Friday, March 30, 2012

Rachel Rockin' It

This week Rachel came into the shop for an appointment.  Rachel is our Nashville sales rep and we love her visits!  This week she came in looking too cute so I had to snap a photo.  Rachel is wearing a new season skirt: The Neon Passion Floral paired with a cute black tee.   As much fun as it is to play dress up putting fun layers together, our company is all about letting the skirts do the hard work and pairing them with staple tops from The Gap, Ann Taylor and the like.  Whenever you are having an indecisive day, put on your favorite Sevier Skirt, and a basic top and call it a day.  That is what were all about!
Get her look with a basic black tee.  Looks great with a tan, so be sure to bring The Neon Passion Floral on your next family beach trip.
I know what you all are thinking...'Tell us more about this fashion guru Rachel!'  Don't worry ladies, Ill formally introduce her in the next few weeks as we get to know our sales reps a little better!
Have a great weekend, see you back here on Monday!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This afternoon I was browsing Valentino's 2012 Ready-to-Wear collection and noticed one common trend: Lace.

I LOVE lace.  Its classic and feminine, and makes me feel attractive every time I wear it.  This season we have three new laces.  One that you have seen highlighted on my blog many a time, and two that you haven't...
Queen Anns
Scalloped Lace
on Black Cotton

Mother Of Pearl
To be able to see the detailing easier, go to our website to use the magnifying tool.  These skirts are beautiful.  Dress them up with nice heals or for a more casual look, gladiator brown leather sandals would be very cute and a nice contrast to the feminine netted skirt.

Monday, March 26, 2012

SOW: Dakota Eyelet

This week's SOW is the Dakota Eyelet.  This is our first eyelet to be SOW.  Just in time for Spring! This is a light to mid weight navy eyelet with a light weight seersucker beneath.  The navy and white seersucker is an inch longer than the eyelet which is a Sevier Skirt signature look!
J.Crew Shirt
J.Crew Shoes

Think COLOR when outiftting this skirt.  Orange is blues complimentary color so don't hesitate to use it!  Below are options of how to wear this skirt. And don't mind the lack of legs, Photoshop can only do so much ;)
H&M Shirt
J.Crew Shoes

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Flea Market

If your looking for something new to do this weekend, look no further.  Every fourth weekend of the month the fair grounds has the best flea market I have ever been to.  Pack up the kids, and get on over this weekend to get great deals and fun stuff.  It is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I love DIY projects and the flea market is the Mecca of materials for such projects.  What do I like at flea markets?  Great question.  What don't I like.  Get your name brand cosmetics, crafty lamps, those windowsills that you are seeing everywhere, foods, etc. etc.  Even if your not in the market to buy anything, it is fun to just look around, especially on a nice day.  Here are a few things I found the last time I went...
Name brand cosmetics

Old bead board from demolished houses turned
into picture frames

Stained Glass

Old window, great for a DIY project

Old ceiling tile artwork

Thinking about getting this for our shop ;)

Great place to get cheap mason jars

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is officially here, and I couldn't be more excited.  Time to bust out your Topsy Turvy's and bring your Spring clothes down from the attic.  I went shopping in the Sevier Closet to pick out a perfect Spring skirt.  There were a lot.  Nothing puts a pep in your step like yellow, and eyelets have been hiding all winter long.  So I went with the Sorority Yellow Eyelet.
Top: Anthropologie
Picture yourself in a spring print this year!  Above in the picture frames are some of my favorite new prints.    From top to bottom: Neon Passion Floral.  Middle:Charisma. Bottom: Button Blooms.

Monday, March 19, 2012

SOW: Paper Lantern Red

This week's SOW is the Paper Lantern Red.  This is a lightweight white cotton blend with embroidered red lantern shapes.  It has a really soft hand so comfort is guaranteed!

If you choose this in a Pencil or A-Line, the lanterns will be going vertically.  I picked looser fitting tops to contrast with a Pencil and an A-line's tighter fitting silhouette.  Blue, yellow, white and black look great with this skirt.  If you want to experiment with mixed prints, stripes will be a good place to start.  I chose a fun floral printed scarf and sandals to finish off the look.  Get this entire look at Zara.
Chambray Top.  Stripe Top.  Scarf.  Sandals.
If you choose a Swing for the Paper Lantern, the stripes will be going diagonally.  I would pair the Swing with a fitted top.  It will again, be a nice contrast to the drapery of the Swing.  Yellow looks great with the bright red.  I picked a scarf with a hint of red to tie it all together.  Dress it up with these great wedges from Zara.

Striped Tee. Yellow Solid Tee.  Scarf.  Wedges.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

What is an Ikat?

Last Fall, Sevier Skirts got in a fabric that we named Raleigh Ikat Plaid.  I thought nothing about it besides a name.  Then, this fall we got in a fabric that we named Ikat-Purple and Green.  I assumed that Ikat was the name of the company that we got it from.  Then, in a store I saw a wall of bags, all with the name Ikat pinned to them.  This got me thinking...'What is Ikat?!"

I checked it out.  Ikat is a 'a dying technique used to pattern textiles that employs a resist dyeing process similar to tie-dye..." yada yada yada...I won't bore you with the rest of the details.  All you need to know is its the name of the print that you are seeing everywhere that is much like an Aztec like design with awesome colors.  You will find this print on clothes, couches, bags, pillows, shoes, hats, etc. etc.  And all stores are carrying it including Target, Anthropologie and West Elm.  And of course, you will see it at Sevier Skirts!

