Sunday, September 30, 2012

SOW: Cascade Orange

Our Skirt of the Week has Autumn written all over it.  When I think of fall colors I think brown, burnt orange, red and mustard yellow.  This week get your Fall on in the Cascade Orange!
The Cascade Orange is a medium-heavy weight woven fabric making this a Fall through early Spring skirt.  This skirt has a lot of structure to it so I suggest it in a Pencil or A-Line.

The orange in the Cascade is subtle so jazz it up with a color top that will pop.  Orange and blue are opposite colors making them complimentary to each other.  That's why red heads look knock out in blue!  Turquoise and blue look great next to each other so try your blue top with a turquoise accessory.
I love the classic brown trench coat to finish this look off.  If you want a subtler look, you can always wear white, black, cream, or brown with this skirt as well.

Original Price: $165
SOW Price: $132


Friday, September 28, 2012

Game Day: Roll Tide!

From our SOW on Monday, I'm sure you could guess our Game Day look this week...

We're going to T Town with this look to cheer on the Crimson Tide!  All school's have their school colors to sport, but thanks to Bear Bryant, Bama has a school pattern as well.  How fashionable of them...
Game Day: Roll Tide!
The Knit Houndstooth is easy to match, especially in this case where all you need is a crimson top to complete this look.  Black or white will do with this skirt as well when getting in the school spirit.

Don't leave out the little man in your life...get him the Houndstooth Bow Tie!

I picked three other skirts as options for our Alabama customers: 
The Paisley on Linen-Red is one of Suzanne's favorites.  This is a medium weight linen with red velvet applique.  This skirt is a year round skirt, good for the entire football season.  Wear white or black on top and your good to go!

The Cascade Black is a great staple this year.  This is a heavier weight skirt with a nice hand to it.  If you don't wear crimson a lot, this is the skirt for you!  For game day pair it with a crimson top and all of  the other days of the year pair with whatever you like.

The last is a fun option for game day.  The Bombay Red is a light weight cotton that is great from Spring till the beginning of fall!
Disclaimer:  I am an Auburn fan.  This blog post just about killed me.  I am being disowned by my family as I type!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Layering!

Fall fashion involves layers upon layers of coordinating garments to complete an outfit.  It can be overwhelming and mix-matched if done in the wrong way.  When done right, you can look like one fashionable lady.  I'm going to help you be the latter.

I went to Nordstrom with the Canary Wool Tweed and the Wild Side-Lavender to layer it up!  Lets start with the Canary...
1st: Find a printed top with the color of the skirt in the fabric.  I picked this collared floral.  If this is all you want to start with, wrap a belt around it and call it a day.  If you want more layers, continue to scroll...
2nd: Find a neutral sweater to put over the blouse.  I like to hike the sleeves up on the sweater to show the blouse below and keep the shirt tails tucked out.  If this is all the layering you want, stay put.  If you want more, keep scrolling...
3rd: Accessory time.  I like this belt.  Here I have it around my natural waist.  Around your hips is good too!

Keep scrolling for the final look...
4th: Outerwear.  I am dressing this skirt for the office so I picked a blazer.  This blazer has 3/4 length sleeves so the blouse sleeves show which I love!  Pick a solid color jacket to keep it simple.  I recommend to only have one print in your look when layering.  Otherwise you can have an overwhelming messy look.

Next: The Wild Side-Lavendar
This skirt has a print to it so I picked all solids to go with it.  I recommend a black or white blouse.  If you want a simple layering look, stop here.  If you want more continue on...
2nd: Sweater time.  I used the same neutral sweater to keep things easy.
3rd: Accessory.  Same neutral belt.  Remember to wear brown shoes and a brown bag if your going to wear a brown belt.

4th: Outerwear.  I picked a solid black blazer to finish off this look.  

Layering can be simple if you have standby pieces, like a blouse, belt, sweater and jacket.  That way, all you have to do is swap out the bottoms.

If you want a simpler layering look, the look below is one of my personal favorites...
Find a slinky cardigan, an awesome belt and a long sleeve tee.  I hiked the sleeves up on the sweater and let the white tee sleeves show.  Belt at your natural waist or don't wear a belt at all.

I love a good blazer.  The trick is to buy one that fits you well.  A long sleeve or blouse with your favorite Sevier Skirt and your fitted blazer makes a professional outfit.

One of the best ways to layer is adding a scarf to any outfit.
Have fun with it!

Monday, September 24, 2012

SOW: Knit Houndstooth Black & Ivory

We've got a fresh one for this weeks SOW!  The Knit Houndstooth Black & Ivory is a brand spankin' new 2012 Fall Fabric and were giving it to you 20% off this week!  Buy online or at your next skirt party.

