Monday, April 29, 2013

SOW:San Diego Stripe!!

As I write today's blog, I happen to be sitting in perfect 95 degree Costa Rican weather.  I'm taking a little get-a-way to visit an old friend and catch some much needed rays.  In a small attempt to bring sunshine your way, I picked one of our Southern California skirts for this weeks SOW!  Take 20% off this week only on the San Diego Stripe!

On a buying trip to California, one of our girls stumbled upon this gem and I love,love,love it!  This is a light weight cotton skirt, perfect for Summer.  The print and colors are eye-catching but not trendy.  I look for this in clothes to know that they won't go out of style.  I love this skirt in a Swing with the diagonal stripes.  When buying in a straight style, the stripes goes horizontal.
SOW:San Diego Stripe
To keep this skirt casual, pick any solid t-shirt and you're good to go!  Any color goes: yellow, blue, teal, orange, red, green, coral, purple, etc.  For a day look, throw on flip flops!

My inspiration for the outfit above was beach vacation at night.  When you want to look cute and put together but aren't sure exactly what the dress code will be of your destination a solid flowing blouse with fun printed espadrilles is a good start!  You're not sure of what the weather will do so you need to have a bag big enough to stash a sweater, along with your camera, phone, and wallet. This fun tote is a good carry all!

To keep with the beach theme, I went to Swell to outfit this look.  Swell is an online store full of surf brand clothes.  I grew up working in surf shop at the beach.  Surf brands have come a long way from printed t-shirts and flip flops.  You can find cute, inexpensive finds perfect for your next beach vacation.  

Fun Fact: The bangles I picked are made of resin, the same ingredient used in making surf boards!


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