Monday, December 31, 2012

SOW: Poly Petal Silver!!

Woo Hoo!!  Fourteen hours to count down ladies, so lets count down with a new outfit!  Hope your break was fabulous, mine was wonderful, but not white (no snow).

I want to start the year off with shine so we chose an oldie but a goodie for the kick off of 2013: Skirt of the Week!!  The Poly Petals are a Sevier Skirt staple!!  This week only, the Poly Petal Silver is 20% off!
For New Years, you can alway go black but I decided to be pretty in pink with this pop of color.  You don't have to go pink, every color under the sun (excluding brown) will go with the Poly Petal Silver.  This is a light weight polyester with diagonal rows of petal appliqu├ęs.  This skirt is good year round.  Best part?  This skirt is machine washable.  Yes ladies, throw it in there and kiss the dry cleaners good bye!

Style Tip #1 for New Years:  Wear iridescent black hose when stepping out tonight.  To top off this look, go with black pumps.  Sparkle is ideal if you have them.  You always want to wear like color shoes to your hose.  It won't break up the leg leaving you looking leaner and leggy.

Style Tip #2:  Sparkle is your friend this holiday.  Not many days of the year can you get away with it, so do it up this holiday season with a clutch and heels!



Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ho, Ho, Ho!

What does a Sevier Skirt Christmas look like, you ask?  Come with me, I'll show you...
Where ornaments are concerned, we make our own!  Mini Sevier Skirts, yarn spool wreaths and scissors, oh my!
 "The stockings were hung by the chimney with care..."
 "In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there..."

Monday, December 17, 2012

SOW: Paisley on Linen Red!!!

With Christmas around the corner you better believe that we're having another festive skirt for this weeks SOW!  The Paisley on Linen Red is 20% off this week only.  This is a velvet applique pattern on top of a white linen base.

This skirt is eye catching at its finest while still be casual.   The entire holiday season isn't about going to glamourous parties in stilettos and sparkles.  That's why I dressed the Paisley on Linen in a casual, 'going Christmas shopping' kind of way.  There's no reason not to look like a million while running around town.
Untitled #60
It's been unseasonably warm here in Nashville.  You can easily get away with your favorite denim jacket and keep warm.  Of course with this skirt, you can always wear a chambray top and a scarf and look effortlessly fashionable.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Perfect Gift!

With less than two weeks till Santa comes, I'm sure you've done all of your Christmas shopping...right? Of course you haven't!  There's always that person that you can't decide on.  It's okay, that's why gift certificates were invented.

It's the perfect gift when you're not sure on size.    Buy a gift certificate for the entire price of the skirt, or just get them started with $50 or so.  The amount you choose is completely customizable to the dollar of what you want to give.

We're here to make this time of year just that much more simple.  You're welcome ladies!!  Have a great weekend, and pick up a gift certificate at your next Skirt Party!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sevier Plaid!!

It's no secret that plaid is in.  We've all seen the flannel button ups, but what about your lower half?  Legs need trend too!  Im here to bring plaid down to your legs, so let's dive in to Sevier Plaid!
Most of our plaids are showcased in Swings.  I say rock a plaid in a knee length Pencil.  Keep it skinny down below because we are going to layer up top.  In the winter, the best way to wear this look is with a button down and sweater.

Plaids are fun because you have so much lee-way with the top colors.  There are so many colors and muted hues in plaids that you can get away with almost any top regardless if the color is actually in the skirt.  In the look above, the Colorful Delight-Wool has green, pink, blue, orange and brown in its stripes.  The pink of the shirt goes, while the teal makes a nice pop!
From left to right:
Immogene Wool- Plaid Blue/Gray, Immogene Wool Plaid-Green/Lavender, Heidi Wool
Above, I pulled from some of my favorite plaids.  Again, try one in a Pencil.  Keep in mind, the stripes go up and down in a Pencil.  For the looks above I picked colors that would pop.  All of the tops you can find at J.Crew.

Top off with a Pea Coat and boots!

Monday, December 10, 2012

SOW: The Ramona

The big sale is over, but don't worry ladies were here to offer you a great deal for this week's SOW!  The Ramona will be 20% off this week only.  This medium-heavy weight skirt will shine for you all winter long!  This skirt looks as good in a Pencil as she does in a Swing.  You can't go wrong in either style.  She is finished with a blind hem, and of course fully lined.

This skirt is smooth to the touch.  The base is a heavy weight beige, tight woven fabric with black velvet applied on top.
Untitled #59

Dress the Ramona up in your favorite colors or keep it neutral like the look I have above.  I love the glitter sleeveless for your holiday parties.  Pick one stand out color that pops and add it to your outfit.  I chose the red in the jacket.

You can't go wrong with this skirt ladies!  Order now to get before X-Mas!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

LAST DAY: Online Sale!!

Last day for the online sale ladies!!

Don't miss these deals!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

She's Got the Look!

