Thursday, November 27, 2014

A BIG Thank You

On this holiday we are thankful for the people we have in our lives, our ability to run a company dedicated to making one of a kind items, and the small everyday things that otherwise go unoticed.

We couldn't have done it without you.  Thanks to all of our friends, family, and customers we were able to sell all of our handmade wreaths which generated over $3,000 for Cristina and her family.  Wow.  Your generosity is overwhelming and we couldn't be more appreciative.

So, a big thank you to our friends, family, and customers that make this company a reality and who fill our lives with more joy than you could imagine.  We are forever grateful.

-The Sevier Skirt Family

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Our handmade wreath in action!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Sevier Skirts Gives Back

Welcome to project Cristina.    Earlier this month one of our valued team members, Cristina, suffered a stroke that left her on a ventilator with extremely limited ability.  Feeling helpless, but with the desire to help, we decided to pull together our staff to design and sell holiday wreaths with 100% of the profits going towards Cristina's family.  When a member of our Sevier family suffers we all suffer. Please support Cristina and her family by purchasing a wreath this holiday season.

We have put together 50 wreaths and over half of them have already sold.  Which is awesome! So please, if you're thinking of donating this holiday season, help a member of the Sevier Skirt family.  

All wreaths are $75 a piece and there are two styles to choose from.  The "Christmas Classic" is embellished with a red plaid bow, faux cranberries and pine cones.  It will last 5-6 weeks.
The other is "Christmas Cabin" which has burlap ribbon, fresh eucalyptus, fresh peppercorn, and pine cones.  It will last 2-3 weeks.  
Once ordered we we will deliver the wreaths right to your doorstep.  Because of the freshness of the wreaths we are only able to deliver them to Nashville and the surrounding communities.

Please e-mail Sevier Skirts to place an order or call us at 615-750-5013

Sevier Skirts

5105 Alabama Ave
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Be Cozy : Chloe Wool Eyelet

be cozy

We have a lot of really great winter fabrics that are guaranteed to keep you warm and stylish.

Our Chloe Wool Eyelet is a company favorite.  The rich oatmeal color of the wool gives the fabric a luxe feel with mega versatility.  The white eyelet adds another layer of interest to an already beautiful piece.  Perfect for the cool weather months the Chloe Wool Eyelet is great for staying warm and looking chic!

Each of Our Chloe Wool Eyelet Styles are beautiful

Chloe Fit n' Flair

To capture the versatility of the Chloe Wool Eyelet I've put together two different looks.  One is a causal afternoon look and the second an office to dinner look.  I love how this fabric can pull each off so effortlessly!

casual afternoon

I combined the eyelet with a plaid jacket in similar colors to create an interesting dynamic.  Even though both prints are very different they work together so well! The dark blue coat adds a pop of color and keeps you warm.

office to dinner

For the Office to Dinner look I switched out the boots for a pair with a little height and added tights for warmth.  A fur vest over the sweater makes a statement and dresses the outfit up while the crystal necklace gives a little sparkle.  Lastly, add a little color to your lips and your ready to go out!

Remember, it's all about looking good and staying warm!  Our coziest fabrics are available now so don't forget to shop them on our online store!

Sevier Skirts

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Trend alert: perfect layers

Hello skirt and dress lovers!  Today's post is going to focus on one of my favorite winter trends: long layers!  With cold weather bringing freezing temperatures nothing feels better than bundling up and staying warm.

One common cold weather myth is that you have to ditch your favorite dresses and skirts for pants.  Not true!  I'm going to show you how to wear your favorite Sevier pieces and still stay warm!  There are so many cozy fabrics in our Sevier library.  Today I will be using our Charlotte's Web fabric in black to show you how to layer your pieces to look chic and stay warm this winter!

bottom layer

The bottom layer keeps your legs and feet warm.  Don't be afraid to mix and match boots, tights and socks.  Adding a pop of colored knee high socks will add an extra layer but also mix up your usual go to tights with boots look!

Look for a high quality leather boot and thick socks.  The leather and fabric will create a barrier between your feet and the cold!

I love this layered look.  The Hunter boots are great for rainy weather!
Try pairing our Charlotte's web pencil with a plaid shirt and pea coat to create a similar look!

Check these links to find some super cute knee socks to wear with your boots and tights:

For your tops you want to add four separate layers.  A tank, shirt or blouse, sweater, and winter coat.  Make sure your coat is roomy enough to wear a sweater underneath.  Look for one with a little flair!  The shape is ultra flattering for most women and adds an interesting element to your outfit.  This one is an extremely affordable $40 from

Top Layer

Check out these outfits for some inspiration!
These girls have some serious layered style!

To finish off a cozy winter look dont forget to add some accessories.  This can include a scarf, gloves, or a hat.  My favorite addition is adding a thick textured scarf.  It's chic and functional!


I hope everyone has a great winter season,let us know if you have any styling tips about wearing your Sevier skirts and dresses in cold weather!

Sevier Skirts

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Rock Your Next Holiday Party

Believe it or not the Holiday season is right around the corner!  This is the time of year when you catch up with old friends, spend quality time with family, and of course attend holiday parties.  For me, when I know a party is coming up one of the first things I think about is what I'll be wearing.  It's important for me to look my best especially around people I haven't seen in awhile.  I usually wear a dress because it's feminine, flattering, and easy to wear.

