Friday, June 28, 2013

Sevier Sale: HOURS TO GO!!

There are 2 hours left for the In-House sale at Sevier!  Yesterday I stopped by to take a few pics and see what we had left.

I picked four Ready-to-Wear favorites that you have to grab!
Top Picks:
San Diego Stripes
Naomi Ivory

Top Picks:
Nepal Poppy
 The perk of the In-House sale are the great Ready-to-Wear skirts discounted $25-$100!  Of course you can have a skirt custom made as well...

 For our little Sevier Tots, we have tiny skirts for our tiny girls!

Sevier Skirt+Michael Star's Top+Wide Brimmed Hat= Hello Summer

Mary is workin' the sale in the Lightning Bolt Beige in a maxi long.  I love this casual fabric in a long skirt.  It kicks it up a notch!
 Need a colorful punch?  Rachael is here to help!
Monet Linen

Ladies, meet Mary Caroline.  This little lady is going into her Freshman year at UT.  She came in for her very first Sevier Skirt to wear during rush week.  She's going to stand out in the Mandarin Mini Brocade!  Very appropriate color for your college of choice!
Both sales end today, get your shop on!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Shop Sale: Starting Today!

It's sale week here at Sevier and we are keeping the skirts moving today and Friday in the shop!  If you are weary on your size and would like to be re-measured, this is your opportunity!  Our Skirt Girls are at the shop waiting for you!
Here's the fine print:
Thursday 9am-5pm

5105 Alabama Ave, Nashville TN 37209

Custom skirts on sale $75, $100, $125
Off the rack skirts on sale $25-$100

Come by early and snack on a tasty treat from Nothing Bundt Cakes!  I'm heading over around lunch time to get mine :)  See you there!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

SALE: New Fabric low down!

It's pretty rare for me to blog on a Tuesday, but with new skirts around I just have to tell y'all about it!  As you (better) know, our End of Season Sale is in its second day!  As you may not know, we have added new fabrics.  These fabrics are so new, they haven't been properly photographed yet.  We only have swatches.

I would hate for you to look over these beauties due to lack of info, so here goes...
New Fabrics
#1. Secret Garden:  Lightweight ivory base cotton with geometric floral motif in the following colors:peach, light blue, navy, gray, rose, green, lilac and yellow.  Available in a swing, classic and pencil.  I suggest a swing!  Great summer skirt with coordinating pastel and bright color palette.

Regular Price: $165             Sale Price: $75

#2.  English Rose:  Lightweight cotton base floral print containing the following: navy, orange, yellow, light blue, pink, green, and ivory.  Available in swing, classic and pencil.  I suggest a swing or classic.   This is great for summer and fall with the warmer color palette.  I picked this as one of my top five summer picks!

Regular Price: $165   Sale Price: $75

#3. Go-Go Geometric Pastel: Lightweight cotton base with a very soft almost silky hand to it.  Geometric angles containing the following colors: mustard, pink, dark navy(almost black), ivory, teal, and sea foam green.  Pastel's usually aren't my thing but I am in LOVE with this skirt!  I would wear this casually or on a date.  Available in a swing, pencil or classic.  I would go swing.

Regular Price: $165    Sale Price: $100

#4: Lilly Belle Marigold:  Lightweight mustard cotton base with organic floral print in the following colors: rose, peach, orange, burgundy, navy, cobalt, light blue, lime, olive and white.  Like the English Rose, this is a warmer color palette with flecks of light where the pink and white pop out.  Available in all three styles.   I would pick a swing or classic.

Regular Price: $165     Sale Price: $75

So there you have it!  Take advantage of these brand spankin' new summer deals!  

Happy shopping!

Monday, June 24, 2013

End of Season Sale: Starts Today!

Today marks the beginning of the End of Season Custom Sale!  Head to our Online Shop to find Custom Skirts marked down $75-$125!
If you have not been measured, watch our video that takes you through the process HERE.  Sale ends on Friday.  Get your skirts before they're gone!

Friday, June 21, 2013


Oh snap, it's SALE time!  Sevier is giving you a reason to look forward to Monday with our Summer Sale!
Starting Monday,  custom skirts will be on sale at $75, $100 and $125!  Get ready to save ladies!

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Finding your Magic Number!

When you're at a Skirt Party you're focus is most likely on the fabric and styles, right?  When I'm having a skirt made, the last thing I think about is length.  My deciding vote is always after asking my measurer, "does this look right?"  I am never certain enough to say, 'two inches above the knee, yes stop right there.  Perfect."  Never certain enough until now...

