Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Girls Just Want to Have Fun..."

Recently, our amazing South Carolina sales rep Ashley put together a little photo shoot.  And by little I mean it, it was for tween aged girls ;)  Tiny little things.  Anyway, we have tweaked our tween aged skirts in the last week so I thought now was a perfect time to show off Ashley's hard work!  Ashley's amazing photographer Leslie Kerrigan doesn't just snap the shot.   She will go with you to shop for your outfit, along with finding props to fit your vision.  In short, she is amazing.
Ashley is a mother of three, two of whom are little girls.  So it comes as no surprise that she decided to focus a great deal of time on our kids line.  I have never actually met Ashley as she live in South Carolina, though we have chatted many times on the Sevier Skirt business line!  We receive her family photos every Christmas.  I have come to conclude from these photos that Ashley hires child models to be her 'children'. There is no other explanation.  They are too cute, and too photogenic.  Never did I imagine that she would go to such lengths as to hire an entire child agency to play her 'friends children' and 'neighborhood kids'!  These girls are too good to be true!  Whats in your water down there in South Carolina Ashley?!

Little ladies strikin' a pose

I told you your Sevier Skirt would stop traffic ;)
'I want to be the one to walk in the sun,
oh girls they want to have fun,
oh girls just want to have fun!'
Theres more to come of these photos and more information coming on our new and improved tween skirts!  So stay tuned!

Monday, May 28, 2012

SOW: Weisbrod Green

This weeks SOW is the Weisbrod Green.  It is one of our brocades in the shop.  A brocade is a weaved design with a raised pattern.  The raised pattern on this fabric is very slight, it is not heavily textured. 
I hate to wear blacks and grays in the summer time.  Cue the Weisbrod!  This is the perfect work skirt for the summer time.  It is a medium weight fabric so it will be appropriate in the work space, it isn't flouncy.  I like this skirt because it is very structured so it is the perfect skirt for a Pencil.  It will keep you in!  No unwanted humps or bumps in this skirt :)  Due to the weight of this skirt, you can wear this all year long!
I am so excited about our new addition to the shop, so I went with all Michael Stars tops to match with your Weisbrod.  The colors you have to work with are green, blue and white.  That being said, blue is my favorite color to pair this skirt with!  It really draws out the blue in the skirt.  
You are not limited to those three colors though.  I also love yellow and fuchsia with this skirt (but maybe not together).  If you are hesitant to go with a bright color like fuschia, I completely understand.  Here's a tip though: I always see Suzanne wearing off the wall colors with her skirts.  The trick is she always pairs it with a similar color cardigan.   The outcome is fabulous!   I want the look every time.  I think I see a blog in our future with 'Bright tops: How to wear them best' !!  What do you think?!

Michael Stars
As far as shoes go, I say either match the green dead on or go nude or white with it.
Happy Memorial Day!!! Hope you can spend the day off of work like me!


Friday, May 25, 2012

Coming Soon: Michael Stars

Alright ladies, get excited because Sevier Skirts is about to make it easier for you to make outfits with your skirts.  In mid June, we will be selling Michael Stars tops to our Sevier Customers!!!  Michael Stars is a fabulous company that founded the 'original tee' over two decades ago.  Since then his company has grown to everything: tops, shorts, dresses, jewelry etc.  His tops are amazing.  Like us, his company believes that being stylish and comfortable should be one in the same.  That is why his shirts are made in a special stretch making his tees one size fits most.  Thats right, no having to risk ordering the wrong size online and sending it back.  It is 99% guaranteed to fit you!!
Michael Star's Tees
We have ordered his most bright fun tops along with essential black and white must haves.  On our website in mid June, when you shop for a skirt we will have complimentary shirt options available for you  to shop.  No matter what, you will have a killer outfit!  Yesterday our favorite (and only) photographer Kiki came in to photograph the tops...
Kiki doing her thing :)
The tops will range from $48 to $90.  Though the tops are not custom like our skirts, you will find some better for your body types than other shirts found else where.  Some are made especially for shorter torsos, or women with larger busts.  They pretty much cover it all!
Mary dressing our lovely dress form!
We will offer different colors for the Fall and Spring.  I am SO excited about this, aren't you!?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Skirt School

Sevier Skirts is expanding!  I don't think I can express in type how excited we are about our new sales reps but I'll try my best!!  Ann and Nancy are teaming up together to take on Atlanta and Heidi will be covering the Texas territory!  To be a sales rep for Sevier Skirts you have to go back to school.  Skirt School that is.  Suzanne holds two skirt schools a year consisting of day and night training Monday to Friday.  Usually Skirt School is held in Nashville, but this season Suzanne took the girls down to Atlanta and Charleston for a change of scenery.
Our brightly colored "Teacher" and Skirt School "Students"
From left to right: Ann, Suzanne, Heidi and Nancy

Skirt School is an intense 5 day process of learning the ins and outs of the skirt business along with faux skirt parties day and night.  We offer a $50 gift certificate to our willing participants who come to them!    Suzanne requires each rep to measure a number of different body types in order for them to be knowledgeable about fit along with flattering silhouettes to recommend for their body type.  It is such an intense week that Suzanne jokingly tells the reps, "if you weren't a drinker before this week, you will be one after!"

