Friday, March 29, 2013

Honeydew is a do!

It's no secret that Sevier likes color.  Did I say like?  I meant LOVE!  Apparently we're not the only ones.  Today I consulted InStyle for some blogging inspiration.  It turns out they love color so much, they dedicated each day this month to a different hue!  Today, they went with honeydew.  Ladies, honeydew is in!  Refreshing, delicate and friendly; this color will be your best friend all through Spring!
Honeydew is a do!
InStyle suggested pairing honeydew with lemon, coral and blues.  I jumped on to pick out a honeydew skirt and look what I found: The Pop Candy Floral Warm Gray.  If you notice, we have it styled with a blue Michael Stars top and a coral necklace.  Yep, Sevier Skirts Stylists are on point!!

If a bright yellow or coral top is too much for your personal style, thats okay.  Plug these colors into your accessories the way we did with the necklace.  Above I have the perfect sandals, pumps, bags, necklaces and tops to start your Spring off with a perfect honeydew ensemble!

Don't forget your toes!  Have fun with color at your next manicure/pedicure!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sevier Dapper 101

I love dressing adults, but little ones aren't so bad themselves!  Almost a year ago Sevier Skirts introduced Boy's Bowties and Men's Neckties and what a year it's been!  We love the idea of moms being able to coordinate with not just their little girls, but the little men in their life too!  Be it your son, grandson or nephew, step out this Spring as a hot stylin' duo!
Picture Perfect
Are you new to mixed prints?  It can be intimidating to get into this look.  What better way than to experiment on your kids?  Besides, they look adorable in almost anything!  

I love the Liberty Milan Mosaic.  This is a lightweight cotton fabric perfect for a Swing style skirt, and very dapper in a boy's bowtie.  I love the way the girls styled the skirt so I went with the green in the boys outfit as well.  Pair bright green shorts with a fun gingham button down.  Finish this look off with the Milan Boy's Bowtie and let the compliments begin!


Monday, March 25, 2013

SOW: Liberty Proud as a Peacock!

Sometimes at Sevier we fall so hard for a skirt we just gush over it!  As you can tell in the name, the Liberty Proud as a Peacock is one of those skirts!  This skirt has the pattern, the color and the lightweight air that makes us proud to call it a Sevier Skirt.  That being said, we are excited to offer 20% off the Proud Peacock this week only!
The Proud Peacock is in our fabulous Liberty of London line.  You can tell from the lighter than light weight cotton, colorful hues, and on point repeating motif (a pattern that has been repeated).  Perfect from Spring to Fall.  I love her in a Swing!

I picked this Liberty to go with the lesson from Friday.  Pick a good green skirt and think floral for the top!  If you want to stay within the colors of the skirt you have green, blue, white, orange, and teal.  I suggest that you step out of the box by wearing a fuchsia or purple top!  I recommend the Michael Stars Shine Scoop Neck with Rouched Sides in Purple for a casual about-town look with a staple pair of riding boots like the pair above.

For a dressier look, throw on some heels and a colorful cardigan and step out for church!

Have a great week ladies!  Hope this deal starts your week off right!


Friday, March 22, 2013

Suzanne's Tip:Think Floral!

Suzanne is always wearing the most eye catching colors together.  The art student in me sees it as pairing complimentary and contrasting colors together from the color wheel.  Suzanne has a different way of looking at it...

Instead of methodically breaking down the color wheel, Suzanne goes to nature for her inspiration.  She looks at her outfits as flowers.  With a flower you have the stem and the bloom.  Think of your skirt as the stem to your outfit.  So pick any green skirt for your 'stem'.  The top you choose can be any color bloom you can imagine!
In Bloom

The result is an eye catching look!  Don't be bound by the colors that are already in your outfit.  Branch out to your favorite petal colors!  Above we have one of my favorite combos: fuchsia and olive.  You probably wouldn't think to pair the two, but they work perfectly!

Now go brighten up your outfit, it just might brighten up your day!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Your Skirt, Your Way!

I can't emphasize enough here at Sevier: Your Skirt, Your Way!  No matter your style or age, you can take any skirt and make it your own!  This point is easier shown than said, so lets take a look at what I came up with!

I took one of my favorite Spring time skirts, the Blossom Eyelet-Lemon, and dressed it for multiple ages.

Are you in your twenties?  Do you wear too many accessories?  So do I, don't sweat it.  We haven't quite gotten Coco's rule of taking off one accessory before leaving the house.  With that being said, scarves and belts are in so grab your favorite one.  For a scarf, I recommend something with yellow in it to coordinate with the skirt but not full on match it.  Now pick a bright color for your shoes, and a nice neutral for a bag.  I picked this tank to stay in trend with the fringe.  Its fun, flirty and very 20 something!  Don't forget your bright pink lipstick!
Your Skirt, Your Way!
Now for the thirties!  You're probably the CEO of your household, having a hard enough time balancing everyone elses schedule, let alone picking out a well coordinated 10 piece ensemble. So with that, keep it simple.  Instead of picking out multiple accessories, choose one thing that is in.  Liberty of London is all the rage so I recommend this Liberty of London blouse.  Bring a cardigan for those early spring days.  To coordinate with your top, pick out a pop of color and match with a bag.

My last age group for today is practical, classic and comfortable.  I recommend a Swing in the Blossom for comfort!  I love the bright turquoise button down against the yellow.  This shirt is a no fuss-no iron top!  Pick an accessory that matches for a little flair.  I picked blue earrings.  To match your skirt, I like this bright yellow tote.  Lastly, every girl loves shoes!  I love these Liberty of London flats with the gold embellishment on the heel!  Perfect for the Blossom, and perfect for Spring!