The Knit Houndstooth has a lot of stretch in it, and I mean a lot.  I recommend this skirt in a swing.  If you dress for comfort and style, this is your skirt.  It will hang beautifully on you.

This skirt is incredibly easy to match.  It is black and Ivory so all colors besides a brown top go with it.  I love red with houndstooth so I picked a red jacket to go with the skirt above.  

Aside from the look above, here is what I recommend for the Knit Houndstooth: white or black top (blouse or knit long sleeves) with a red or royal blue or another bold cardigan over top.

Hint: This weeks Game Day Look will be done with this skirt.  Can you guess which school its going to be?! 


Friday, September 21, 2012

Woo Skincare and Cosmetics

On Wednesday Suzanne had a skirt party at Woo Skincare and Cosmetics in Green Hills.  Woo (pictured below), is a Sevier Skirt customer and owner of Woo Cosmetics in Nashville and Atlanta.  Here she is rockin' her Lightning Bolt Black.

I love the size of this shop.  I get overwhelmed in large cosmetic stores.  Woo's has a large selection of product with knowledgeable artists equipped to give you the personal experience you need when picking out the right cosmetics for you.

The strangest thing happened while I was inside Woo Cosmetics.  A makeup artists asked me what I was looking for.  I told her exactly what I wanted, red lipstick with a matte finish.  I told her I liked very natural makeup and was looking for a pop of color.  What happened next you won't believe...she did exactly what I asked.  She expertly applied two different colors of red that she decided would go with my complexion, and that was that.  She didn't go overboard telling me all of the products I 'needed' to go along with the lipstick.

I feel sassy.
Testing out red lipstick to match
 my Mayan Floral Canvas skirt!

This has never happened to me before.  The last time I had my makeup done I asked for pink lipstick to go with my natural look.  Thick black eyeliner, dark eyebrow penciling, burgundy mascara, white eyeshadow, and bright cheeks later, I walked out of there looking like a drag queen, and feeling uncomfortable in my own skin.  Did I mention I spent $40 out of guilt on product I didn't want?

If this is your experience in cosmetic stores, go visit Woo.  They listen to who you are and what you want.  Refreshing isn't it?

Suzanne had her lips done after seeing the awesome job they did with me!

Suzanne getting her lips done in the
Morning Dew Yellow
Before I left, I had to ask Woo what the hot item was in the store.  Not skipping a beat she quickly replied, "Bobbi Brown BB Cream".  It's a moisturizer, treatment and SPF all in one.

Next week Sue Mar Dawson will be at Woo Cosmetics Thursday and Friday.  Sue Mar is the trainer of all Bobbi Brown makeup artists.  In other words, she knows her stuff.  If you want your makeup done by a pro I suggest you set up an appointment and get over there!

I love meeting customers of Sevier Skirts.  It's my second favorite thing I do as a blogger, next to trying on clothes and getting paid for it!  So Woo, thank you for hosting a party in your shop.  I had a great time.  And p.s.  I love love love my new red lipstick!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Game Day: GO VOLS!!

If you live in the south the cooler weather is not the only indicator of fall.  As soon as mid August, it starts buzzin'...Football Season.  Yep, football rules the south from season opener to the National Championship.  Personally I don't watch a second of the game, but dang it I look school spirited while eating those tailgate finger foods!

I went to Auburn University, and tailgating on campus was more like a catwalk.  Whose wearing what, and how many girls are walking around in the same Target dress this game day?

Well ladies, this year your not going to be that copycat!  I'm here each week to dress a different school from each of our territories!  If your an online customer please let me know what school you went to and I'll do one for you!
Style Tip:  Don't forget your favorite accessory this football season: A Solo Cup in your school color!  It goes hand in hand (literally) with every Sevier Skirt!
Our beloved company is from Tennessee so I thought it only appropriate to start with the VOLS!!  Fun fact: Suzanne did her under grad at UT.  I think she went because of her orange hair.  She was school spirit all the time!

Sevier Skirts has really shown up this Fall with great orange skirts.  Here I have three for you.  The  Cascade Orange, shown on the model and the Ginko Orange are nice and casual.  If you want to jazz it up go for the Mandarin Mini Brocade in the middle.  Just swap out the skirt on the model, each skirt looks great with the Michael Stars top, belt, cowboy boots, scarf and leather jacket.

Have fun at your tailgate or house party and lets cheer for the Vols this weekend as they play the Akron Zips...whoever they are.