Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Harlem Shake: Sevier Style!

Apparently I have been living under a rock.  A week ago my friends were gabbing about the best Harlem Shake videos.  I had no clue what they were talking about.  Am I the only one that hasn't caught on to this craze?

Obviously Sevier Skirts is in the loop...

Last week, Kelly orchestrated our very own Sevier Skirts Harlem Shake!  For the unaware like me, let me describe the Shake.  It originated from a dance in Harlem in 1981.  In 2012, some guy name Baauer created the song we hear today with the heavy bass in all the videos.  The scene starts in a mundane (not that sewing is mundane) environment with the song going and one person shakin' it, wearing some kind of head piece.  Then, as the bass hits the video cuts to everyone in the scene going crazy, usually involving props.  If there are footprints on your skirts, sorry!  Those would be from our manager Courtney dancing on the table!  She can be so unprofessional sometimes ;)

Now go home and mention casually the Harlem Shake video you saw today to your kids.  They will be so impressed with how 'IN' their mom is!  Better yet, do one with your family, I'm sure your teenager will think its SO cool (wink, wink)!!

Here are a few of my favorite Harlem Shakes:


Monday, February 25, 2013

SOW: Neon Passion Floral!

Let the countdown to warm weather begin!  In one month I think we will have warm weather to stay!  To celebrate, how about a warm weather skirt for our Skirt of the Week?  The Neon Passion Floral is on sale 20% this week!  We are passionate about colors here at Sevier, so of course this fabric caught our eye!

This is a lightweight cotton sateen.  In a swing, this will be your go-to summer skirt!
SOWPink, orange, neon green, blue, navy, and white are the colors you have to work with.  I am SO excited about our new Michael Stars 2013 Spring Line so I picked a few to match.  Don't be bound by the colors already existing in the skirt.  Purple, green, red, yellow and fuchsia would look fabulous with this skirt, giving you a great pop of color look.

The bubble necklace is a great trend for spring and summer.  I went with white to compliment the white in the skirt.  With a bright outfit, I went neutral with the accessories.

Below, Rachel is rocking the Neon Passion Floral with a black tee.  I love this look on her with her beautiful dark locks!

This is one versatile skirt!  Color or neutrals are a hit so have fun with it!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Color Me Green!

With Valentines over and done with, I am setting my sights on the up and coming holiday: St. Patricks Day!  St.Pats is one of my favorite days.  No presents, no stress, no dinner reservations, just throw on a green tee and have a good time!

You know Sevier Skirts has you covered for March 17th!
St Pats

We are your one stop shop to green on St. Patricks Day.  Buy a green skirt and pair with a white Michael Stars top.  Or, pick out a green top and a different color skirt!  We have so many options!

  Above are my personal favorites.  Your job is to pick one out today, and next week I will show you how to style it for the relaxed holiday!  Don't leave the boys out, we have green ties for your favorite guys!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

And The Winner Is...

All of the entries were SO amazing for the Valentine Give-A-Way.  It was extremely hard to make a decision.  

When Courtney Skeen sent in this pic containing mixed prints and a little boy wearing a 'Heart Breaker' tee, I couldn't pass it up!  Congrats Courtney, you are the winner and soon to be owner of a new Michael Stars top!

I want to point out a few things that are so right about this outfit! 

 1: I love Courtney's choice of color.  Valentine's isn't all about pink and red, I like how Courtney got creative with the brown.  The hearts on her cardigan clearly show which holiday she is representing!

2: I am in awe of this mix print combo!  Who knew hearts and hexagons went so well together?  And why does this work?  Because Courtney wisely toned down the entire outfit with neutrals like Im always preaching about.  The white tee and neutral boots pull this whole look together.

3:  I'm loving the arm candy.  Who could pass up a little boy with a "Heart Breaker' tee over a button down?  Not this blogger.

Courtney I'll be in touch via email to chat about which Michael Stars top you would like!

Thanks to all the entries!

Monday, February 18, 2013

SOW: Blossom Eyelet-Black & White!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!  Lets get Monday off to a good start with a hot deal from Sevier Skirts!  The Blossom Eyelet- Black and White is 20% off this week only!  This skirt has it all-eyelet, embroidery, appliqué...OH MY!  

This is a black cotton base with outlined three dimensional flowers in white embroidery.  This skirt is great for work and play and works beautifully in a pencil or a swing!
I love a little black skirt with some flair.  You can pair this skirt with anything you would a plain black skirt, the options are limitless!  Above I am working the pop colors.  I love a matching blazer, top combo.  Make it pop with an accent necklace like the yellow I have above!

Now to announce the Valentines Winner!!  There were so many wonderful entries that I am going to make a separate  post on Wednesday to announce the special winner!! Stay tuned....

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Happy Valentine's Day!  Check out the contest below!
V-Day Gve-A-Way
Send in your pictures by tomorrow night and we will announce the winner on Monday!!
Good Luck!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I have got to give a shout out to our AMAZING photographer Kiki for the sweet (literally) treat she dropped off for us this week...
 From Sweet Cheeks Bakery, Kiki ordered custom cookies in the shapes of skirts and our logo.  It goes perfectly with our custom skirts!
Thanks for thinking of us on Valentine's Day Kiki!  Hey, speaking of V-Day (like that segway?) Sevier Skirts is having a special give-a-away!  All you have to do is take a picture of you and your special date in your Valentines get-up, including your Sevier Skirt.  Send that picture to me at 


 We will randomly select a winner and you will receive one of our brand new Michael Stars tops!

