Friday, February 28, 2014

Maxi Skirts

Since last season, The Maxi Skirt has become a Spring/Summer and even early Fall staple.  They're so great because they can be dressed up for a special occasion or worn casually with a cute chambray top and sandals. 

Over here at the Sevier Skirts office we love the ease and slight elegance of a great Maxi.  So much so that we offer a number of fabrics that look and feel great as a longer skirt!

Check out these fabric options that work as a Maxi:
(And Don't forget our Skirt Of The Week that you can get at 20% off it's normal price!  This week we're loving the Naomi White skirt!  )

                                            Artisan Stripe Crepe                                           Andros Aqua and Orange
Ellis Orange (also comes in tan)

Also, the Blush Sequin or Collette Floral Embroidery  make a stunning special occasion Maxi skirt.  Perfect for wearing to your next wedding or fundraiser.  Ask your sales rep about making your next Sevier Skirt a Maxi!

*Because of the additional fabric all Maxi skirts require a $70 surcharge
If you have any questions email us at
Have a happy Friday!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Trend Report: Spring Florals!

One trend that has been able to stand the test of time when it comes to Spring is floral print.  And why not?  We love floral prints!  This year we're into bright hued floral and colors that coincide with this years color trends. (Check out our post on color trends here!)

We take pride in our ability to keep up with seasonal trends and offer our customers some of the most unique and charming fabrics available on the market.  We want you to have the best product available! Here are some of our favorite floral prints for Spring that we know you'll love too:

spring florals

spring florals by kateschriver featuring skirts
Skirt Details:

The Perfect Pink

Pink is one those colors that can be soft and sweet or really bold.  If you think pink is way too girly for you...think again!  Sevier Skirts is all about being able to take a color and wear it several different ways.  Visit our Website to shop by color

 Radial Target in Hot Pink
This option is great because it adds just a hint of pink to an outfit.  We paired it with an equally hot pink top, but you can also pair it with a white peasant shirt or even mint green or light yellow for a more subtle look. So Spring-y!  We love it!

Meet the sweeter side of pink!  The Blush Seqins is a light pink sequins skirts that can be dressed up or down with the right pairings and accessories.  I know what you're thinking..."A sequin day skirt?" Yes!  When paired with a casual tee like the one pictured this skirt is absolutely appropriate for a lunch date.

 Weather you're a hot pink gal or gravitate towards pastels find it in the Pink section of our website.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Skirt Of The Week

Happy Monday!  It's that time of the week again when we get to introduce a new SOW (skirt of the week).  Until Sunday 3/2, you will be able to purchase the  Naomi White skirt online at 20% off it's regular price.

The best thing about this skirt?  It can be paired with just about anything from jewel tones to pastels and everything in between.  Check out our selection of everyday tees to get inspired!

naomi white

Friday, February 21, 2014

Be a Sevier Skirt Party Host!

Here at Sevier Skirts we love a good get-together. That’s why we want to invite you to throw a skirt party! It’s SUPER easy and guess earn a portion of your sales and money off skirts! 

If you've ever been curious about hosting a Sevier Skirt party, now is the time to do it.  We have so many new Spring looks in stock and it's a fun and easy way to shop and get together with your closest friends.  Plus, we do all the work! 

Sevier Skirts will

  • Send out Evites
  • Provide Hard Copy Invites
  • Set Up in your Home
  • Measure You and Your Friends
  • Advise the Best Style & Fabric
  • Prepare the Orders
  • Pack Everything Up
  • Ensure a Perfect Order & Fit

All you have to do is open your home, invite friends and colleges, and have some fun!

Visit our website to learn a little bit more and fill out an interest form.
Click here now!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Color Report Spring 2014

It's no secret that we're ready for warmer weather here at the Sevier Skirt office.  If you missed the introduction of our new Spring fabrics or my top pics for this coming season you can view it here!

At the start of a new season we like to look to PANTONE, a company dedicated to predicting and reporting colors, to see what hues will be trending in the coming months.  Groups such as Vogue, top design houses, and of course fashion conscious gals like ourselves like to coordinate with these trends so we can always be our most stylish selves.

