Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Feb 14th: Turn up the heat!

We have two weeks till V-day and no time to waste.  To me, there are two ways to dress on February 14th.  One way is the romantic, cute, pretty route.  This outfit will contain pinks, light reds and purples.  Another way is hot, sexy, yow-za.  Think 50 Shades of Gray.  If you've skipped ahead to the photo below, I think you know which we will cover today!

Thats right, were turning up the heat on this years Valentine's Day.  Surprise your husband this year by stepping out of the box, and into Sevier Skirt's Blockbuster!  Want a neutral?  No problem, go with the Platinum Coin!

I had plenty of skirts to choose from for the Hot V-Day look.  So why did I choose the two above?  Leather is sexy.  Leather is in.  But sometimes, leather can be too much, and slightly intimidating.  This is Sevier Skirts answer to the fashion leather trend: Faux Leather embellishments in a classy way.  Keep it minimal, keep it attractive, and keep your personality in the outfit!

On Friday, I'll be covering the romantic, cute side of V-Day.  Get those online orders in pronto to have the Platinum Coin, or the Blockbuster at your door in time for V-Day!!


Monday, January 28, 2013

SOW: Ace Gray!!

Morning!!!  This week's SOW is one of my favorites!!  The Ace Gray is on sale 20% off this week only!  The Ace Gray is a lightweight cotton with embroidery and slight eyelet detailing.  Get this girl in a Swing, she drapes very well.

I loved this skirt the moment it walked into the shop.  The colors are right up my alley.  The light base is light enough to be a subtle gray with a hint of blue to keep it from being drab.  The embroidery detailing is gorgeous, you need to see this in person!

On our well styled website, we have this skirt in the summer look shown above to the left.  Love, love, love it.  To style her for summer, pair with ANY color you would gray.

Now I styled her for the winter so you can wear her right away.  The pop of color is great, but I'm a sucker for neutrals!  The top I chose was our very own Michael Stars Off the Shoulder Desert.  Pair with brown boots, I like these cowboy styled riding boots.  This is the perfect casual look, leaving you flawless and seemingly effortless!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Casual Friday: Sevier Sequins!!

On December 31st we pull out our one time-a-year sparkle, gather with friends and count backwards from 10 for the New Year.  On January 1st, we put that sequin dress back in our closet and leave it there for an entire year.  Sound familiar?

Times are a changin' and style is too!  A big trend this year is casual glitter.  Sevier Skirts is on the ball with this trend and has some great casual sequins for you come Spring!  My favorites are below: 
Sevier Sequins
I love, love, LOVE our geometric sequins in the 2013 line.  From zig-zag to houndstooth, we have it in sequins.  So how to bring the look down a notch and day time ready?  Simple, keep the rest of your look casual.

As always, a chambray top is the perfect way to play down the outfit.  For all three Sevier Sequins above, a chambray top will go.  Now pair with a casual cardigan like the pale pink above from The Gap.  Belt with a neutral brown leather belt.

Keep the shoes neutral.  I love the neutral bootie look.  A pair of riding boots or brown flats will do the trick too!

Try these tips out next Casual Friday and be amazed with the compliments!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

'Workin' 9 to 5' and then some...

During this mid-week January day, I'd like to take a minute to explain what goes into a Sevier Skirt.  Sure theres fabrics, interfacings, zippers and a tag-but you already know that.  What I mean is all of the behind the scenes action that has to be done to get your skirt to your front door.

For starters we have between 10-20 ladies in the shop working 40+ hours a week cutting, sewing, trimming, hemming, and packaging your skirts...
Suzanne compensates these ladies very fairly, a thing unheard of in the
fashion production industry.  
Another group of ladies is of course, our sales team!
All of our Sales Rep have to graduate from Skirt School to be Sevier Skirt Certified.  In short, they go through a week of intense training and then have a series of faux Skirt Parties to get them ready.

Now, onto the fabric.  Suzanne and Mary go on at least 2 trips a year to ensure we have the best selection for you come Skirt Party season...
This is where we send our girls to pick through fabric.  Scary isn't it?!  They
should film the next Chainsaw Massacre movie in this dimly lit location!!

Sure, there are fun parts to fabric shopping like seeing the upcoming trend forecasts...
Trend Forecast
Trend Forecast

But in all, its exhausting!  Not to mention stressful.  Mary and Suzanne sort through thousands of fabric trying to predict what our (fabulous) customers will be into multiple seasons ahead!  Each trip can make or break a season!

The kicker is, when they come home to Nashville, there are hundreds of fabric swatches for them to sort through...

Next: Fronts and Samples!
Once we have our fabrics selected, we have to make a front for each sales rep to have a nice selection for their rack...
Rachel workin' it at a Skirt Sale
Okay, so we have the fronts done, but wait theres more!  Every few seasons we update our patterns.  This season, we have tweaked our patterns to give you the absolute best fit to date!  Here is just a FEW of the samples...
These are the samples you try on at Skirt Parties to get your best fit!!
This is only ONE style.  Crazy huh?
Photo shoot time!! Cue Kiki, our amazing photographer...
Mary works long hours on photo shoot
day to dress each shot!
After ALL of that, I make the invitations and website graphics to display on our website.  Our web guru go-to Sue is a whiz with all of our website technical situations.  The rest, we leave up to our reps and hosts to get the parties going!!  

There is SO much that goes into the making of Sevier Skirts!  You buy our product, so we wanted to let you know exactly what your dollars go towards.  We couldn't do it without our team members and most importantly, we couldn't do it without you!

