Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Last Hours of Our Semi-Annual Sale!

semi annual sale

 Don't waste any more time!
There are only a few hours left in our Semi- Annual Sale!  Do not miss out on this opportunity to order a custom made skirt at 20%-40% off the original price.  The savings are tremendous and you'll be receiving the same custom made look and feel that you know you love.

Visit our Online Sale Showroom here to check out dozens of discounted shirts and skirts.
Hurry while there's still time!!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Outfit Inspiration- Summer Sale Edition!

Today we're featuring the Charlotte's Web Lavender Skirt one of our items listed in the Sevier Skirt Summer Sale.  You can get this skirt for 40% off it's regular price!  It's so cute and super versatile.  A lavender lurex overlay creates a sophisticated web of subtle sparkle atop of a gray cotton.  Make it a casual day look with a flowy cream blouse or pair it with darker tones to take it into night.  Either way you'll feel amazingly confidant in this custom made skirt.

gold bra

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Semi Annual SALE!

semi annual sale

It's that time again, Sevier Skirts semi- annual sale!  Dozens of our skirts are on sale until Wednesday June 25th, many priced under $100!  You won't find fabrics of this high quality at a better price.

  If you've been waiting to try a custom made sevier skirt or want to add more to your closet now is the time to get these unique fabrics before they're gone.  

sevier skirts sale

See these and many more at

Monday, June 16, 2014

Let's Party!

Last time we talked about being a party host and went over some FAQs that people often ask.  Today, we are going to look a little more into all of the fun things that happen at a skirt party and hopefully answer some more questions you might have about being a host or attending a skirt party.

Skirt Party

First of all, get excited skirt parties are all about having fun!  Once you sign up to be a host our fit specialists are trained to take care of the rest.  All you do is open your home and expect to have a great time! 

Once at the skirt party you will be able to browse our hundreds of fabric options while being fitted for your custom skirt.  Your fit specialist will discuss trends, body types, fabrics, and patterns so expect to learn a little more about fashion and how to put together a custom made skirt!

Not only will you be given insight into custom made stylish pieces but skirt parties are a great way to catch up with friends and meet new people in your neighborhood or office.

Once a party host you can make your skirt party as lavish or low key as you would like.  No matter the setting your friends are guaranteed to have a wonderful time.

If you have any questions about being a host or finding a fit specialist in your area please contact us.
Have a wonderful day!

Sevier Skirts

5105 Alabama Ave
Nashville TN 37209

Friday, June 13, 2014

Becoming a Party Host = Free Skirts!

Did you all know that by hosting a Sevier Skirt party you can earn money towards free skirts?  You can and it's easier than you think!  All you have to do is contact the Fit Specialist (click to see the list!) that is closest to your area, invite friends, family, colleges, neighbors, and anyone else that might love a custom made skirt and let the party begin!

Your Fit Specialist will send out invitations, set up the party in your home, teach your party goers about styles, cuts, and fabrics, and prepare and send out orders.

It's a lot of fun you should try it!

Check out our skirt party video!

Here are some of our Hostess FAQs.  You can also access them on our website here along with our hostess contact form and all kinds of Sevier Skirt info!

How will my friends know about my party?
We will collect the names and emails from you of everyone you would like to invite over for your Sevier Skirt Party. After you gather and send your list of 50 to 500 people to your Sevier Skirt Representative, your job is done. We will email the invitations and send out a reminder the day before the party.
Some of my friends do not have or check their email, how will they know I am having a party?
Upon request, we will provide hard copy invites that you can hand out or mail directly to your friends.
How many people should I invite to a Sevier Skirt Party?
The more women, the better- we are talking neighbors, cousins, friends, teachers, mothers, sisters, aunts, school and church directory, bible study, supper club, book club, children’s play club, every woman you can think of!
What kind of time commitment is a Sevier Skirt Party?
Most parties are between 4 and 8 hours long. It is a come and go party, so pick a time of day that best fits yours and your friend’s lifestyles. Daytime parties, while children are at school- works great for stay at home mothers. Happy Hour is a popular time for working women. Your Sevier Skirt Representative will work with you to find the best time frame for you.
Do I need to provide anything for my guests?
Refreshments are up to you. Don't feel like you have to provide a fancy spread... something to drink and a small chip and dip appetizer is plenty. Too much food can actually be a distraction. We have found that providing a dinner party atmosphere can actually take your guest's focus off the skirts!
Do I receive a bonus for being a host?
Our Sevier Skirt Hostesses receive 12.5% of the party’s sales toward her purchase. If you are a joint hostess with a friend, the 12.5% will be split evenly amongst hostesses.
Can I combine my Sevier Skirt Party with another product?
Due to the complexity of our product, we do not participate in combination parties with other product lines.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What's What With Fabric

Have you picked out which fabric you're going to use for your new Sevier Dress this Fall?  There are so many beautiful choices it's hard to pick a favorite!  Right now I'm going between Liberty Water Stripe Red for my Shift (click to see more!) or Morgan Diamond for my Fit and Flair (click to see more!).

