Friday, April 5, 2013

Dress for Success!

Clothing has a profound effect on our thinking style, how we feel and how others perceive us.  Most of us spend more time on personal style, rather than work place style.  When you're trying to move up and impress at the office, a well tailored outfit can give you that extra edge to put you over the top.

Recently the Kellogg School of Management did a study requiring students to wear a science lab coat during tests.  The students that wore the lab coats were far more focused, and retained concentration better than the non lab coat wearing students.  The coat gave them a professional mind set.  Point being, if you can up your performance simply by wearing more consciously selected threads, why wouldn't you?
Working 9-5
What are you going for at work?  Think about how you want to be perceived and dress in clothing that symbolizes that.

Say you are in an authoritative managerial position.  Dress smart.  Studies show that women applying for managerial jobs who dressed more masculine were perceived as aggressive and forceful and more likely to get the job.  It pays to look intelligent and competent!  For this, I suggest the Seattle Gray Herringbone.  Classic style, classic color.  You can't go wrong here.

So you want to look professional and authoritative, but at heart your a creative type and want that reflected?  No problem.  Go for a print and keep it geometric.  Sharp angles are stronger than organic wavy prints.  You will stand out while maintaing authority.  For this look, go for the Jigsaw.

When dressing for work, it isn't all about your style.  Know your audience and dress to reflect that.  Studies show that students are more likely to diligently follow detailed instruction from someone more casually dressed, like they were.  This is a great tip for those of you that have to give speeches, seminars and presentations to young adults.  I recommend the Flash Back Lagoon for this.  In this skirt, you look creative, open minded, and approachable.  The perfect fit and silk fabric maintain an air of professionalism.

The last look is great for you freelancers.  When you walk into a work place, you need to stand out.  99U says, "Formal suits aren’t always the way to go. Research shows that people who wear more daring outfits are perceived as more attractive and individual, which could be advantageous in more creative industries".  One freelancer reported that her go-to outfit was non-controversial, neutral and dull.  One day, she threw on a sleek gray wool pencil skirt with a black bow stitched on the back.  The moment she walked into the department store, women went out of their way to chat her up.  She appeared more friendly and eye catching to them.  The skirt was professional and a great ice-breaker conversation to lead into her pitch.  For this look, I recommend the Corvina Burnt Orange.  The color and velvet of this skirt look expensive, especially with the painted gold detailing.  You're setting yourself up for compliments which can lead to your business pitch.

The most important thing about your outfit?  That it fits!  A coat that hangs off you, and bottoms that don't fit make for a sloppy impression.  Who wants to do business with sloppy?!  No one.  The way to go is custom and I just so happen to know a skirt company that does just that...

Now get out there and dress for success!


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