With each skirt purchased you become apart of the Sevier Family!  Thanks for keeping Suzanne's custom dream afloat!

Monday, January 21, 2013

SOW: Java Moon Hot Pink!!!!

This week's SOW is a stand out!  This sturdy canvas base, tribal printed, tuft textured skirt will get you noticed for sure.  The Java Moon Hot Pink is an all year round skirt and on sale 20% off this week only!

As I said, this is a sturdy skirt so a Pencil will be best.  The construction of this skirt is very clean, meaning structurally there isn't too much going on.  Again, this is a canvas based skirt with tuft detailing where you see yellow.  Tufts are thick yarns that have been gathered up and stitched down giving a nice texture to a fabric.  
I loved the way the girls styled the Java Moon for the photo shoot so I just broke down the outfit above.  Find an off white blouse, a 3/4 length is ideal.  Wrap your staple thin brown belt around the blouse at the smallest part of your waist.  To set off the teal in the skirt pair a teal necklace with it.  Its cold out so I went with brown booties rather than open toed wedges. 

Want a different look?  You can wear any of the following solid long sleeve colors: black, brown, yellow, teal, fuchsia, beige, navy, army green, white or gray.  Now pair with a denim jacket and the brown booties above and your good to go!


Friday, January 18, 2013

Winter Weather bring Spring Colors!!

You've heard of dressing for the job you want, correct?  How about dressing for the weather we want.  I'm not suggesting shorts and a tee shirt, but why do we have to dress drab because of the gray outdoors?  The truth is, Spring is all around us...
Bright Scarves

You can see it in the colors in your favorite stores from jars to scarves.

This winter, I challenge you to put down the dull dark accessories and brighten your look up a bit.  Stores everywhere are getting on board with pastel sweaters, bright jackets and floral winter wear.

I went to Anthropologie with two bright colored winter Sevier Skirts.  I went on a mission to look for a look that would put a pep in my step.  Here is what I came up with...
Speckle Wool Teal
Here's how I did it.  The Speckle Wool Teal has small colors speckled throughout it.  Pick one.  Use this color as your solid base long sleeve tee.  I chose fuchsia.  Now, pick an off the wall bright color sweater.  I picked this bright yellow/green with neutral crochet detailing at the top.  Now the next step is important!  Find an accessory (I picked a scarf) that has the color of your solid tee and sweater.  If your overall look so far doesn't have a pattern, pick an accessory that has one.  Now to finish this look off you need some neutrals to tone her down.  I found a pair of heels that match the skirt and then a brown belt to top her off.

Speckle Wool Teal
Same skirt, new look.  For this look, I went with teal's complimentary color: red.  I kept the same fuschia tee and found this red sweater with watercolor-like chiffon overlay.  The fuchsia and red are in the same color family making this look more subtle than the First Look.  I finished this look off with a neutral scarf and the same brown belt for a Spring Look that isn't over the top.

Vivian Coral
This last look is my favorite!  The Vivian Coral is one of my favorite skirts in Sevier history!  Here is how I did this look.  Take your skirt and find the color you want as your base color.  I went with the pink.  Now find a base color top.  This top will not show very much so a crazy print will be okay.  I chose a pink, blue and beige blouse.  Now pick a sweater, any color.  I chose a solid because my skirt and top have a print.  Now we need to pull this look together.  Cue your matching accessory.  This infinity scarf will do the trick as it has the green from the sweater and the pink from the skirt.  I kept the same brown neutral belt.  The only change I want to note is the shoes.  Wear a brown booty to match the belt.

Try this bright way of life for one winter look and feel a little warmer (on the inside anyway). ;) 
Blouse for Third Look
Accessory Recap

Sweaters for First, Second and Third Look

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


New Year, New Look!  Our Skirt Girls have been hard at work to bring you a new way to shop at our online store!  Gone are the days of looking at skirts on a mannequin.  It is about time that you see the skirts on line as you would on a human body.  Whats better than seeing the actual way a skirt hangs?  They are also pre styled to make your shopping easy breezy!

Go, and click on Shop Online-Custom Skirts-Just In (or just click on 'Just In' and it will shoot you to the link).

Here is what you will find!

Find a skirt that speaks to you and click on it.  I chose the Blossom Eyelet Coral.  Now you will see the close up of that image.  The thumbnails will show you the entire outfit on the girl.
One last click on an image, and you will see the close up!
Not only do we have hundreds of fabric options, now we have hundreds of style choices!  

The girls out did themselves to put this together.  Rachel, our Nashville rep styled EVERY outfit.  Mary, our General Manager, organized the entire project.  Kiki, our fabulous photographer, snapped every shot you see.  Suzanne worked long into the evening dressing the models at the shoot.  And last but not least, our AMAZING seamstresses, cutters and Courtney, the production manager, knocked it out of the park with the making of our Spring Line!

New fabrics will be added weekly, so keep checking back!

Monday, January 14, 2013

SOW: Felted Wool- Multi

Happy Monday ladies!  Hope the weekend was as good to you as this deal is!  The Felted Wool Multi is on sale 20% off this week only!  This skirt has so much to offer!  Wool, eyelet, embroidery, OH MY!!

The Felted Wool is a heavy weight fabric, great for these cold winter months.  The base is a heather gray with colorful embroidery stitching around tear drop eyelets.
Felted Wool
This skirt is extremely easy to match.  The embroidery includes yellow, blue, red, green, and orange.  Pick a solid color top and you're good to go!  The Multi looks great in an A-line(shown above) or a Swing.  She drapes beautifully.  Pick a pop of color for a jacket and you have yourself a great look for work or play!