I went in search of the perfect length rule of thumb.  What I found was a mathematical equation.  Your height isn't the important factor here, your proportions are.  When picking out your standard length, you want 50% skirt showing, 50% leg.  This would be simple if we all had proportionate measurements but fact is, we don't.  Get out your tape measure and I'm going to teach you a little trick.

First, measure from the top of your hip bone to the middle of your knee.  This is your upper leg length.   Now measure from your mid knee to your mid ankle.  This is your lower leg length.
 I found that my upper length is 19" where as my lower length is 16".  I am a short-shinner.  Now that we have these measurements, were getting somewhere.  Plug in this equation:
Longer length-shorter length=The difference/2=MAGIC NUMBER.

Did I lose you?  Stay with me.  Mine would be:
19"-16"=3"/2= 1.5.  1.5 is my Magic Number.  My thighs are longer than my shins, so to correct that I start at my mid knee and go up 1.5" (my magic number).  Say you have longer shins.  Then you would start at your mid knee and go down however many inches your magic number is.
 I was curious how accurate my past skirts came to being proportionate.  I threw on my favorite go-to, The Frida and voila, it fell exactly 1 1/2 inches above my knee!
Next time your are being measured by your sales rep, ask them to measure you with the Magic Number system!

TIP:  This is only to find a proportionate standard length.  Are you looking for a mini-pencil?  This system does not apply in that situation!  Next week, I'll cover the correct lengths for different occasions.  Stay tuned!

Monday, June 17, 2013

SOW:Pop Candy Floral Warm Gray!!

One of our newest, The Pop Candy Floral Warm Gray will kick off Monday as our Skirt of the Week!  Take 20% off this skirt, this week only.  

This is a lightweight cotton good Spring thru early Fall.  This skirt has a great sleek feel to it, giving it that extra flair.  The Pop Candy is available in all three styles.  I recommend a swing in this number!
SOW:Pop Candy Floral
I picked this skirt to be our SOW for the wide color range it offers.  From black to blue to brown and every color in between, anything goes with the Pop Candy Floral Warm Gray.  The outfit above is perfect for a Summer date.  I went with a flowing off-white blouse.  For Summer, roll up the sleeves!  When wearing a swing, you need a little structure to the top half.  You can still go with a blouse just make sure to show off your figure with a fitted belt around your waist.  To bring color to your top half, add a bright statement necklace.

No need to break the bank to look like a million.  The top in this outfit is H&M and the bag is Target!  

Friday, June 14, 2013

Father's Day Match Up!

No, thats not a model in the Ellie Orange.  That's my boss lady Suzanne!  For Father's Day I wanted to do a special shout out with real people who wear Sevier.  What better candidate than the woman who started it all?!  

A year ago we saw the need to branch out from just our ladies, to serving the whole family.  Don't be bound to matching fabrics, we don't.  We love putting different fabrics with like colors together.  Otherwise known as coordinating.  For Father's Day, try it out!
Above Suzanne started with one of her favorites: Ellie Orange.  With that we have texture and a great base color to start.  To build on that she picked a neck tie for Bart that had a different print from the Ellie with a like color scheme: Liberty Mauvrey.  For JB, Suzanne wanted a fun, bright print: Liberty Milan Mosaic.
Sevier Skirts Fathers Day
A few of my favorite outfits?

Necktie: Persimmon

Have fun with Dad this weekend!  Thanks to Suzanne, Bart and JB for their Sevier Family photo!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Survival Guide: Top 5 Picks!

Technically Summer doesn't start till the 21st but with the weather Nashville's having, we are well under way.  With that, I picked my top 5 skirts to get you through every occasion all Summer long!

To make my decision, I needed to make categories:
1. Get-around-skirt:  Patterned, multi colored lightweight cotton that drapes well in a swing.  This skirt needs to be perfect to put on in the morning to run your errands and transition seamlessly to a backyard bbq at night.

2. Little Black Skirt:  Your go-to slimming black skirt.  Need I say more?

3. Khaki Shorts Replacement:  No more sweaty thighs looking bad in scrunched up shorts this summer.   Swap it out for your new favorite khaki go-tos: your skirt!

4. Your Fancy- Cocktail party, wedding, YOUR birthday skirt!

5. Textured Eyelet:  Nothing is more Summer than an eyelet.  This skirt needs to be bright!

To get things started, I will begin with your Get-Around-Skirt: The English Rose.  This skirt is so new, she hasn't hit the online store...yet!  I picked this skirt for the wide color selection and lightweight fabric.  With a solid t-shirt to match, this skirt will be perfect for any occasion.  Versatility at its best!  To buy this skirt call your sales rep or email me:!