Suzanne showing Heidi how its done

House at which the faux party was held

What makes our orientation different from other business's?  It is more hands on and done by the owner of the company.  We ensure that our ladies are trained by the best of the best, so to do that our first sales rep, Suzanne shows them the reins.
Heidi and Nancy taking over!
As intense as Skirt School is, the ladies have a great time getting know each of other and chatting about their lives as they undertake this new path for themselves.  There is a great deal of camaraderie knowing that everyone is working towards the same goal of making Sevier Skirts the best it can be for our wonderful customers!
Ann and Nancy cheesin' while going through samples
Welcome aboard ladies!  We are so pleased to have you on our team!  

Monday, May 21, 2012

SOW: Eurydice Eyelet

This weeks SOW is one of my top 3 favorite skirts that we got in this season.  I can say with confidence that the Eurydice Eyelet will NEVER go out of style!! This skirt is perfect for those of you who think, 'I love this, but will I wear it enough to get my moneys worth?'  Ladies, this skirt will pay you back!! Not only is it timeless but it is also a versatile skirt due to its neutral color.  You can wear every single color with this skirt.  It is a light weight eyelet over white cotton so it can be worn casual.  It has a sheen in the stitching that allows it to be dressy as well! Wait, there is more:  this skirt can be dressed beachy, classic, trendy, funky....etc. etc.  Our Nashville Sales Rep, Rachel thinks of this skirt as her 'white jeans'. Meaning that anything you would wear with white bottoms you can pair with this skirt and still get that clean classic look without the hazard of picking up stains!!!

I have created two looks for this skirt.  The first is the beach casual look.  I love the white flowy top with aqua accents.  Red and aqua is big right now so I chose a bright red hat to top this look off with!!
Eurydice Eyelet
The second look I went for was clean-classic.  For this look I went through White House Black Markets online closet to pick out a solid staple black top and a white blousy tank.  Either of these colors will work in getting your classic look.  In case you haven't noticed, I LOVE belts with my skirts.  Don't be afraid to try one for your new look!!
Eurydice Eyelet

Friday, May 18, 2012

Kentucky Derby Recap!!!

Rachel in her Fascinator
& Zig Zag Multi
Connie Radford in her  Fascinator
& Champagne Basket Weave

Two weeks ago our fabulous Nashville Rep, Rachel Rowland, ventured out of her territory up to Kentucky for a little event called the Kentucky Derby!!!  This was Rachel's first time at the Derby so of course she had to document it!  The new look at the Derby is the Kate Middleton dubbed fascinator.  Thats right, ladies have branched out from hats.  Rachel is colorful in her Zig Zag Multi, pink peplum tank and precious white fascinator.  Want Rachel's look?  You can find her top at Anthropologie and her skirt at....well where else?!! Sevier Skirts of course!

Rachel attended the event with her aunt, Connie Radford.  Connie is a most loved customer here at Sevier Skirts and she does our skirts well with her classy attire.  Here she is in the top right stylin' with her Champagne Basket Weave skirt and fun fascinator!
This fun hat is just a decoy for the
real subject in this photo.  Check
out the top hat and matching jacket in the
back right of the photo!! So fun!

Just the Gals :)
The Derby Gang

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

End of Season Partay!!!!

The 2012 Spring season is nearing its end.  To celebrate, Suzanne treated us overworked gals in the shop to a spa day and lunch last Thursday!!!  It was a hit, let me tell you!  At 11 we caravanned over to Signature Nails in Green Hills.  Most of us got pedicures with the exception of two manicures.  Someones always got to be different ;)
Hard at work ;)
Top: Louisa's Toes
Bottom: My Toes
We wrapped up our outing with a delicious lunch from The Food Company.  If you have not been there yet you need to treat yourself and head over pronto!  This will be your next go to lunch place.  It is in Green Hills attached to The Green House on Bandywood.  I got the Southwest Salad but had to pick at my co-workers Cuban and Tomato Basil Bisque.  My mouth is watering thinking about it!
Shop Ladies at The Food Company
Great day at the end of a great season!  I have to thank our customers because without your purchases our  little operation would not be possible.  Thank you so much!  I think next time you guys should join us on our company pampering.  What do you think?!

Thanks for the great day Suzanne!!! We had a GREAT time!  Lets make this a weekly thing ;)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Telio Seersucker

This weeks SOW is the Telio Eyelet!  This fabric is new this season and we love it at Sevier Skirts!  With a matching seersucker peep, this skirt is one of our signature looks.  Enjoy 20% off of it this week only.
When I think of Spring, I think of seersucker!  It is a classic that will always be in.  Turquoise is such a flattering color and looks great with so much.  I went the bright route and paired it with hot pink!  If you choose this look you can tone it down on the shoes with a neutral espadrille.  This skirt is color neutral so it looks great with black or brown and every color in between!
Telio Seersucker

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mother's Day Moms! Hope the day is spent with loved ones and good times.  Now take a break, you deserve it!
Happy Mother's Day!!!