Friday, November 30, 2012

How To: Fur Vest

Have you seen the new trend: Long Fur Vest?   Wonder how to wear it?  Wonder how to wear it with a skirt?  Me too!

So I went to Dillards with my curiosity and the Duchess Blue Velvet and found me a fur vest.  I picked this darker one to give a nice contrast to the Duchess.  I threw it on and felt incredibly boxy, not attractive at all.  The hem of the vest hit the skirt at mid flare showing no definition to my waist.

That is where the skinny belt comes in.  Throw it around the vest at the smallest part of your torso.  This will give you your figure back in this all consuming outer layer!  Throw on some boots and you will be ready to walk in a ski lodge to sip some hot cocoa!
What is the right top to wear with this look?  You want something subtle.  The main attraction is the vest and the skirt, don't take away from that.  So I took the neutral color from the skirt (gray), and picked that for the top.  Also, the Duchess Blue Velvet screams Winter Wonder Land to me so I wanted something with an icy-cold feel to it.
Not into the vest?  Thats cool, lets go a different route.

As always, I want you to experiment with color!  Look how complimentary this blue is with this rose color...
Want more neutrals?  Go for this brown snake skin-like crop jacket with a white undershirt.  I like the sleek texture against the velvet of the Duchess.  

Most important thing?  Look how the skirt and jacket shine from the flash of the camera.  The Duchess photographs beautifully.  Stand out in photos at your holiday parties this year!
Style Tip:  Sevier Skirts look great with crop jackets!  They don't cover up any of your custom look and if you're a small waisted gal, it shows that off.  Don't take my word for it, try one on pronto!
Snake Skin Jacket close up
Have a great weekend ladies!  I'll see you back here early Monday morning ready to discuss some deals!  

All of these tops came from Dillard's

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sevier Family Snapshot!

It's that time of the year that lights are hung, trees are decorated and your mailbox is stuffed with family Christmas cards.  This year, I'd like to suggest family coordinating verses full on matchy-matchy.  Don't be that family this year in the 'family pyramid' shot with blue jeans and matching white tops!!  Don't do it!

It's possible to pull off green and red without looking too festive.  Check out the ultra-chic family photo in the top right picture frame.  The key is to change up the top with neutrals and warm hues to make the red and green subtle.
Sevier Family
For this Sevier Family look I went with the Holly Jolly for mom, the Lily-Pad Olive for your daughter, the Speckle Wool-Black for your son and the Ralph Wool tie for the hubby!  The olive green in dad's tie go with the olive in the Lily Pad.  The red in the Holly Jolly is the focal point.  The black in the bow tie is a nice neutral to keep the look cohesive.

Don't slack on this look ladies, the Holly Jolly is 20% off this week only!!  Don't miss out!


Sunday, November 25, 2012

SOW:Holly Jolly

With Thanksgiving over its time to get with the red, the green and the sparkle!  If you're not attending an 'Ugly Sweater' Christmas party, you're going to want a look that is festive, sophisticated and that sets you apart.  Cue this weeks SOW:The Holly Jolly

The Holly Jolly is a tight weave medium to heavy weight skirt.  Go for a Pencil, this sturdy structure is going to keep you nice and tight even after the buffet at your company work party!!
SOW:Holly Jolly
I went with  the color scheme in this skirt to dress the Holly Jolly.  Nude blouse with a festive bow is a feminine touch to this look.  I picked a draped red coat to go over top.  Pick nude or red pumps with this skirt, whichever you're in the mood for.

Reference my Friday blog: 'It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas' for different looks!

Bring on the Christmas parties and egg nog!

Regular Price: $180
SOW Price: $144


Friday, November 23, 2012

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..."

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with your families!  Black Friday officially marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season so lets waste no time in getting your Christmas get up ready!

When I think Black Friday, I think department stores so I headed to Belk for this look!

I love the Holly Jolly for the holidays.  Here I have it Christmas'd out with this green blouse.  Tuck it in or leave it out, depending on your style.

You can't go wrong with a cream sweater.  This cowl neck cashmere makes this look a Christmas classic.
 A nude blouse is a subdued take with this skirt.  It brings out the nude in the base of the Holly Jolly making the red really pop.
 Here I tried it in brown.  With brown boots, I'd say you have yourself a nice little outfit!
The Holly Jolly is a well structured woven with the red holly patterns woven in.  This is a great skirt in a Pencil, it really keeps you in!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Style My Skirt: Godfrey Houndstooth-Kiwi

 With Black Friday quickly approaching I went in search of a store that will give you the deals come Friday!  In Cool Springs right off of the 68 A Exit is a charming boutique called Moxie Petites.  For our 5'3" ladies and below, this store is for you!  I nabbed the Godfrey Houndstooth-Kiwi and went shopping!
 The Godfrey is one of our skirts that I recommend for the work place!  This is a heavy-weight fabric perfect all winter long.  The motif is created from different direction woven patterns to create the houndstooth fabric.  This is not a screen print ladies!  The hand has a smooth feel to her.  She is finished with a blind hem.  So again, take this girl to work!
 I started with black.  This sleeveless blouse with the ruffle trim around the neck and exposed zipper is a nice alternative to your staple button down black work shirt.  Two pictures above I paired it with a gray sweater to tie in the gray houndstooth of the skirt.
 To keep it simply professional, I like this taupe button down.
Don't be afraid to play with color!  Green and reds are complimentary colors, making kiwi and rose a great match!  Want to coordinate?  Add a color belt that is found in the skirt, like this gray belt shown.  It ties it all together!
When walking around the store I found a green the exact color of the skirt.  I wondered, 'is this too much?'  I think with a belt and a neutral shoe its a great combo for those that love to match!  The T-shirt material of this top makes for a great casual Friday look.

