Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Trend Report

Between work, family and friends its hard to stay in the know about issues that aren't priority.  Almost every worker involved in Sevier Skirts wears different hats from mom to chauffeur (for the kids!), to committee chair to CEO.  Its no wonder that you don't have time to stay on top of the latest trends.  Thats where I come in!

When Spring time hits, I am ready to get you dressed in florals, pinks and jewel tones.  It was to my surprise when I discovered the latest trend to hit the runway: Black & White.
Now keep in mind the colors we are going for as I introduce you to a new term: color blocking.  Color Blocking is when you take multiple colors and put them together in a bold, geometric way.  The picture above to the left is an example of color blocking in the shift dress.  Try this trend with the Mimi Houndstooth Sequins.  Pair with our Michael Stars Ribbed Short Sleeve Crew-Black.  Voila, you have mastered color blocking!


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