Monday, February 11, 2013

SOW: Riviera Hot Pink!!

With February 14th coming up, I had to go pink for this weeks SOW.  Hot pink that is with the Riviera Hot Pink!  20% off this week, the Riviera Hot Pink is one cool eyelet and one of our new additions this season.  She looks great in a Pencil or Swing, its your pick!
Sevier Skirts
I went shopping at Ann Taylor Loft to complete our look today.  The Riviera is more on the casual side so I went 'Fun Office Friday' with the look!  The loft has these great peplum cotton t-shirts in stripes so I grabbed two.  Pink if you want to stay in the monochrome family or yellow to step out with the yellow floral cardigan.  Whichever color way you choose to go with you'll look great with the splash of floral pattern in both the pink blazer or yellow cardigan!

Want to grab a look from your own closet?  Easy.  Eyelets look great with solid colors.  With the stitch detailing, you have great texture as is.  Pair with any of the following colors: white, black, brown, mint green, green, yellow, orange, teal, navy, bright blues, and light pinks!  Throw on a denim jacket and your good to go for your weekend look!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Don't Forget About Me!

Skirt Parties are fun, lets face it.  Sippin' on wine, and shopping in the convenience of your friends house.  Does shopping get any better than that?  I think not.

Sometimes there is so much going on at a skirt party that you forget one thing: YOUR SKIRT, YOUR WAY!  So at your next party, don't forget about the maxi skirt option!  The maxi is a floor length skirt or dress.  Its very fashionable so you know Sevier Skirts offers it!

The Ellie-Orange is one of my favorites in a maxi style.  The above look is fabulous with the denim casual jacket.  Not a maxi skirt kind of gal?  No problem, we just wanted you to know the option is there.

Before you check out at your next party, ask your Sales Rep, "Sales Rep, what are my options with this hot number?!"  Don't worry, we're here to help!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Birthday Blog!

Our little blog is 1 year old!  January 30th marked one year since the very first Skirt of the Week.  What a year it's been!
Shop 007 Sequins-Gunmetal!

So why did we start this blog?  Was it to announce discounts, shop sales or tell you how skirts are made?  Sort of.  For the most part though, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to rock your Sevier Skirt!  Take the example above: we have the same skirt styled two ways.  All you have to do is pick the right style for your personality!

Last week, Sevier Skirt's favorite cake shop, Nothing Bundt Cakes sent us a box of their bundtinis just to be nice!  Little did they know it coordinated perfectly with the blogs Bday!

Visit Nothing Bundt Cakes on Whitebridge road!
They are hands down the best cakes I have ever had!

 They didn't last long...

Thanks Nothing Bundt Cakes!  And thanks to all those who read the blog!  Have a friend with style issues?  Send her our way, we're here to help!

Monday, February 4, 2013

SOW: Gwen Wool Plaid Purple & Green

Today we are not only celebrating the SOW, we are celebrating the best day of the year for women!  Yes ladies, the day after the Super Bowl!!!!!  No more football for an entire 5 months, we have our husbands, boyfriends, fathers, etc. back on Sundays!  I couldn't be more thrilled, so I picked a little splash of purple for today's SOW to highlight the Raven's win last night!

The Gwen Wool Plaid Purple & Green is on sale this week 20% off!  This is a heavy weight fabric perfect for these frigid winter days.  Great in a swing or pencil.
The Gwen Wool Plaid is olive with white, green, brown and purple scattered throughout it.  For the look above, I kept it simple with a solid maroon top and dark khaki blazer.  You can also wear black, mustard, deep oranges, or navy with this skirt.

This is a great work skirt.  Attractive yet professional!


Friday, February 1, 2013

Feb 14th: Get Your Flirt On!

I had too much fun making today's blog!  Last time, we saw what your steamy V-Day look would be.  Today, lets turn that hue from crimson to pink as we get into the Flirty V-Day Look.  The trick we need to remember here is that you can look pretty, cute and a bit of a flirt without looking like you shopped in your daughters closet.

Instead, shop in ours!  Today I picked my top two V-Day skirts for the Pretty In Pink look:  Charlotte's Web Lavender & Vivian- Coral.
Sevier Skirts Valentins
I love the way they are already styled!  The girls hit the nail on the head color- wise for the Vivian.  Pinks and greens are complimentary so this mint is a refreshing option for the coral.  If you don't have a mint top, go neutral.  Either way, wear nude pumps like the ones we have above!

The next skirt is one of my top 5 new favs!  The Charlotte's Web is classy, with beautiful ornate detailing.  She is perfect for Valentines.  Again, the girls styled her beautifully.  I love the off white blouse for every day of the year.  On Feb. 14th, try a pink top like the one I have above.  Go nude for the pumps!

Treat yourself to a trip to Sephora or Woo Cosmetics before the special day.  Your makeup can change your entire look.   For this flirty look, try some pinks!