Sunday, April 29, 2012

SOW:Poly Petal Red

This weeks Skirt Of the Week is a Sevier Skirt signature!!  Enjoy 20% off the Poly Petal Red for the entire week!
If you are new to Sevier Skirts a Poly Petal is a must have and good skirt to start with from our collection.  This is a light weight polyester with diagonal rows of petals alternating with diagonal rows of pintucks.  This is such an eye catching skirt while at the same time is a solid color which allows for limitless options for tops!!  Prints look great with the Poly's, so stripe it up and have fun with it!  This is a great versatile skirt.  It can be dressy or casual depending on how you outfit it.  Casual summer day?  Throw on your printed tee and flip flops.  4th of July Party?  Step it up with espadrilles and a blousey blue and white number!

SOW:Poly Petal Red
Such a stunning skirt!  This flattering color will get head turns all summer long.  Has a great fun texture that is in a league of its own where skirts are concerned.

Have fun with it!

Friday, April 27, 2012

How Its Made

Soon on our website we will have a video posted on 'How It's Made' a step by step video to show you exactly how we make your Sevier Skirts here in the shop.  Yes ladies, we are going to invite you into our work space and show you the method to our madness! Today, we had our video-ogropher Brendan Donahue in the shop to make the video!

Brendan is a true Renaissance Man.  He works full time at BMI, Nashville's largest music licensing company.  He has his own business, Pureform Media, a mixed media company producing everything from product photoshoots; band videos; weddings and now Sevier Skirt 'How To' videos.  He can play almost any instrument he gets his hands on.  I know what you're thinking, "Is he single?!"  Yes ladies, but wait theres more!  6'2, brown eyes, enjoys long walks on the beach, fluent in 6 languages (false), and college graduate from MTSU.
Did this just turn into a personal add?  Sorry to get off track there.  We see a total of three men a day in  the shop including the USPS man, the Fed Ex man, and the UPS man, so I just had to tease Brendan while we had a newbie in :)  Sorry about that.  Now that I have your attention, lets get back to our soon to be video!
Tiny glimpse at our workshop
Brendan shooting one of the
steps in production.

Be on the look out for our new video.  You deserve to see all the hard work that goes into your skirts and this video will capture that perfectly!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Skirt Party First Timer!

Confession time.  I went to one of Rachel's Skirt Parties on Monday night...and it was my first one.  I know, I know, how could that be?!  Well Im busy in the shop doing this and that and have never been able to go.  So, I threw on my Ace Gray, brown booties and a sweater and drove myself over to the host house of Mary Alice Felker.  I was a little nervous, being a first timer after two years of working here, but it was quite lovely :)
Walking up to Mary Alice's home.
SO excited!  SO beautiful!
This is what you are greeted
with upon arrival.  Beautiful!

I arrived twenty minutes after start time and the party was well on its way.  Rachel was busy measuring one of our clients and Mary Alice was showing off her favorite fabrics to her guests.  Excellent sales person ;)  In the kitchen next to the spread and drinks, one of the guests had her friends products on display.  Juliet Jones from Carbondale, Colorado makes these fun bags that are great for your family.  Check out her website at
Two Plus Two bags.  So fun &
eco friendly!
Mary Alice showing off her
most wanted skirt.

I could only stay a short while but I had a great time.  This was the perfect skirt party for my first time.   These were seasoned veterans that I was dealing with here.  Mary Alice bought her first skirt from Suzanne 8 years ago and had her first party a short time after that!  So fun!  Thanks for having me!
Ladies checking out the skirt
Rachel doing her thing.
Measuring a very happy

Monday, April 23, 2012

SOW: Gingham Silver Sequins

This weeks SOW has some sparkle to it, and I'm not just talking about the 20% discount ;)  The Gingham Silver Sequins is a lightweight cotton white and gray gingham printed skirt with silver sequins sewn to it, giving it some extra flair.  The skirt is lined in all white cotton, making this your next go-to summer skirt, perfect for work and play.

So what to wear with the Silver Sequins?  EASY!  Treat this skirt as you would any black skirt or black pant you own.  Summer time is not the time to wear solid black, so swap that out for this gingham number.  Below I have three different looks for three separate occasions.  Top right: Picnic/cookout.   Left: Work/Dinner on the town.  Bottom: Classic black.

Gingham Silver

I used my new favorite jewelry company, Stella & Dot, to adorn these outfits.  My top right look is perfect for a picnic.  Black just won't do at a picnic so go more rustic with brown.  The silver on the bracelet ties in with the silver on the skirt.  The brown leather goes with the sandals and the coral sandals bring the top into the mix.  Precious!

To the left I have the perfect work outfit.  Purple looks dynamite with gray.  It is my favorite color combo so be sure to try it this season!

