Monday, July 30, 2012

SOW: Matrix Black & Pink

This week enjoy 20% off The Matrix Black & Pink!  This is a great skirt for work so I dressed it for the job site below.  This is a crisp medium weight cotton with light pink stitch embroidery.  This pink is very subtle.  Its the color of the pink in the car that I have shown to give you an idea.

I like this skirt because it is flattering!  The stitching is in vertical rows making you look thinner, which is always a plus.
Its easy to outfit this skirt.  Fall is around the corner so I put these great riding boots with it and two Michael Stars tops along with it.  You can wear pretty much any color with this.  The pink is so subtle that it won't clash with anything.  Top it off with a sharp blazer and head to work!


Friday, July 27, 2012

Fall Fabric Sneak Peek!!

 On Mary and Suzanne's New York fabric trip they came back with some great finds.  Im going to share three of them with you ladies today!

The trend I'm seeing?  Geometrics in bright colors.  I love the gray and purple below.  Great for work, with a refreshing color option.

So many options to pair this with!

I'm excited to see what else they found for us!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lets Go Shopping: Mother of Pearl

Hello, hello!  Today I grabbed the 'Mother of Pearl' and hit the mall to come up with some great outfits for her.  The 'Mother of Pearl' is on the fancy side.  It's a lace overlay with a girlish touch of an ivory polka dotted pattern.  For such a nice skirt, I headed to White House Black Market in the Green Hills Mall.

Im starting off with my favorite look.  This red suit jacket is the perfect touch for this feminine neutral.  Where to wear this look?  Im thinking: Mother of the Bride Rehearsal Dinner; big day at work; on the campaign trail as the wife of a Presidential Candidate.

Last one not apply to you?  Me neither.  My point: this makes a statement while being appropriate.  I like the red shoes to match!
Now to take a walk on the wild side with these animal print numbers.  First we have this short sleeve sweater with leopard print.  I like the ivory matching the ivory.  The sleeves are see through.  Appropriate for work and like occasions.

Now this tiger print is one of my favorite looks with this skirt.  I would never have thought to put the two pieces together but the combination speaks for itself.  Sweet and feminine meets fun and unexpected.

Here is another outfit for a nicer evening.  This structured cap sleeve paired with the Mother of Pearl is sleek.  At the neck line there is a hook and eye to keep the keyhole secure.  Great look if your hosting a semi casual party.

This is one of my favorite looks.  This is a dolman long sleeve horizontal striped neutral.  The next time you have guests for dinner wear this.  Extremely comfortable while very classy.  Great for being in your own home.

This is the back view of the above shirt.  Such a nice unexpected detail.

Can't go wrong with black.

Another great work option.  This khaki jacket is perfect for your nine to five!  Black shirt to go underneath to match the shoes on your feet!

Last look.  Another comfortable shirt.  These horizontal neutrals have flecks of sheen in it giving it that extra edge.  Love the neutral look here.  Your options for jewelry are endless.  Keep it neutral and go gold or silver.  Or mix it up and add a color for an accent piece.  Its up to you!

My favorite three just hangin'
(Excuse the lame pun!)

Ladies, this is Michelle.  She's here to help.  She had me in and out in no time.  Ask for her and she will have you set!

Something to think about: Ladies, I need your help.  Im trying to think of a better name for this series than: 'Lets go shopping'.  Any suggestions are very welcome!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

SOW: Naomi Ivory

This weeks SOW is late, but worth the wait.  When we began our blog, I started off with the Naomi Black as the very first SOW.  Truth be told, the Naomi Ivory was what I had my heart set on for the first one!!  I LOVE the Naomi Ivory! It's so romantic.  The Naomi's are all lightweight crisp cotton, with strips of gathered fabric stitched on top in random curved patterns.
When I look at this skirt, I absolutely have a 'Gone With the Wind'(GWTW) moment every time.  This is the skirt a modern Scarlett O'Hara would have picked.  It is flattering, and feminine.  I would pick this skirt in a Pencil, or A-Line.  I didn't use this skirt for our first SOW due to timing.  Our first SOW was in the winter and the Naomi Ivory is lined in cotton.  Cotton lining and hose don't mix.   They cling to hose.  So I would stick to the warmer months with this one.  Plus, it looks great with a tan!
Above are some inspirations for your Naomi Look.  The middle is my favorite so lets start there.  Although I have a Southern GWTW inspiration, this look is very New York to me.  A sharp looking button down black blouse, belted and topped off with a black leather bag.  Rock a gold bangle and your lookin' good in the office and out to dinner after!
To the right is a cute peplum lace top, black heels and a shawl wrap.  Great for a nice evening out.  Break out the pearls for this one!
On the left is a fun colorful number.  I like the print with the Naomi.  You can wear so much with this solid.

Ill leave you with this thought:
Romantic skirt = DATE NIGHT!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Fall Fabric Shopping 2012

Happy Friday ladies!  The weather in Nashville is overcast and a little dreary.  What do we do on dreary days?  Go shopping of course!!  Were not hitting the mall on this one.  Im taking you on an inside look on the process of selecting fabrics for each season!  Suzanne and Mary are our fabric shopping Guru's and they are going to take us to New York, NY on this one.

Suzanne and Mary go all over the world for fabric.  They have been to New York, LA, Atlanta, Nashville, and Paris for these shopping trips.  On this trip they went to two of Moods warehouses and Mood's retail store. 
Outside of the Mood Warehouse in New Jersey.  This is where our
girls go to get you your fabric!  Brave girls, looks a
little creepy to me!

