Friday, May 31, 2013

Beat the Heat: Shop Overlays!

It's finally here, warm weather!  I couldn't be more excited.  This summer, I would like to introduce you to your new best friend: Overlays.  Not only are overlays in style right now, they are also perfect for the heat wave quickly approaching.

An overlay is a light weight mesh, web or lace like fabric that requires a light weight cotton base to it.  They are breathable, lightweight, feminine and sophisticated.  Ours come complete with a silky bemburg lining.
My favorite overlays are the Charlotte's Web!  It comes in lavenderivoryblack & white and black.  Dress it up with a silk blouse or casual with a button down and booties.
Have a great weekend ladies!  See you next week for a hot new deal!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Father's Day!

Father's Day is quickly approaching..are you ready?
Get the gift that will tie the family together: Sevier Skirts Ties!  Perfect for coordinating looks between the family.  Need tips?  We are here to help, ask away!

Monday, May 27, 2013

SOW: Tulip Fields Red!

Happy Memorial Day!  I hope you have a wonderful day off and take a little time to remember why we have this day.  I wanted a special skirt to honor those that have served for this weeks SOW.  I think the Tulip Fields Red is perfect.

The Tulip Fields is timeless.  This red and ivory light weight cotton pique will never go out of style.  This skirt has a slight stretch to it making it very flattering.
SOW: Tulip Fields Red
I wanted a patriotic look today so I kept it simple with a navy Michael Stars top and brown accessories. This skirt goes great with yellows, greens, blues and black.

Have a great Memorial Day, and for those that have served thank you!

Friday, May 24, 2013

I'd like you to meet...

Tuesday morning I went into the shop to grab some skirts to photograph.  I wasn't expecting anyone to be around as my raggedy jorts (cut off jean shorts) and I strolled into the building.  I walk into a full production photo shoot.  There was cameramen and preparation going on.

And then there were the I thought.  It turned out they were our new Sales Reps!  They were in town getting some Skirt School knowledge and filming a little How-To video.  It really just worked out that they were gorgeous!
From Left:
Java Moon Noir
Naomi Black
Monet Linen
 Ladies I would love for you to meet (from left) Elise Winters from Minnesota and Courtney Skeen from Johnson City!  Whose the pretty blonde you ask?  Thats Lindsey, Courtney's assistant!
From Left
Ellie Yellow
Suzy's Capri Maze Citron
I has to snap a photo of Mary and Suzanne all dolled up!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How To: Casual Sequins!!

 All the buzz about casual sequins has inspired me to hit the stores and put some outfits together myself.  I went to Posh to see what I could find. 

Honestly, I thought finding pieces to dress down these shiny gems would be hard...
I was wrong.
I had this micro mini made for New Years a few years back.
For a casual look, I would recommend a longer length!  This
Saturday Night Fever has been long sold out.  The
007 Sequins Gunmetal is a perfect substitute.
 Let's just go ahead and get the chambray top out of the way.   You know I've got to add that one in!  Belt it, or don't.  That's up to you!

The Mimi Houndstooth Ivory was so easy to outfit!
I like this casual double layered coral tank top
& 3/4 length coral top.  I would wear this outfit to a casual
dinner party.
My pic for subtle mixed prints.  Light teal next to ivory
is very light and feminine.  For some edge, I added
this hard core navy suede jacket.
Close up
If you want to ease into mixed prints, go with a solid top
and a printed scarf.
It was hard not to outfit the Mimi with all whites and neutrals!
It goes so well with it!
Now onto some color with the Limeade Chevron Sequins...
Starting basic with a solid black cotton peplum.  Finish this
off casually with a denim jacket or dress her up
with heels.
Razor Back Heather Gray Tank.  Simple.
For a mixed print look on a skirt this loud, keep the top neutral colors:
black,white, beige and ivorys.
Close Up
Neutral Sweater over beige Ivory.  Love this.
Close Up
One of my favorite looks.  Again, unless you're hitting
a New Year's Party, add some length on that skirt!
As I was headed out of the door, I saw this jersey knit blue/purple tank.
I love it for the Mimi Houndstooth!

Monday, May 20, 2013

SOW: Mimi Houndstooth Black & White

For today's SOW, I want to play dress up.  Only with this outfit, lets dress her down.  I'm sure you've seen that casual sequins are in; we are all over it with the Mimi Houndstooth Sequins Black & White!

This skirt is a medium-weight polyester fabric, good for all four seasons.  The Mimi is available in the classic and pencil style so be ready to show some curves!
SOW: Mimi Houndstooth Black & White
To me, the hardest part about outfitting a casual sequin look is the shirt.  I went into this outfit knowing I would pair it with a jean jacket so I wanted a shirt with some color.  This teal sleeveless blouse I found is a great pick.  Leave it untucked to show the difference in length from the front to the back.  It will also look cute sticking out the back of the jean jacket.