Below, you can't go wrong with classic black and silver.  This clean look will have you looking effortlessly put together!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Customer Spotlight: Stephanie Singley

I LOVE doing customer spotlights and this week is no exception.  Today I am excited to introduce you to our Collierville customer Stephanie Singley.  Stephanie has been one of our fabulous hostess's for three seasons now.   What sets Stephanie apart?  She hosts her parties in her eclectic home interiors and decorative shop, Bella Vita.  Translated-The Beautiful Life.  Also, she gives her hostess compensation onto her party attendees rather than taking it herself.  I am definitely going to her next party ;)
Picture perfect in her Patchwork Princess against a matching painting in her store, Bella Vita.
Stephanie turned $100 into $5,000 on a business challenge from her Grandmother when she was nine years old by selling homemade jewelry.  Let me repeat that, NINE YEARS OLD!  From then on, an entrepreneur was born!  Her store, Bella Vita is our Memphis Sales Rep, Whitney's, go to store for gifts.  You can find presents from kitchen ware, to paintings, to pillows to scarves.  
Treat yourself and go on to Bella Vita's website and take a look around.  Live in Memphis?  Stop by in person.  Either way, you must see this store and read her story.  If your looking for a great gift for a fashionista I LOVE the scarves!  Super cute and very affordable.  Thanks Stephanie for such an original store and beautiful back drop for a Sevier Skirt Party :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Technical Difficulties!

Hello blog world :)  I wanted to take this time to address a few technical difficulties that we are having blogging.   We have two problems that we have gotten continuos feedback on.  First, some of you who are signed up for the blog are not getting emails sent to you when we are sending them.  The other is that it is hard to comment on our blog.  We are new at blogging so I want to thank you all for being patient with us on this!  And don't you worry, our technical support team (ME) is on the problem :)
With my hammer, ready to FIX the problem!
Thats what you use hammers for,
Skirt: Ace Gray
Shoes:Nine Wes

What I can help you with now is this: We have two widgets(blog talk for features) that do two different things.  If you want our blog sent to your email every time we publish a new blog you need to type your email into the box to the left of your screen that looks like the following...
If you joined our site from the box bellow, all you did is join our site.  This does not send you blog updates.  It just connects you to blogger and lets you see how many blogs your following.  SO be sure to follow by email by typing in your email in the "Follow By Email" box.
Again, thanks for being patient.  If you are having problems leaving comments and need some help pairing your skirts with an outfit before we solve this comment problem, feel free to email me at  Or if you have any suggestions feel free to send them my way!

Monday, April 16, 2012

SOW: Persimmon

This week enjoy the Persimmon for 20% off as our Skirt Of the Week!  This is a great multi season skirt.  It is a medium/light weight cotton good from Spring through Fall.
I love this skirt!  You don't see this color every day.  Im used to seeing red and white so I like the cream and coral/red color.  They compliment each other beautifully.  So how should you wear this skirt?  You can go many ways with it.  Pairing royal blue looks great with this and you don't have to worry about looking like an American flag due to the coral and cream.  I picked this shirt from J. Crew with a delicate lace front and cotton sleeves (also available in cream).  You can go more earthy and neutral with the top on the right from Anthropology.  Or in the summer time, go sleeveless with the navy blue/purple tank on the left from J.Crew.  To finish this look off pair with flats or heels.  Neutrals  always go well, or go with mustard which looks great with this color skirt.

Have fun with it!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Stella and Dot

Recently our South Carolina sales rep Ashley introduced me to a jewelry company Stella and Dot.  I was in the dark about this company beforehand.  I sat down today and for the first time really checked out the company.  Let me start with WOW.  Stella and Dot is an inc 500 Fastest Growing Company.  Like Sevier Skirts, they sell through trunk shows nationwide.  Their niche is empowering women to have a balanced life between a home life and career giving them the know how and opportunity to be both: a great mom and financial supporter for their family.

So what does this have to do with Sevier Skirts?  Unknown to me, Sevier Skirts and Stella and Dot are intertwined by joint trunk shows.  Our sales representative, Ashley has been involved with many Sevier Skirt/Stella and Dot parties.  In Atlanta, two of our fabulous hosts also happen to be Stella and Dot directors.  
Kellie Steedman & Anna Muir expertly accessorising with Stella & Dot Jewelry
Left: Jax White
Right: Summer Zebra Gray
Stella and Dot's jewelry is a perfect compliment to Sevier Skirts.  And price?  They range from $25 to $250.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Want to be inspired?  Go to Stella and Dot's website and watch their 8 minute video on 'Their Story'.  Sevier Skirts is happy to support a phenomenal female company with values that we share: empowering women in the work place through self employment and giving confidence to our consumer with a product that helps them shine.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Swap it out!!

Last Summer my brightly dressed 3 year old niece said to me, "Aunt Tina, why are you wearing black?"  I told her because it was all I had packed.  What I wanted to say was, "Because black is'll understand one day."  When I got home I glanced in the mirror and had to agree with Abby, 'why so much black for the summertime?'  I needed to spice it up.
I think a lot of us get stuck wearing the basic black pant or black skirt to work and outings.  Whether it is consciously selected due to its slimming powers or because it is easy to put outfits together with.  I understand and am guilty of wearing the same old thing with black bottoms time and time again.
Well today I am going to help you break this habit.  Take your normal black outfit and lets swap the bottoms out.  Plain black for a fun print but in the color palette that your comfortable with: grays and black.  Thats right, whatever you would normally wear with your black pants or black staple skirt, you can wear with these options that Im giving you!
Top: J.Crew Painters Tee
Paper Lantern Black
Top: Ann Taylor
Purple and Fuchsia are my favorite colors
to wear with black and gray.
Always a stand out.

River Shine
A little predictable for the office.  A pattern
would go a long way.

Weisbrod Gray
Top & Wrap: Alternative Apparel
Top: Alternative Apparel

Gingham Silver Sequins
Gray is a nice twist on the regular black
Celia Black
Great variety with gray stripes and black
Great skirt for work and play