Here is how you can use our new Spring fabrics to make sure you're up to date with all the latest color trends:


                                                   Blossom Eyelet Aquamarine                                                   Morgan Diamond

                                                   Hot Tamale Orange                                                     Deaveaux Cardinal Jaquard

Check out all our skirts on our website, you can even search by color!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Skirt of the week

Hello skirt lovers! Monday is our favorite day of the week because we get to introduce a new SOW (skirt of the week).  Until Sunday 2/23, you will be able to purchase the  Ellie Orange skirt online at 20% off it's regular price.  Pretty cool, huh?

Since this skirt coordinates with Spring's hottest colors we love to pair it with an equally cute trend, denim or chambray.  What else would you pair this skirt with?

Friday, February 14, 2014

Sweet Valentine: The Look & Menu!

This Valentine’s kick your outfit up a notch and really shine in a sequins number like the Blush Sequins.  This lady-like sophisticated hue in this straight sequin style brings sweet and sexy together for an unbeatable look. 

To complete this outfit, I stuck to neutrals with this darling peplum lace top, cream coat and matching blush heel and clutch.
Sweet Valentine

Now where to wear this number?  You can take this get-up out on the town, or in with your honey.  My plans include the latter.  Every V-day as customary, I write my beau a poem and we cook together.  On the menu this year is the following…

1. The Cocktail:  Berry Whiskey Smash

It’s Valentines, spruce up your after work drink from a beer to a cocktail.  This cocktail has the whiskey for the men and the berries for the women.

I love wedge salads, my boyfriend loves caesars-this recipe is a win-win!

If there was a romantic food, I would have to say it is pasta.   Not sure if it’s from the image of Lady and the Tramp with the noodles or if I just find Italians down-right sexy…you know what, it’s definitely the Italians.

Happy Valentine’s to you all.  Have a blast!

Monday, February 10, 2014

SOW: Stacy’s Stripe!

This week ditch your jeans and step it up with a fun alternative : Stacy’s Stripe
Named after our cool, calm and collected co-worker Stacy, the Stacy’s Stripe will be a great go-to in your closet!

This classic black, aqua and yellow stripe with bronze lurex thread woven throughout is a classic pattern with a fresh color scheme.  Cut on the bias (diagonal), this skirt is extremely form flattering!
SOW:Stacy’s Stripe
I dressed this skirt for the weekend or any casual outing.  Instead of your blue jeans, go for this bright number to add a little shine to your look.  This skirt looks great with white, yellow, aqua, black or coral like I have above.  Complete with a denim jacket and black boots, this outfit leaves you effortlessly adorable. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

One Skirt,Three Ways!!

A new batch of skirts gives me all new outfits to create, making me one happy blogger.  On this Fab Friday, I’d like to introduce you to one of our newest: Liberty Clarissa Denim!

This is the perfect, go-to Spring skirt.  From our Liberty of London collection, this floral motif ranges from bright yellow to light pink against a blue back drop.  These are wonderfully subtle colors, giving you plenty of option tops to pair with this number.  Below, I have the Clarissa styled three ways...
One Skirt//Three Ways
Look # 1: The Weekender
Cute, comfy and practical were my targets for this look.  Pair the Clarissa with a loose-fit tunic and oversized cardigan for a chic boho look.  Keeping with comfort, I  went with Toms for your feet!

Look #2: The Ladies Night
Round up your favorite girls and a feisty outfit!  I took this look a little darker with the crimson top and navy booties.  Layer the bangles up on for a little movement in your outfit.

Look #3: The Office
This is a great skirt for the office.  You can wear any color solid and be good to go with a blazer or cardigan.  

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Yow-Za: Cheetah Print meets Red!

My favorite new skirt this season is the Chiffon Ruffle Ruby.  Knockout, vibrant color with feminine flair.  I am smitten.  This color is a bomb shell all on its own and to step it up a notch, I added cheetah print.

Below, I have three ways to pull off this look...
Yow-Za: Cheetah Print meets Red!
Look #1: Hot Date
For those with extreme confidence, pair the Chiffon Ruffle Ruby with a cheetah top.  This look is a must on a hot date.

Look #2: Casual Accessory
To play it safe, go for a cheetah scarf.  This is a casual way to turn down the sex appeal between an animal print and vibrant red.  Another casual accessory would be a skinny belt.

Look #3: Sexy Heels
This is my favorite look for the the Chiffon Ruffle Ruby.  Pick any solid top (I went with cream), an eye catching metallic necklace and you’re set with a touch of sex appeal (heels) and mix of femininity (chiffon skirt).