Friday, November 29, 2013

Sevier Black Friday Outfit Guide!

For you ladies that love a good deal, I know you have your list and coffee ready for the early morning mall rush.  You've got your eye on your items and I won't interfere with that.   May I add a few tips to your Black Friday attire though?

Comfort is key!  Wear a skirt.  They are the easiest to zip off in the dressing rooms and the quickest when it comes to trying on shoes.  Also, it's my job to tell you to wear a skirt.  So: Where a SKIRT ;)  One of my favorites is the Westwood Tweed in Tomato.  New this year to Sevier and 40% this Cyber Monday!
Sevier's Black Friday Picks

Next up, I love a chambray top under a sweater look.  Preppy and put together.  Add a statement necklace tucked under the collar of the chambray but above the sweater.  Finish the look off with boots.  Make sure you can slip them on and off, and for comfort sake wear flats!

1. Make a list
2. Find someone crazy enough to battle the crowds.
3. Give them your list.
4. Sleep in!

Happy shopping!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Winter Sale Rundown!

The moment we've been waiting for is almost here!  Next Monday marks the beginning of our annual Winter Sale!
This years sale comes in many layers, so today I am here to explain what we have planned for you!  Instead of doing a Black Friday, a Small Business Saturday, a Cyber Monday, an In-House and Online Sale separately, we are having one HUGE Winter Sale combining all five!

Starting Monday, December 2nd selected custom made skirts will be up to 40% off online.  This sale will last through Sunday, December 8th.  

To kick off the beginning of our sale, nine of our brand new skirts will be on sale Cyber Monday (Dec. 2nd) only!  Act fast, once they're gone THEY ARE GONE!!
Cyber Monday!!!

Cyber Monday:
9. Levina Swirls

*The skirts above will only be on sale Dec. 2nd, Cyber Monday

In-House Sale:
December 4th & 5th
Join us at Sevier Skirts to be professionally measured for a custom skirt and discounted off-the-rack skirts.  For non-Nashvillians, your sales reps will be having an open house to measure you for custom skirts.  Be on the lookout for their email invite!!
In-Store Sale
To conclude:  
December 2nd-Beginning of On-line Sale (runs through the 8th) plus a bonus of 9 new skirts for Cyber Monday only!

December 4th&5th- In House Sale including custom made discounted skirts and discounted off-the-rack skirts.

December 8th- ENDS @ MIDNIGHT!!!!!

Winter Sale Skirts will be delivered by December 20th, just in time for your holiday parties!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Sneak Peek: Winter Sale!!!

Alright ladies, going to let you in on a little Sevier secret....our Winter Sale starts next Monday!  With our Winter Sale count-down, we're going to skip the SOW this week and get you ready with our favorite winter sale outfits for your holiday season!

For your first sneak peek: This year, for the first time in Sevier History, we will have custom skirts with BRAND NEW fabrics on sale!  Nine, of our favorite this season skirts will be on sale.  Think Cyber Monday(hint, hint).
Sneak Peek
Be on the lookout on the blog, our Facebook page, and emails from your sales reps showing you how the Skirt Girls outfit our favorite holiday looks!

Stay tuned, this Wednesday I will spill all the details on the sale, including pricing, skirt names, and dates!!!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Casual Friday!

The weekend is within reach, just one more outfit and one more work day to get through before rest!  Instead of reaching for those jeans or khakis for your Casual Friday, go with a skirt instead.

  Last night, I went to a Stella & Dot party and purchased a pair of eye-catching earrings that I can't wait to rock.  I am going to show you how I will be wearing those with my newest Sevier Skirt: Blockbuster Gold, as my casual go-to!
Casual Friday
Consider the Blockbuster Gold your new and improved khaki bottoms.  It's so easy to outfit if you keep that in mind.  I am going to pair it with my favorite royal blue blouse, much like the one above and my new Peacock Stella & Dot earrings.  A pair of brown riding boots complete this look dressy enough for the office, and chic enough for drinks afterward.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, November 18, 2013

SOW: Weisbrod Green!

Do you work in a business casual environment?   Are you tired of the all black ensembles drowning out the work place?  This skirt is for YOU!  The Weisbrod Green is not only on sale as our SOW, it is also the perfect pick to mix up your work week!

From our favorite Swiss mill, the Weisbrod Green is a medium weight cotton/silk/polyester perfect for a year round look.  This is one of our structured skirts perfect in a Classic or Pencil.
I love an easy black look for the office, don't get me wrong.   When you want to put some pep in your step, opt for the Weisbrod instead.  For a bright number, go with a sweater like the one above in the bright blue.  I love the combo with the necklace.  

