Friday, January 31, 2014

Welcome to the Team!

Not only are we launching our new Spring line, we’re also launching an all new Fit Team!  Join me in welcoming some new faces to the Sevier Skirt family!
Some newbies with Suzanne

Welcome Ladies!
 A few weekends ago, these brave ladies gave up their Saturday to go through Skirt School fit training. For an entire day, we had different body types coming through getting measured, and getting our ladies ready.  If you’re curious how we train, it is a hands on process!
 To 5105 Alabama Ave. these ladies went to spend the day with the chalkboard, skirts, and their teacher: Suzanne.  Below Suzanne is rockin' the NEW: Apache Sequins.  A perfect example of casual sequins done right with the solid navy tank and layered necklaces.  LOVE.
  New ladies means new locations for Sevier Skirts!  Coming to a city near you is:

Billenda Nabors
Chattanooga, TN

Taking notes!

Terri Parks
Orlando & Melbourne, FL & Surrounding Areas

Priscilla Harris
Nashville & Brentwood, TN

Taking a break!
Liz Daly
Columbus, OH

Fluff Roberts
Birmingham, AL

Jane Sarver
Nashville, TN

Alison Pacewic
Greenville, SC

Our models!

 Welcome to the team ladies!  We are thrilled to have you!  Book your party today by calling or emailing one of our new Reps!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

NEW: Spring 2014 Line!!

One day its freezing and then another day its…well it’s freezing.  That’s nothing new, but our Spring Line is!  Finally something to look forward to besides warm weather! Not only do we have all new Fit Specialists (stay tuned for next blog) to roll out, but we also have a great new line to introduce.  My top pick are as follows...
I am on the casual sequins band wagon.  I love those pieces that you can dress up or down, especially when it comes in such a sweet hue!  The Blush Sequins makes my top 3 favorite list for 2014 Spring Line.  Wear the Blush Sequins to a wedding or cocktail party, or with a jean jacket and button down cream blouse.  

The next to make my top 3 is the Chiffon Ruffle Ruby.  First, I love this color, it looks great on all skin types.  Secondly, I love light, air-ry chiffon.  So feminine, so textured.  The layers of horizontal strips will add some interest to your spring closet.

Lastly, we have the Ellie Brown.  I couldn’t leave this number out of my top 3.  As a Sevier staple, the Ellie’s are the perfect knockout skirt that can be just as casual as they are fancy.  The Ellie Brown color way is the first we’ve seen of this fabric in a neutral.  Be ready to wear this any way imaginable, this is versatility at its best!

Monday, January 27, 2014

SOW: Charlotte’s Web- Valentine’s!

One of my favorite days is right around the corner: Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s is all what you make of it.  To me, it isn’t a day for couples it’s a day for random acts of kindness.  Growing up, I loved passing out Valentine’s cards, I loved getting a box of candy from my dad-it was so special!   These days, Valentine’s is a night to stay in and cook with my special fella.  A few years ago, it was dinner with my girlfriends.  This year, while doing something nice for others, do something nice for yourself ;)

In lieu of V-day, I wanted this week’s SOW to be on the feminine side.  I picked the Charlotte’s Web Lavender as our highlighted skirt due to the intricate web like detailing, making this dainty skirt very feminine indeed.
I know you can put together neutrals on your own.  For my look, I mixed it up a bit with this fun printed blouse from Piperlime.  I kept the shoes and clutch neutral while adding some sparkle with this jeweled necklace.  I like this outfit for a special night with your closest ladies!

If you would like a delicate look.  Dress this lightweight lavender beauty like so…
This cream blouse tucked in and belted is feminine and classic. 

Next week, I’ll show you what to wear with that special someone...

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Skirt, My Way!

My style is all over the place, I believe a lot of people can say the same.  It’s all in the mood that I’m feeling that day.  When I’m lazy, I go for a chambray top, skinny jeans and riding boots.  When I’m feeling chic, I go for this…

The Blockbuster Gold is my hands down favorite Sevier Skirt right now.  It’s the perfect khaki skirt with a little bling.  My co-worker took one look at my outfit and said, “I love everything that’s happening right now”.  From this fashionista co-worker, this is the best compliment I could have received.