Outside of 2nd Mood Warehouse in Jersey

   They also had a chance to go the the Premiere Fabric Show.  At the Premiere show, they were able to see future trends for 2013, as well as see French, British, Swiss and Italian goods.  These shows are where we form relationships directly with the European Fabric Manufactures.  Otherwise, we would have to go through a middle man at three times the cost.  We also get to have a creative hand in the process dealing directly with the fabric manufactures.  Premiere is a great place to draw inspiration.
Knit Inspiration at Premiere Show

Color Inspiration for
Knit Inspiration

The girls spent Thursday at the Premiere show.  On Friday they hit the Mood Warehouses and Mood Retail Store (Suzanne's old work place during college).  They spent 5-6 hours a day shopping.  I can't imagine how exhausted they must have been at the end of this.  Would you like an inside look of the shopping conditions?  Okay, you asked for it...
Mood Retail

Mood Retail
Now on to the warehouses...

Fabric Bolts... 
More Fabric Bolts...

And More Fabric Bolts...
In total, the girls spent two 6 hour days in warehouses looking through thousands of bolts and swatches.  So they probably walked with hundreds of fabrics right?  Wrong.  After all of this, the girls left The Big Apple with 13 pieces.  This is how selective we are.  If we don't think our ladies will love it, we don't buy it.

So there you have it ladies.  A small look into the process.  I think we owe Mary and Suzanne a round of applause!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Birthday Babes!!

I would like to wish two of our Skirt Girls a very happy birthday today.  Yesterday Suzanne turned 22, while Rachel turned 21 today!  I may be off by a few numbers or decade or so,  but math was never my strong point and Suzanne signs my paycheck so best to keep her happy ;)
Birthday Girl #1
Our two birthday girls have a great story between them that has helped build the company to what it is today.  Rachel and Suzanne were friends from school that had lost touch over the years.  They ran into each other one night out on the town.  Suzanne was struck by the cute guy Rachel was with who turned out to be Rachel's brother.  Not long after, he became Suzanne's husband, and Rachel became our first sales rep (besides Suzanne) for Sevier Skirts!  I would call this: meant to be!
Birthday Girl #2
Sporting The Cathedral
Last Saturday we took them out to a nice dinner at Rose Pepper in East Nashville.  Unfortunately they don't sombrero their customers on their birthday so I have no black mail photos to share.  We had a great time regardless with family, friends and of course Mr. JB, Suzanne's adorable little baby. Around this group he was the hit of the party, being passed around all night!

Mary showing off her maternal skills!
(Between you and me,
I think JB looks terrified!!!)

Half the group!  Looking good ladies!

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Tennessean!

Yesterday was a big day for Sevier Skirts!  We made the front page of the business section in the Tennessean!  After eight years, this is a big accomplishment for our company and Suzanne! Please click below for the article:

Tennessean Article!!

The article is a great look into the inside of Sevier Skirts humble beginnings, trumping Panic Pants and bifurcated garments in the dust and moving on to the company we are today!

What are Panic Pants you might ask?!  Panic Pants is a topic that I have long awaited to blog about.  I've been waiting for the perfect time and here comes the Tennessean to open that door for me!  Panic Pants is the first company Suzanne tried to create in the fashion sector.  Though it didn't find success per say, it has really been a great conversation topic and excellent comic relief on some otherwise dull days.

  I will dedicate an entire blog entry on Suzanne's first endeavor complete with an interview with the Entrepreneur herself and photos!  But for now, I'd love to enjoy this great article and wish congrats to Suzanne & all our Skirt Girls!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Ellie meets Anthropologie

For this weeks shopping series I decided to go with the Pink Ellie.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the Ellie is no longer available.  'Christina, why are you teasing us with this blog entry!?'  is what you might be thinking.  Here's why:  the Pink Ellie was extremely popular this year and I know some of you would love some inspiration on what to wear with her.  Also, we are getting the Ellie in orange for the Fall so I thought I'd do a little highlight on the Ellies in general.

I picked Anthropologie for the Ellie because I think the Ellie can be dressed sophisticated, fancy and chic.  So here we go...
Lets start with neutrals.  The Ellie is a year round skirt.  That being said, here is a perfect shirt for the fall.  This is a medium weight knit sweater/cap sleeve.  The fringe on here is a lot of fun.  I would suggest riding boots for this ensemble.
I love this shirt below.  Its a white sheer tank with gold embellishments in a peplum style.  I think this is the perfect hostess outfit for when your having guests over.

When your on the go and want something casual, go with this white tank.  The detailing is simple and the shirt is comfortable.  Best part?  Its on sale.

Okay, favorite outfit time.  I LOVE this turquoise tank.  It flares out so I would suggest a belt with it.  This is the perfect birthday girl outfit.  I would suggest nude heels.

Favorite outfit with a different belt.  This belt is navy with gold and pink wrapped around it.  Notice the neckline on this blouse...gorgeous.

Next up:  Similar look as above but more casual with this sheer sleeveless.

Closeup with gold braided belt.

Last look: Gathered beige tank.  Self belted.  What you can't see in this picture is the shimmer in this top.  Its very cute!

All my picks spread out.

Belt options

Love these ballet flats.  Perfect colors for the Ellie Pink.

On a different note: Here is the best lip balm you will ever try!  Had to snap a photo for you ladies!
And now, I leave you with this random cactus.  Oh Anthropologie, you can be quite quirky sometimes!

Have a great weekend ladies!!  And remember, our online sale lasts till the 20th so get your orders in!