Monday, September 29, 2014

Job Perks

A great job comes a lot of perks, but one thing you don't always expect to find at your place of business are lasting friendships and a great community.  Here at Sevier Skirts we are always talking about how much we love our customer.  We all are the backbone to a business that we are so passionate about.

One thing we don't mention enough is how much we love and appreciate our team of fit specialists.  Because being a fit specialist isn't only about throwing amazing parties or being a style expert it's about being a part of an amazing group of women who love what they do.

Many of our Specialists have grown together as the company has grown.  It's not unususal for a few women to know each other outside of Sevier Skirts and once joining the company build longlasting friendships with one another.   We believe it's because of the shared passion between these women, the company, and our customers that has created this bond within the Sevier Skirts community.

Sure, many jobs offer a lot to their employees.  But building meaningful relationships with an awesome group of talented women, that just one of our perks.

To learn more about becoming a fit specialist contact us at:

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Leather's New Look

Love the look of leather?  So do we!  Sevier Skirt's offers many leather like options like the Lilly Pad Black Leather , Blockbuster Gold, or the Leather Black Sequins.

Last Fall leather became a cool weather staple.  We saw it everywhere ranging from jackets to wrist wear to leggings.  This Fall the trend is still holding strong.  Now, we see it in tops, pants, and skirts.  A new twist this season is the look of textured leather.  Studs, sequins, and applique...we love it all!

Weary about wearing the leather look?  Our advice is to treat it as a basic.  Wear it as you would any black piece.  It can really elevate an everyday look.  Need some outfit inspiration?  Keep scrolling!

Sevier Skirts

5105 Alabama Ave
Nashville TN 37209

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Perfectly Styled Fall Essentials

We love all of our fabrics equally, but there are a handful each season that stand out as our customer's top picks.  We've taken the fabrics you all love the most and styled them for a little outfit inspiration!

Just like us, it looks like you all are feeling the reds, oranges, and browns of our Fall collection!

How do you style your favorite Sevier Skirt or Dress?


Sevier Skirts

5105 Alabama Ave
Nashville TN 37209

Monday, September 22, 2014

5 at 50% Off

half off

  In a previous post we told you about a new way to save at Sevier Skirts.  Each month we will have a set of fabrics (5 total!) that will be discounted to 50% off the original price.  Yes, half off!  If you spend  $350 or more in Sevier Skirt merchandise you will have access to this amazing discount!

The response to this has been great!  Thanks for being as excited as we are about our new promotions and fabric options!

This is the last full week to enjoy September's half off skirt options, so if there's something you love get it while you can because October ushers in an entire new set of skirt options.  Can't wait to see what October's 50% off fabrics will be? Stay tuned for the big announcement later this week!

To learn more about the 5 for 50% off deal contact your sales representative.  If you're new to Sevier Skirts but want in on custom made skirts and dresses and half off options contact the shop!  We would love to answer your questions and get you in contact with a fit specialist!

Sevier Skirts

5105 Alabama Ave
Nashville TN 37209

Friday, September 19, 2014

Trend Alert! Mod Squad

Hello again!  Remember our last trend report which featured knit wear?  (If you missed it you can catch it here)  Well, we are here to talk about another hot trend this fall:  60's inspired Mod.

As you can see designers take this look to a whole new level, but at Sevier Skirts we like to keep our trends wearable.  We do this by pairing some of our bolder prints with great classic pieces.

Today we are featuring some of our favorite bold prints for the new Fall line:  The Lapis Blue Dot, Alessandra Lurex,and Martinique Blue and Coral.

Try pairing super bold prints with a basic top or scarf to tone down the pattern.
Also, Adding a great structured blazer in a neutral color can really bring that skirt into the office. By removing the blazer you can easily transition to drinks after work!

dotted skirt


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Wedding With Sevier Skirts!

We recently talked about easy style and comfort of our casual long skirts in our Maxi skirt post.  What's so great about our Maxi's is that they can be casual or dressy depending on what you pair them with or the fabric you choose.

Today, I want to introduce a friend of ours, Presh Ashe, who chose Sevier Skirts to outfit her Bridesmaids on her wedding day.  Presh used our Marissa Gray fabric paired with a sleeveless white top and a bright red necklace which served as a beautiful pop of color.  The result was stunning!  The Marissa Grey looked beautiful against the natural backdrop of her location. 

We cannot get over how gorgeous the wedding party looked, and Presh in her white gown was breathtaking.  Thank you Presh for letting us be a part of such a special day!  To look at other skirts that are great for special occasions or event click here!  Some of our Favorites are The Marissa Black, Ellie Brown, Collette Embroidery, Gilded Age, Adelaide Circle Applique, Blush Sequins, Colbalt Blue Sequins, and Fiona Jacquard.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to create your own custom dressy Maxi please contact us!

Sevier Skirts

5105 Alabama Ave
Nashville TN 37209

Monday, September 8, 2014

Fall Trend Alert!

Among the many Fall trends that we saw last Spring on the runways, my favorite had to be the expansion of knit wear from mostly sweaters to pants, jackets, and skirts.

So, since we love to be both classic and on trend here at sevier skirts I have included an outfit that is both appropriet for everyday wear but totally in line with the fun knitwear trend!


Do you have any outfit ideas with your favorite knit skirts?

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Maxi Skirts

Let's talk about Maxi skirts.  We love them!  They are absolutely one of the most comfortable pieces you can own.  Slip a printed cotton Maxi on with a basic top and you're effortlessly stylish.  Or dress it up with some statement jewelry and a great pair of shoes.

One thing I hear women say is how they wish they were able to wear their summer Maxi during the fall and winter months too.  The good news is you can!  I call it "cozy-ing it up" or making it more fall and colder weather appropriate.

They same way you decorate your home for fall is they same way you can transition your clothing into these months.  Add texture and heavier elements.  I love pairing a long vest or cardi with my maxi skirt to create fall layers.  Add a leather boot or heavier jewelry.  This instantly creates a fall feel to a bright Maxi skirt!

 Pictured: Artisan Stripe Crepe

 More Fall Fabrics that are great for Maxi Skirts!