If you needed more of a reason to hit the Sevier Skirt sale this week besides the hot deals, how about this hot momma to sweeten the deal?!  Suzanne worked the latest fabric conference trip in this hot number.  The Platinum Coin plus a belted chambray top equals a killer outfit.

You're just in luck because I happened to see a few platinum coins in the off-the-rack section yesterday!  Head over to 5105 Alabama Ave before 5 pm today to put your name on one of these skirts!
Need a chambray top to complete this outfit?  Here are a few recommendations on where to grab one:

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Winter Sale: Top Picks

With so many great deals, it's hard not to get overwhelmed.  Don't worry, I'm 
here to help!  Here to offer my biased opinion, I'll steer you in my direction for some great skirts that are not to be looked over!

Starting with the holidays:
For some glitz in your life, go with the Razzle Dazzle Gold.  Can you say, NEW YEARS?!  Get this baby in a Pencil!

My next suggestion has shine and luxury.  The Duchess Blue Velvet is a must for your holiday parties.  I suggest a Swing, she drapes beautifully.  My favorite part about this skirt?  She photographs like a dream!
Top Picks
Now imagine when the holiday are over and they have left you with 5 extra pounds.  For this you will need your little black skirt.  Cue the Scallop Lace on Black Cotton.

For that end of winter, beginning of Spring 'I want some color in my life pronto', I suggest the Nepal Pumkin.  This skirt is medium-heavy weighted, good for winter, spring and fall.

Lastly, I have the Navaho Purple.  Get this skirt now and be ready for Spring and Summer.  This skirt looks dynamite with a tan!

The online sale is over this Friday so don't wait on these deals!  Happy Shopping Ladies!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Winter Sale 2012!!

Time for our big winter sale!!  This Wednesday and Thursday come on down to Sevier Skirts for 30-50% off Fall/Winter skirts.  Our Skirt Girls will be waiting to measure you for that Sevier Skirt you have been wanting all season!  See something you like already made?  Perfect, grab an Off-The-Rack skirt for a discounted price!
Winter Sale
Not a Nashvillian?  That's okay, our online sale starts this Tuesday, December 4th.  Go to and look under Sale Skirts!

Don't worry ladies, our SOW will be back next Monday.  Until then enjoy 30-50% off most of our Fall/Winter line!

Friday, November 30, 2012

How To: Fur Vest

Have you seen the new trend: Long Fur Vest?   Wonder how to wear it?  Wonder how to wear it with a skirt?  Me too!

So I went to Dillards with my curiosity and the Duchess Blue Velvet and found me a fur vest.  I picked this darker one to give a nice contrast to the Duchess.  I threw it on and felt incredibly boxy, not attractive at all.  The hem of the vest hit the skirt at mid flare showing no definition to my waist.

That is where the skinny belt comes in.  Throw it around the vest at the smallest part of your torso.  This will give you your figure back in this all consuming outer layer!  Throw on some boots and you will be ready to walk in a ski lodge to sip some hot cocoa!
What is the right top to wear with this look?  You want something subtle.  The main attraction is the vest and the skirt, don't take away from that.  So I took the neutral color from the skirt (gray), and picked that for the top.  Also, the Duchess Blue Velvet screams Winter Wonder Land to me so I wanted something with an icy-cold feel to it.
Not into the vest?  Thats cool, lets go a different route.

As always, I want you to experiment with color!  Look how complimentary this blue is with this rose color...
Want more neutrals?  Go for this brown snake skin-like crop jacket with a white undershirt.  I like the sleek texture against the velvet of the Duchess.  

Most important thing?  Look how the skirt and jacket shine from the flash of the camera.  The Duchess photographs beautifully.  Stand out in photos at your holiday parties this year!
Style Tip:  Sevier Skirts look great with crop jackets!  They don't cover up any of your custom look and if you're a small waisted gal, it shows that off.  Don't take my word for it, try one on pronto!
Snake Skin Jacket close up
Have a great weekend ladies!  I'll see you back here early Monday morning ready to discuss some deals!  

All of these tops came from Dillard's

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sevier Family Snapshot!

It's that time of the year that lights are hung, trees are decorated and your mailbox is stuffed with family Christmas cards.  This year, I'd like to suggest family coordinating verses full on matchy-matchy.  Don't be that family this year in the 'family pyramid' shot with blue jeans and matching white tops!!  Don't do it!

It's possible to pull off green and red without looking too festive.  Check out the ultra-chic family photo in the top right picture frame.  The key is to change up the top with neutrals and warm hues to make the red and green subtle.
Sevier Family
For this Sevier Family look I went with the Holly Jolly for mom, the Lily-Pad Olive for your daughter, the Speckle Wool-Black for your son and the Ralph Wool tie for the hubby!  The olive green in dad's tie go with the olive in the Lily Pad.  The red in the Holly Jolly is the focal point.  The black in the bow tie is a nice neutral to keep the look cohesive.

Don't slack on this look ladies, the Holly Jolly is 20% off this week only!!  Don't miss out!