For the accessories, I knew I wanted brown leather.  Black is immediately dressier so I stayed away from that.  I love the matte finish of the clutch.  The shirt I picked has a bib color so a necklace would clash.  Ordinarily, I would pick a statement necklace with a simpler neckline shirt.

This is a fun skirt, have a good time in it!

{Also available in Aquamarine and Ivory}


Friday, May 17, 2013

From Catwalk to the Streets!

When it comes to fashion stalking, I stick to blogs.  I like to see what everyday women are wearing.  Though I may not have the exact taste of a west side Los Angeles girl, I can appreciate that her style reflects her and her lifestyle.  On the opposite side, when viewing high fashion, I usually can't picture the woman behind the pieces coming down the catwalk.  They seem so obscure...which isn't such a bad thing.

High Fashion seems to be eye-candy.  Its more about putting on a show than examples of what to wear with what.  For that, I can appreciate them.  This morning I decided to skip my usual Ready-to-Wear blogs and head over to high fashion.  

Never mind the whole look, and focus on the details.  Below are some examples of how to take 2013 Spring High Fashion trends and apply them to your wardrobe.

The trend I am focusing on today is Graphics.
Graphics are BIG right now and I couldn't be more pleased.  Graphics steal the show so throw on a solid tee and you are good to go.

Breaking down the looks.

Sevier Option: Polka Palooza
Mixed Prints aren't easy to pair.  Instead of a mixed print outfit, opt for a piece with mixed prints within it.

Sevier Option: Indian Summer Silk Twill
Block prints and sharp angles equals one strong look.

Sevier Option: Smokin' Zebra
I love me some animal print.  This monochromatic choice is a subtle way to wear this trend.

Sevier Option: Prairie Seersucker Plaid
Its hard to find a plaid not in wool.  Transition this look to summer with this light weight option.

Sevier Option: ???????
Well High Fashion, you have me stumped on this one.  Unfortunately, we don't offer a print with a naked girl on it.  Maybe something to keep in mind on the next buying trip...;)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ellie Orange: Day-2-Night

I consider myself a conservative shopper.  If the item looks like it will fall apart in the wash, I pass on it.  Too trendy?  Pass!  Good for limited occasions?  Pass!  I think you can guess that I like versatile pieces.  Day to night-no problem!  Casual to elegant- right up my alley!  To apply this way of thinking to Sevier Skirts, it was hard to pick a skirt. We have SO many versatile pieces. 

To start, I went with the Ellie Orange.  Need something casual?  This skirt is a linen base.  Need fancy?  This skirt is adorned in velvet.  It has the best of both worlds, with a bold eye catching color.  I have worn this skirt to brunch.  I have worn this skirt to a wedding.  Two different looks, one great impression.  Did I mention this skirt is year round?
Ellie Orange
For a casual look, I couldn't resist a chambray top.  Another option is a fitted t-shirt.  For summer, run around town with bright sandals to complete the look!

On the fancier side, wear the Ellie Orange to weddings, graduations, dates, and cocktail parties.  Any blouse will do.  I love the following colors with the Ellie Orange: navy, royal blue, teal, green, yellow, white, off white, brown, and purple.  Keep in mind that blue is oranges complimentary color and looks good every time.

Style Tip:  The easiest way to spruce up an outfit is accessories.  As soon as you add something with glitz (gold, silver, sequins etc.) your look automatically looks elegant.  Try a gold/ silver clutch or shoes with shine.  

Monday, May 13, 2013

SOW:Gingham Silver Sequins!

Morning Ladies!  Hope everyone had a fabulous Mother's Day and got some great DIY gifts from your little ones.  I got a painted rock (I'm not a mom, but my nieces were feeling generous)!

With Mother's Day over, I want to direct our attention back to the beauty of casual attire.  I love to dress up, but nothing beats effortless fashion.  With that being said, I wanted the SOW to be a skirt you can wear with any solid shirt.  I was thinking something to wear to back yard bbq's or an out door concert.  The perfect fit was the Gingham Silver Sequins!

The Gingham Silver Sequins is a light weight cotton base with a light gray and white gingham pattern.  The circular stitching upon the Gingham Sequins is highlighted with matte silver sequins.  This skirt is available in every style.  A Swing is my favorite pick for this skirt!
SOW:Gingham Silver
Above I have an outfit perfect for a casual night out.  You can wear any color with this skirt that you would black meaning the options are limitless.  I personally love a good pop so I went with this red flouncy sleeveless top.  When you are wearing a full shirt, I suggest a belt around your natural waist.  Otherwise, you might look frumpy.  A belt shows off your feminine figure and gives you your waist back.  Have a very square torso with no curves?  This trick gives the illusion of curves.

I specifically picked this skirt for its effortless look.  The easiest way to dress it is with any color Michael Stars top!

Last thing.  Notice the purse?  Its made of cork!  I don't know how its done, but you will be seeing a lot of cork bags this Spring.  I love them!