Little Black Skirt?  I had to go for the Naomi Black!  This is the perfect little black skirt as you can wear her all year round!  Solid black, goes with anything?  Check.  Texture to add excitement?  Check.  Comfortable fabric?  Cotton, check.

Switch out your khakis for the Moonstone Silver.  Simple in its monochromatic color scheme; interesting in its overlay oblong shapes!

Need to get fancy?  Go for the Limeade Chevron.  Also good for all year long, be ready to stand out in this number!

Last but not least, a bright eyelet: Blossom Eyelet Lemon.  Wear this to birthday parties, wedding showers or any nice day event.  With texture and a great color to match, you won't have to decide what to wear-its a no brainer!  Also available in Teal and Coral!

There you have it, my top Summer Pick!  Every Summer event is taken care of.  You're welcome ;)

Monday, June 10, 2013

SOW: Coco Dots Red!

"Tumble outta bed
And stumble to the kitchen
Pour myself a cup of ambition..."

You know where the rest of this song is going..."Workin' 9-5, whatta way to make a living"  As everyone knows, Dolly rules!!!!  That being said, she is the inspiration behind this weeks SOW:Coco Dots Red!  To me, this skirt is the perfect skirt to wear to your 9-5!  This skirt goes out to our working girls!

This is a medium weight cotton red skirt with white circular dots, finished with a blind hem.  She is perfect all year round!  This skirt comes in a pencil or standard style.  She has a lot of structure so she will keep you nice and tight, which is always a good thing(slimming factor)!

Sevier Skirts:Working Girl
I outfitted this skirt for a summer day at the office.  I love this royal blue sleeveless blouse.  The flowing drape of it is a nice contrast to this straight styled skirt.  To knock off the patriotic look(which is by no means a bad thing-USA!!!) I added this feminine floral blazer.  Blazer's have branched out from solid black, navy and khaki and I couldn't be more pleased!  A fun blazer like this is great for the work place or your social life.  

There is the perfect hint of red to coordinate with the Coco Dots, but the real tie in here is the teal and orange necklace.  Pick a statement piece like that to tie two mixed prints together.

For a winter look, a black long sleeve blouse and black leather boots are the perfect touch for this work ready skirt.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sevier Color- Opposites Attract!!

Some women have an eye for color.  Without knowing trends or taking style advice, they can look at a store and instantly put coordinating hues together.  For those of us that can't, don't worry there is a science to it!  Or rather, an art. 

Have you ever seen the interesting colors Suzanne (owner) puts with her skirts and wonder why they look so great together?  Suzanne is one of those women that can put together colors without assistance or trends, she just knows.  Today I am going to break down the method to her madness to get you the look!

Starting with the basics, here is what you need to know: 
Primary colors: Primary colors are Red, Yellow and Blue.  They form a triangle on the color wheel.
Secondary Colors: Purple, Orange and Green.  They too form a triangle on the color wheel.
Point:  Secondary Colors and Primary colors are directly across from each other on the color wheel.  This relationship is called Complimentary Colors.  Meaning, they look good together!
The Complimentary Colors are:

These colors are made for each other, so pair 'em up!

What are the small squares you ask?  They are known as Intermediate Colors.  They are formed when a Primary Color mixes with its adjacent Secondary Color.  Example: Blue mixed with Violet=Blue-Violet.

Don't worry ladies, I am finally reaching my point of how this applies to you, your skirts and your wardrobe!!
When you want to stray away from your staple white or black top and want to add some color, reference the Sevier Skirt Color Wheel below!  

If you're wearing the Nepal Indigo mix it up with its complimentary color, an orange top!  Wearing the Olympia Yellow are you?  Throw on a purple top with it-they are made for each other!

Sevier Skirt Color Wheel

Now the trick is knowing when to use the intermediate colors.  Here's how I use them:  Red and Green scream Christmas to me.  It is a combination I try to avoid.  Here is what I do instead.  I take the Blossom Eyelet Coral skirt and look to see its opposite(complimentary) color which is green.  Well I don't want straight up Green, so I am going to swing to its intermediate colors.  I like the Blue-Green, otherwise know as teal color with the Blossom Eyelet so I'm going to go with that.

Sometimes I don't like bright yellow with bright purple.  So I'll swing to the intermediate colors of Purple and choose the Blue-Violet otherwise known as Royal Blue.  Fuchsia (Red-Violet) will look good with the Olympia Yellow as well.

My favorite color combo right now?  Blue and Coral.  Try it, you're going to love it!

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with these color tips.  No layering makes it so easy to throw on your favorite skirt with a Michael Stars top.  Add a tan and you're good to go!