This morning, I had my top already down.  This subtle animal print Loft shirt belted.  I started with a solid khaki skirt and it just wasn’t doing it for me.  I needed a little more ‘poof’ to my outfit.  Cue the Blockbuster Gold.  I like the textured tights with the Blockbuster.  The overall look is perfectly mixed to my taste.

My black go-to overcoat was a must on this frigid day!  With my skirt just above my knee, it was the perfect amount of skirt showing out of my jacket.
How do you dress this Sevier Skirt take on khaki?

Monday, January 20, 2014

SOW: Corvina Black

Who says a LBS(little black skirt) has to be plain black?  A LBS has one requirement-it must be easy to outfit.  It has to be a go-to for any occasion.  The Corvina Black is this weeks SOW, and your soon to be LBS.

This beautifully painted velvet skirt is a medium weight fabric, perfect for the winter.  The painted bronze gives this skirt a certain shine, while the green adds an unexpected touch.
Skirt of the Week
I wanted a chic outfit for this chic skirt.  To begin, I looked for a black top with a little edge.  This eyelet shoulder embellishment did just the trick.  I love this faux fur jacket to add mystery and a touch of old Hollywood charm to your outfit.  Any pair of black pumps will do, I went with a sleek pair of booties and a contrast maroon clutch.

Wear this outfit somewhere fabulous, and feel a little famous while you’re at it ;)

Friday, January 17, 2014

How to Wear Plaid this Winter!

Give me a plaid and I’m a happy girl.  Give me a plaid with flannel and I’m in love.  Lucky for me, flannel plaid is in and it’s not just for lumberjacks and jeans these days.  How do you wear plaid?  Here’s how I do it...
How do you wear plaid?
Plaid is a pattern, no question there.  It’s a neutral pattern and perfect for mixed prints for those that are mixed print shy.  Here I have a plaid with the Rose Wool Black and Blue.  I love the blue in this skirt, it pops!  Pair with black tights down to a pair of black wedge booties.  The effect is casual-chic, especially with a clutch.  

I love this outfit for the weekend!  Speaking of, have a great one and I’ll see you back here on Monday!

Monday, January 13, 2014

SOW: Lily Pad Olive!!

Not only do we have the perfect fit, Sevier Skirts has the most interesting fabrics that you won’t find in stores.  Knockout colors, pattern envy prints, and texture set us apart from the rest.  During the winter, instead of opting for a drab number, go to the Lily Pad Olive instead!

This lightweight cotton base adorned with abstract polyester taffeta is Sevier Skirts at its best.  Try this skirt in a pencil or a classic today!
Skirt of the Wee!
Treat the Lily Pad like your favorite pair of khakis.  Any color goes.  I especially like magenta with this skirt.  Above, I have a casual put together any-day outfit. Throw on your go-to chambray shirt and favorite pair of broken in brown leather boots.  In the colder months I would suggest a scarf and jacket. In the summer, sandals and a tank is perfect!

Enjoy the Lily Pad Olive at 20% off this week only as our Skirt of the Week!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Your best hue: Jewel Tones!!

When I want to have a healthy glow to my skin, the #1 color I pick to wear is fuchsia.  Jewel tones, much like the gems they represent, bring a healthy, rich glow to any skin type.
Jewel Tones
Jewel tones are bold, sultry, and sure to stand out in a crowd.  I wear them to every job interview, they make great first impressions as they invoke confidence and strength.  Don’t take my word for it, wear emerald green, amethyst purple, ruby red, topaz yellow or sapphire blue this weekend and notice the difference.

My favorite jewel-toned starlet from her
hair to her shoes:
Joan from Mad Men

Below are a few of my favorite Sevier Skirts with the rich jewel tone color way:

Wear jewel tone on jewel tone as looks #2,3, and 4 have done.  The result is eye-catching.  Try it this weekend!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Monochrome Mixed Prints!

Mixed prints can be intimidating.  In your head they’re a good idea.  Then you have your outfit on, and it’s a whole lot of look, maybe more than you were going for.  The next time you want to mix it up (pun intended), try it in monochrome!
Monochrome Mixed Prints
From Left:
Wild Side, Jungle Fever, Coco Dots Red 
To begin, start with neutral colors like beige and gray.  It doesn’t even have to have a print to bring interest to your outfit.  Take the quilted beige jacket for instance.  This jacket gives another dimension to the outfit without adding another print.  Want a daring effect?  Go with a daring color, like red.

Have fun with it!