Brelow is our top three favorite fabrics for the Holidays to get you started.  Custom is the best way to ensure a perfect fit.  So you'll look your best this holiday season.

party dresses

Colette Embroidery-  An allover floral embroidery of tan, taupe, and silver flowers create a neautral, but stunning fabric. The Collette Embroidery is from our favorite French fabric house, Albert Guegain.

Karolina Embroidery- This french, lightweight black cotton has a jewel tone allover embroidery.

Peacock Nuevo- The Peacock Nuevo is a pink, black, and silver brocade with modern peacock motif, with the feathers pointing down.  The fabric shines beautifully, perfect for the holidays!

Want to get more wear out of your Sevier Holiday Dress?
 Watch this video on how to style the same dress for every Thanksgiving occasion.

Although the video doesn't use a Sevier Dress, the H&M dress in the video is very similar to our Sevier Shift Dress

Shift Dress Holiday Inspiration


One of my favorite bloggers, Katie B from, specializes in teaching busy women how to live vibrant and healthy lifestyles.  Here are some of her tips for Rocking your next holiday party whether you're trying to impress coworkers or meeting new people and want to look and feel your best.

Katie Says...
I love holiday parties! It is a perfect excuse to get out of my yoga clothes and into some fun outfits. What I don’t like is feeling as if I got off track by eating things I normally wouldn’t and drinking more wine than I should. Over the years I have learned some ways to rock that holiday party without feeling it the next morning.

1. Eat before the party! Never show up for a party on an empty stomach. You will consume more food and get tipsy much faster. If you are leaving right from work bring something with you to work or when you go out to lunch pick up something for dinner too.
2. Water! If you are planning on drinking alternative water in between each of your drinks! This will help with the hangover and the conversation you wish you didn’t have with your boss.
3. Napkin test! Place the food on a napkin if it leaves a grease mark you probably don’t want to eat it. This fool proof test never fails.
4. Healthy Options! Avoid the dips and chips but grab the veggies next to them. At holiday parties there will be many temptations, sweets and fried food galore, so before you start eating look at all of the options.
5. Dance! I don’t think it is a party unless there is music. Bring your dancing shoes and have fun. Not to bad for getting your exercise in that day!
Remember these healthy tips but don’t get to caught up in them. It is a party so rock it and enjoy :)
Big Hugs & Health

 I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday season!

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Friday, November 7, 2014

The Busy Girls Guide To Looking Polished

Welcome to the Busy girl's guide to looking polished.  This post is intended to help busy women like us dress in a snap and still look pulled together.  Here you will find tips and tricks as well as ways to style your skirts and dresses to make putting together an outfit so easy.

Banish the weekday morning struggle by stocking your closet with simple accessories that can go with a multitude of outfits.  A basic color scarf, black or brown ankle booties, and some shimmery stud earrings can take an outfit from OK to adorable in a snap.  I would also invest in a vest!  Whether it's cotton or faux fur, you'll be surprised how often you will reach for it.

See how this works with different pieces:

** Both of these skirts are on our 5@50% off promotion for November!  Learn more about it here. **

Twiggy Plaid
Godfrey Houndstooth

outfit 1

outfit 2

And here is some more outfit inspiration for the bootie, scarf, and vest combination.  Try it!  I know you will absolutely fall in love and it is so easy to throw on during a busy day.
Although these girls aren't wearing Sevier skirts or dresses you can imagine how great they would look in one of our Sevier pieces.

Here are some super cute vests and where to buy!  NastyGal (if you haven't shopped this wildly popular online retailer, don't let the name fool you, they have great items!), ASOS, H&M, Target, and Saks OFF 5th

 Here are some tips for looking polished on your busiest days!

1. Edit your closet.  This is one of those projects that might take a little time initially, but will benefit you in the long run.  Take out clothes you haven't worn in the past year.  Invest in basic pieces and a few stand out items (like our Godfrey Hounds Tooth!) that can be worn many different ways with your staple wardrobe pieces and accessories.

2.  Don't go too crazy with color.  Yes, we love color!  Our showroom is full of bright pinks, blues, shimmering golds, and statement making prints. The best way to look pulled together is to pick one statement piece, like a sevier skirt or dress and layer it with beautiful basic essentials like a white button down shirt or classic trench.

Here are some great links from personal favorite fashion icon Rachel Zoe's women of style on dressing and looking polished! 

If you have any questions about shopping with Sevier Skirts, navigating our online shop, or setting up a private fitting don't hesitate to let us know!

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November's 5 @ 50% OFF

It's that time of the month again!  We're retiring October's 5 @ 50% off skirts and introducing a whole NEW set of skirts for November.  Remember, if you spend $350 or more on your Sevier skirts order you will be able to access this month's picks at half off their original price!  We know you look forward to this at the beginning of each month and so do we.

This month's 5 @ 50% off skirt picks are...

Godfrey Houndstooth Kiwi which is a A classic hounds tooth print, in an unique kiwi and taupe color combination.

Naomi Mustard.  The Naomi Mustard is a mustard cotton base with a ruffled ribbon applique covering the entire skirt.

Liberty Dominic Wool Blend.  Here at Sevier we love this wool blend from Liberty Art Fabrics. The pattern is fun and bright, and the drape is ideal for all Sevier custom styles.

Twiggy Wool Plaid.  This orange and dark gray plaid wool is a throw back to the bold plaids of the 60's and 70's, hints the pop icon's name.

Vivian Black.  The Vivian is a beige canvas with a black velvet zebra print.

Let's get shopping!  Contact your fit specialist to set up a party of private fitting!

Lets us know if you have any questions about our monthly 5 @ 50% OFF promotion.

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