Of course there are always the new fabrics to look forward to.  It's so exciting looking through those new fabric swatches imagening them as skirts and dresses.  While Fabric shopping in Paris, LA, and New York this past season we chose items specifically with our dresses in mind, so expect to see some beautiful pieces.

A lot of people have been asking me, are there certain fabrics that work better for dresses and what should I look for when choosing a dress fabric.  Great question!  Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a dress Fabric:

choosing a dress fabric

I know what you're thinking.  Yes, all of this is great, but what does it all mean.  

Lets begin with #1.  Light weight fabrics are great for movement.  Since the shift dress is all about comfort and style check out our Liberty fabrics like the Floral Trellis or the Mandarin Ribbon.  Subtle embroidery fabrics also looks great as a shift such as the Karolina Embroideries in Ivory, Blue, or Black.  The Blooming Dots both look amazing as do the Floressence fabrics.

#2 Since the Fit and Flair has a little more structure they work really well in a heavier fabric.  We love this style of dress in all shades of the Morgan Diamond, Ace Teal, Valerie Rainbow, Spiral Lattice, Marissa Grey or Black, and the Willow Branches.

What we mean by "Non-textured" is avoid anything with an applique or ruffle that extends off of the fabric.  While this may look amazing as a skirt sometimes it might not work well for a dress.

Of course, these are just guidelines when choosing your fabric.  It really depends on what you love and feel great in!  I can't wait to see what everyone chooses this coming Fall!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Dress-ing For Success Pt.2

Who's excited about ordering a custom Sevier Dress this fall?!  I know I am!  Last week we discussed the ins and outs of our Fit and Flair dress (so cute!).  If you missed that post you can read it here

As promised we are going to highlight our second Sevier Dress style, the Shift.

shift dress

Shift dresses are amazing.  If you have never owned a shift dress I suggest you start with ordering our custom Shift Dress this fall.  They are super comfortable, easy to wear, easy to pack for a weekend trip or vacation, and look super cute.  Whenever I know I'm going to be doing a lot of running around town or sightseeing in a new city I always wear my shift dress.

And with our Sevier Shift Dress you can choose from a huge variety of fabrics and customize the length of your dress.  Our Shift Dress also features 3/4 length sleeves and a crew neck.
These dress are priced 175-325.

 (Floressence Flamingo Fabric)

We are so in love with the Sevier Shift Dress and we know you will be too!  If you have any questions feel free to contact the shop or your fit specialist!
-Sevier Skirts Staff

Friday, June 6, 2014

Dress-ing For Success

As we know, Sevier Skirts has come a long way since its humble beginnings, but one thig has remaned the same.  We have offered a quality product for customers that demand the best.  So when the demand for something new and exciting from Sevier Skirts emerged we were eager to give it to you in the form of Sevier Dresses!

Sevier Skirts is so excited to offer our customers dresses for the Fall 2014 season.  As promised we are going to break down the in and outs of each dress style.

fit and flair


The Fit and Flair is a classic dress style that we are all familiar with and I would guess 99.99% of us absolutely love.  Why?  Its extremely flattering, comfortable, chic, and makes us feel really put together when we're wearing it.

Our Fit and Flair offers customizable fabric and length options,  a fitted bodice, pleated skirt, and miniature cap sleeves.  All dresses are priced $175 and $325.

We are also offering this dress style in Petites!

We are so in love with the Fit and Flair Dress and we know you will be too!  If you have any questions feel free to contact the shop or your fit specialist!

-Sevier Skirts Staff

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

In The Begginning...Our Journey To A New Sevier Skirts Product.

Hi there!  Happy Wednesday, half way through the week! 

Usually this blog focuses on what's coming to Sevier Skirts or our current favorites. And yes, it's true that Sevier Skirts does have some really exciting things planned for the
fall season, but before we get to that lets take a second to remember were we started and reflect on how far we've come as a company.

Our founder, Suzanne Sevier, began making skirts ten years ago at her friends requests.  She had studied textiles and pattern making in New York and upon graduation was exploring her options to break into this field.  Without even knowing it Suzanne hosted her first skirt party in Nashville at the popular Rumors wine bar.  As popularity of her skirts grew she decided to hire on a team of sewers and skirt lovers.  One step led to another and Suzanne along with her growing team turned Sevier Skirts into a direct sales company, throwing parties and having an overall great time.  So here we are today with more sales reps and customers than ever before.

Sevier Skirts has continued to grow into a nation wide direct sales skirt company.  And at this point it only seems natural to take the next step in custom made clothing.

The other day Sevier Skirts held an event to launch their new product.  Attendees offered feedback and shopped our new looks before they were offered to the customer.

We are so pleased to announce that along with our already very popular skirt styles this Fall we will be offering our customers Sevier dresses!  We are so excited about Sevier dresses, they're adorable and look amazing in our unique fabrics.  We will be offering two styles, the Fit And Flare as well as the Shift Dress.

For the next two days we will be going into detail about each style, fabric options, and sharing preview pictures of our Fall line.

Stay tuned!