise that special man in your life with a Sevier Skirt gift for HIM!  Below is a cute outfit for the whole family to enjoy.  A mens seersucker pink necktie, a boys seersucker pink bow tie, a Seaside Eyelet for mom and a pink Light Bright for your little lady!  You can finally shop Sevier Skirt's guilt free knowing that this isn't for you, its for your family ;)
Father's Day