Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Roux Maison: One Stop Spot Cleaning Shop!

Yesterday I met with entrepreneur/mother/wife/lawyer/owner of the cleaning products Roux Maison.  I wanted to know what kind of work skirts this go-getter would wear to the office.  An hour and a half later, I left knowing much more than the threads she wore from 9-5.

I sat down with Deena Drummond assuming this was more of a side project of making Pinterest concoctions while her daughter Camille was down for a nap.  You know what happens when you assume things...

For 15 years, Deena was a full time lawyer.  Irritated at the way her clothes fell apart in the laundry, she began to look for something better.  Through research, she found that detergents leave a residue on clothes that eat up fabrics.  Detergent after detergent didn't fit Deena's need.  If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself, right?  With this, Roux Maison started to form.

Small cleaners for on the go stains!


It took four years for research and product development.  Deena knew the result she wanted. Non-crunchy clothes, chemical residue free, and a product that wouldn't fray your seams.  The only option was to use eco-friendly products that use natural ingredients.  They work with your clothes, they don't defeat them.  

As I learned about Roux Maison, I realized how perfect it went with Sevier Skirts.  We have many luxury fabrics that can't be thrown in the wash.  If you're like me, you don't have time to go to the dry cleaners.  If you're like Deena, you won't go to the dry cleaners because of the harsh chemicals they use that eat up your clothes.  So what do you do when you get a stain on your favorite Sevier Skirt?!  Here, let me show you!

One of my favorite Sevier Skirts is the Frida.  Yesterday I looked down to find multiple stains from who knows how long ago.  I had no idea what they were from or how long they'd been there.  I thought, 'how perfect for moms that need a colorful skirt to mask stains.'  Then I thought, 'Christina, you are not a mom, you have no excuse for this!'  The Frida is heavily embroidered, I wasn't about to throw her in the washing machine.  I went on the Roux Maison website.  There are tips for every kind of stain, even mystery ones.


We've all past up garments due to their laundering needs.  Never again ladies!  Silk, leather, linen, delicates, velvets: no problem!  Below are a few favorites that Roux Maison can easily clean. 

Roux Maison believes in cleaning your clothes, not your closets.  We want your Sevier Skirts to last a lifetime.  You have to take care of them with sustainable products.  Roux Maison has 3 different detergents: Essential, Delicate and Sport.  The Stain Remover works on all three categories.  You have the option of ambrosia, sweet tea or fragrance free.  I love the small sizes, perfect for on the go!

Go to Roux Maison's website:  for extensive cleaning tips and to purchase your new favorite cleaner!

If you're still wondering what Deena picked for her work attire...
Deena calls herself a creature of habit.  She likes black, knits, and texture played down by a monochromatic color scheme.  If you're like Deena, here is what I suggest for the office: Ruffle Knit Wool, Brushed Cheetah Wool, and the French Laser Black.


  1. Dear Sevier Blogger,
    I read your blog faithfully, and this says a lot as it is the only blog that I follow. Your post on Roux Maison was particularly insightful and a great pairing for Sevier Skirts; I'm excited to check them out. I learned about Sevier Skirts in a similar fashion from an article in Southern Lady.

    Now that I'm a huge Sevier fan I look forward to the SOW each Monday and check and see if it will be a must-have item to expand my Sevier Collection. As such I was wondering if I could throw my hat in a the ring for a few skirts that would really tickle-my-fance to see featured...the Vivian Coral, Java Moon Hot Pink, Duchess Blue Velvet, Ellie Orange...just to name a few :-)

    I'd also really enjoy seeing a feature on the maternity line. I've wondered if these skirts can be converted post-partum (or after baby), etc.

    Jessica Fry

  2. Jessica Fry, let me just say I am so honored that this is the only blog you read! We love that you found us via Southern Lady. I will absolutely highlight those skirts, the Vivian Coral and Ellie Orange are two of my favorite textured skirts. You must have great taste ;)

    With Mother's Day around the corner, I can't wait to highlight some maternity skirts so stay tuned!

    Thanks for the post,