To dial it back a notch, I went with the navy blouse above and navy trench to tie the look together.  Other colors that go with the Weisbrod are black, white, brown, yellow and coral.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Leopard is the New Neutral!

If you're on Pinterest or have opened a fashion magazine this season, you know that leopard is in.  In fact, some say that leopard is the new neutral.  I would have to agree with that group!

At Sevier, we have leopard big and small for you leopard lovers in the Urban Jungle and Velvet Leopard Tan ...

For those of you that like the print in small quantities, I'm here for you as well!  A small touch goes a long way so stick to accessories if you just want to experiment with the trend.  

A good place to start is with solid color skirts as not to intimidate with mixed prints.  Below are three of my favorite skirts to wear a touch of leopard with...
Leopard is the New Neutral
Saffron Silk TweedCathedral IvoryPortland Wool
Spice up these solids with a fun print and you have a sophisticated look appropriate for work and even better for drinks after!  Try out leopard this weekend!

See you Monday!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

We want YOU to join our team!

Have you thought about changing careers or getting back into the work force?  If you want your own hours, your own schedule and want to be your own boss, I'd like to share a little about one of our own!

Courtney Skeen from Johnson City, TN  was introduced to Sevier Skirts through her sister-in-law a few years back.  She began hosting her own parties that began as 10-12 people parties and grew to 50 including friends and friends of friends.  Her parties grew as did her closet, Courtney owned around 40 skirts before working for Sevier!
Courtney in one of my favorite combos:
Sevier Skirt, belted chambray top and boots!
Nova Spiral
As Courtney's oldest was going off to school, this stay at home mother of two approached Suzanne and Ashley about becoming a rep.  Her husband wanted the discount, and we wanted the labor (kidding!!!!!!!).  It was a match made in skirt heaven.  The selling came naturally to Courtney, though she humbly says that the skirts sell themselves.  I think seeing the skirts on this model mom sells them-YOW-ZA!
With the Hubby
Cathedral Ivory
Courtney makes her own schedule and determines how many parties she has a season.   Last season she had eight parties with most of them being in town.  This allowed her to continue her responsibilities as a mom while bringing in the family some extra dough.  Her sister Lindsey teams up with Courtney.  Together they are an awesome duo, which adds a lot of fun to the job.
What a good looking bunch!
From left: Leanna Sunset,
Knit Houndstooth,
Tribal Blue
Courtney learned from Ashley Black, her Sevier Skirts Rep, the tricks of the trade.  Any question she has, Ashley is just a call away.  Though you work at your leisure, we are a tight knit team so you're never really working alone!
Hot Mama in my favorite outfit!
Nepal Indigo with coral cardigan.
Are those rain boots?! Love!

Are you outgoing?  Do you have a lot of contacts and always searching for more?  Do you like being stopped constantly in public to answer where your skirt's from?  YOU are the perfect fit for our team!
Throw back in the Jax and Ellie Pink!
Love me a textured skirt!
 If you're looking for a new career in which you're in control, we would love you to contact us!  Click here for our career contact page.  There you will learn a little more about being a Skirt Girl.  If you would like to talk one-on-one with one of our own, leave me a message and I'll hook it up!
Love the tweed with the polka dot/sweater combo!
For a comparable number, try the
Portland Wool or Canary Wool Tweed

Monday, November 11, 2013

SOW: Game Day Edition!

When it comes to school spirit, there is only one team I know that is represented by a print.  Houndstooth, Bear Bryant and Alabama football go hand in hand, making the Knit Houndstooth Black and White our Skirt of the Week, and your go-to game day skirt!  If you yell "Roll Tide", this is the skirt for you!

This Knit Houndstooth is as comfortable as it is attractive.  This soft medium weight knit drapes beautifully making this a great swing style skirt.  This fabric is good for all body types, hugging in the right places with the bias cut and draping where necessary.
SOW: Houndstooth Knit
For the Crimson Tide fans, I went with a crimson color palette.  Houndstooth skirt with the Drape Neck Michael Stars top, crimson coat and black boots.  Easy outfit, classic look.

For those that don't cheer for 'Bama, this skirt works with every color imaginable.  I love black and brown together as you can see below.  I went with the always flattering hue, coral, to add a pop of color to this outfit.

Mix it up!
Here is one of our own, Courtney Skeen, outfitting the Houndstooth with navy...

How will you dress this print?!