Hurry over to see Roxanne (owner) in Cool Springs this Friday.  Doors open at 8 for some great deals.  Who knows, maybe you'll find some of the pieces here discounted (wink, wink)

Monday, November 19, 2012

SOW: Capital Hill Wool Tweed!!

It's cold out there!  Lets warm up in tweed.  The Capital Hill Wool Tweed that is.  This week only, snag this fall favorite at 20% off.  This is a heavy weight fabric.  Perfect for this time of year into those still cool early spring days.  This skirt is wearable in both a Pencil or Swing.   

Do you want a straight look or a draping swing?  That's entirely up to you!  Oh how I love custom wear!
Sevier Skirts: Skirt of the Week
From my last blog entry, Im sure you gathered that I love black and brown together.  If you haven't read that, get caught up!  I styled this skirt with the black and brown theme.  A black top with a brown leather coat and boots gives you one put together look with the Capital Hill.  It's winter time so pair with black tights to stay warm!

If you want to wear color, go for it!  I love mustard, olive, burnt orange, brown,  and deep blues with this one.  In a casual setting, a jean jacket will go nicely with the tweed.  Speaking of settings, this skirt is great for work, church, dinners, you name it!

Original Price: $180
SOW Price: $144

Friday, November 16, 2012

Black & Brown: How To!

Afternoon ladies!  Time for a pop quiz.  Can anyone tell me the difference between the two pictures below?

Easy, on the left, there is a black bag and on the right there is a brown one, duh.  The real question is which one is better?  I'll tell you, the right one!  Today I want to go over wearing black and brown together.  Yes, they can go together, but you must do it in the right way!
Naomi Black
Naomi Black

It is so simple to follow.  If you want to wear a black outfit and add brown in, do it with the accessories. The rule is to keep all of the accessories the same color!!  So, if you're wearing a black bag, wear black shoes as well.  If you're wearing a brown bag, wear brown shoes!  Yes, it is that simple.
Top: Ann Taylor Loft (In stores now!!)
Skirt: Naomi Black
Boots:Steve Madden (In stores now!)
Belt: Ann Taylor Loft
The rule applies to all accessories.  Brown boots?  Wear a brown belt!  In the picture above, the black and brown combo is perfect.  Belt and boots same color? Check.  Also, if you want to incorporate it in your actual outfit, find a pattern with both the colors.  I recommend cheetah.  First of all, cheetah is very in right now.  The black looks great with the skirt and the brown is a nice change up.  If you're going to sport cheetah this season, find a purple accessory.  The mix is great!

Now you might say, 'Christina, the purse below is black paired with a brown boot?!'  And you would be half correct.  The bag below has all brown leather accents from the strap to the patches.  This is another great brown and black combo like the cheetah top above!
Purse: Niche

Now the next tip I give you is just a tip, and a personal pet peeve.  It's not a must do or don't.
When you're pairing your accessories, try to keep the browns and black in the same color family.  For instance, the picture on the left has the same color brown in the boots as the leather in the bag.  On the right, the browns are two different hues to match.  Try to avoid ladies!
Mixing black and brown is one of my favorite color combos.  It can make a strong, clean look as long as its done right!  Questions? Feel free to ask!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thanksgiving Picks!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner so today lets talk top picks for one of my favorite holidays!  When I think Thanksgiving I think warmth, spice, pumpkin pie, orange and of course family!  I kept this in mind while shopping through the Sevier Skirt closet and here is what I came up with...
Thanksgiving Picks!
My top pick for you to sport at your Thanksgiving table has to be the Zig-Zag Adobe.  Burnt orange, mustard, olive, brown, red, and beige complete this skirt giving you plenty of colors to create an ensemble.  I paired the Zig-Zag with this Michael Stars Off the Shoulder Shine Sweater in the color Slumber.  Have I mentioned that Michael Stars is a one-size-fits-most company?  Perfect for plenty of turkey and stuffing next week :)

Lets move on to the Felted Eyelet Brown.  I have grown up saying, 'brown is beautiful!' to my mother who always hated the hue.  Brown is a warmer option when you want dark but not black.  I love the soft casual felt with the detailed embroidery in this skirt.  I love brown with corals, burnt orange, fuchsia, zesty greens, bright blues, and yellows.  Here I have it with the 3/4 Sleeve Band Crew in Coral Blossom.

Lastly I picked the Tribal Burnt Orange.  This skirt is a Sevier Skirt Staple.  What makes a Sevier Skirt Staple?  To me, its a skirt that has enough character that paired with a simple top will leave you with a killer outfit.  This skirt has color, pattern and minimal texture so it's not over the top.  Wear any color you would with the Zig-Zag Adobe up top and you're good to go!  I have her here with the Michael Stars Long Sleeved Cowl in Desert.

Monday, November 12, 2012

SOW: The Vivan Black

The SOW this week is hot, hot, hot!  Sevier Skirts is offering one of our newest skirts for 20% off this week only!  The Vivan Black is a great holiday skirt so don't miss this deal!

The Vivan is a medium-heavy weight fabric.  The base is a sturdy woven beige with black zebra print in velvet on top.  The Vivan is complete with a blind hem!

Black and beige are two of the easiest colors to match.  I have it here with this orange silky blouse.  All colors are a go with this skirt: red, coral, blue, green, mustard, yellow, white, black, fuchsia, the list can go on and on!  This is a hot little number so I topped it off with this feisty jacket.  I would recommend anything leather as well!

This skirt has a lot of texture so go for a pencil, it will hold you in!

Original Price: $175

SOW Price: $140