Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sevier Overlay!

Merriam Webster defines Overlays as: to lay or spread over or across.  To Sevier Skirts an Overlay is: texture rich, eye-catching delicate top layer with lightweight cotton support underneath.  Basically overlays are beautiful fabrics, great for special occasions!

While doing my research this week, aka reading fashion blogs (I love my job!!)  I stumbled upon a new trend.  Overlays all over!  What better spokesperson than Kate Middleton to highlight this dainty trend!
Sevier Overlay
This is an easy outfit to achieve.  First, pick your favorite Sevier Overlay.  Charlotte's Web-Ivory that I have shown above is one of my favorites.  I also love the Charlotte's Web in Lavender!  Now hit the mall or online store and find a lace top in a like color.  The Charlotte's Web Ivory is easy to match because every lace top will always have an ivory option.

Now for the accessories.  The accessories are going to define the look you are going for.  Sophistication with a twist?  Pick a bright belt to wear at your waist like teal.  Want pure sophistication?  Keep all the accessories neutral.

For flattery sake, if you're picking a blousey top pair it with a belt at your waist.  Otherwise, you may appear frumpy.  Always highlight a slim waist if that is one of your assets!

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