So there you go, thats what an 'Ikat' is.  Get in on the trend with Sevier Skirts.  Our Ikats are as follows... Ikat Purple and Green, Raleigh Ikat Plaid, and the Ikat above that is only available at skirt parties for the time being, the Ikat Black and Gray.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

St. Patrick's Give-O'-Way

Just a reminder to get your green skirt orders in by Friday, March 16th.  On Saturday we will pick a name at random who has purchased a green skirt to win any free skirt of her choosing!

Monday, March 12, 2012

SOW: Kashmir

Enjoy the Kashmir at 20% off this week, March 12th-18th.  This is a light weight cotton, perfect for summer time and for the girl that has every color solid top in her wardrobe.  This is the first time we have had a new skirt as our SOW and we are SO excited about it!

Wear a bold solid to bring
 out that color in the skirt!
Close up so you can
see the colors your working
I went on J.Crew's website to pick out some cute ways to accessorize your Kashmir with.  Keep it simple with solid tops.  I love purples and fuschias with the Kashmir.  For a real color pop, pick a fun color cardigan to go over the top.  Bring the look together with neutral sandals or heals to not over do with color.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring Break

Spring Break is right around the corner!  That being said, you need to get your skirt orders in now for the fun filled week.  If I had a Spring Break (and savings) I would go somewhere tropical.  With that in mind, I put together six outfits for those of you who are lucky enough to get that get-away.  Here is what I have in mind for your vacation:
Day 1: Bombay Orange
Site Seeing
You will be taking lots of
photos.  You want a skirt with great
colors that photographs well. Goes
with every color.
Day 2: Ellie Yellow
All Day Excursion
May be in the car for a good
length of time between destinations.
Ellie does not wrinkle easily.  Good
for day and evening.
Night 3: Eurydice Eyelet
Dinner with your Husband
Casual chic neutral.
Night 4: Weisbrod Electric Blue
Dirty Dancing w/ Cabana Boy ;)
Great color to look great with
your tan!  
Day 5: Mandarin Orange
Shopping Day
Fun light weight skirt.
You need at least one tropical
item for your vacation.  I think
hawaiian button ups are out this
season ;)

Last Day: Persimmon
Wrap Up/Everything Day
Take lots of photos on the last
 day in this photogenic skirt.  No
 time to change? Perfect from
day to night.  

Have a great, safe Spring Break!  Drink something with an umbrella in it for me!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

NEW Fabrics Sneak Peek!

Two new fabrics were just delivered to the shop today.  They were so cute, I had to give you ladies a sneak peek!
Zig Zag Wave-Multi
Cheekwood Green
Coming Soon to your next Sevier Skirt Party!

Monday, March 5, 2012

SOW: Light Bright Watermelon

This weeks SOW will brighten your day.  The Light Bright Watermelon will be 20% off March 5th-11th.  Not only is this a great skirt for mom, its also perfect for your Tot or Pre-teen.  Both will be our SOW this week!

The Light Bright is a great texture skirt.  The color is from tiny individual embroidered yellow, orange, pink and red circles.  It has a great hand and drapes extremely well, making it great for a Swing.  Also available in A-Line and Pencil.

Sunshine Outfit
Its hard not to have fun when making outfits for this cheery skirt.  It's just so cute :)  Goes great with a tee to be simple, a button down for work, or neutrals for any occasion.
Good for Work
My favorite outfit.
Long beige cardigan,
white tee & cowboy boots
Tip:  Before ordering, think about if you like the zig-zags better diagonally or horizontal.  The Swing comes with them diagonal where as the Pencil and A-Line comes with them horizontal.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Birthday Girl!

Birthday treat for the
Birthday Girl!
Yesterday was a special day at the shop.Yvonne, turned 'none-of-your-business' years old on Thursday ;)  Yvonne has worked for Sevier Skirts for 4 wonderful years and we love her to pieces.  She is our go-to for when we need random things at the shop:

Shop:"I need some velcro.  Yvonne?"
Yvonne:"Hold up, I have some in my car."

Shop: "I need some silly string.  Yvonne?"
Yvonne: "Wait a minute, let me go check in my car.  Think I have some."
Shop: "Of course you do."

I could go on, believe me.  But really, Yvonne is the heart of our shop.  Never have I met someone as thoughtful.  She doesn't let a birthday, birth of a baby, wedding or holiday go by without a gift.  On my birthday, she came to my house during the night and tied balloons outside in my front yard.  I know what your thinking....creepy.  Just teasing, it was incredibly sweet, and made my day.  Yvonne has been all over the world and lived in Germany for a few years.  So we are so lucky that she has decided to reside here with us in Nashville.  

So what do we do for a member of our team that we cherish so dearly on her birthday?  We take her to dinner, put a sombrero on her head, take photos to humiliate her and have a random stranger spread whip cream on her face of course.  Duh.
Outside of Las Maracas sporting our Sevier Skirts.
From Left: Me in Oscar Turquoise, Mary in Liberty Lovely Lady,
Yvonne in Poly Petal Black and Kallie in Wide Wale Mustard.
Happy Birthday Yvonne!  We love you!