Friday, August 31, 2012


I can not believe tomorrow is the first day of September!  With labor day around the corner, its safe to say that Summer is at its end.  Guess what that means?  Boot time!!! You know fall is here when you start seeing those boots walking around town.
I can't wait for boot season.  That being said, I am going to give you a few tips on boots and your Sevier Skirts.  In three segments I'm going to cover Riding Boots, Thigh Thighs, and Booties.  Each will give you a completely different look.  
Starting with riding boots.  Riding boots are my favorite.  They are the most practical.  They make any outfit look put together and finished.  I love them with Sevier Skirts!  I love a very girly skirt with a riding boot.  It takes it from ladylike to rustic.
Here are two of my favorites:
Riding Boots
Left: Mosaic Fuchsia
Right: Morning Dew Yellow
Tip: Riding boots should come right below your knee cap.  The flouncy swing you wear with it should come about 1 1/2 inches above your knee, just like the picture above!
Keep the skirt full and the boots simple.  The look will leave you looking polished, and appropriate for any occasion.
Next week: Thigh Highs!!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Raindrop Inspiration

As sad as I am about the end of summer, I can't help but get excited over the seasonal change in clothes coming up this fall!  Summer is great.  You have a Sevier Skirt and all you have to do is throw on a tee and flops and your good to go.  The fall on the other hand is all about layering, scarves, jackets, etc. etc.  There is more thought to it.
This being said, I jumped the gun and created these looks revolving around the Raindrop.  The Raindrop is one of those awesome skirts that you can pair nearly anything with it!  It is great for work, and for play.  Because it is one of my favorites, I styled it below.  It's a medium-heavy weight fabric that will keep you warm this winter.
The key to black and white skirts is this:  keep it simple, then add a pop of color.  For work, I love this red jacket.  It reminds me of something Mary Tyler Moore would wear today.  Then, keep it simple with black heels, a watch, and a button up white blouse.  
For play, I love the black peplum top, black jacket, then the royal blue pumps.  Really easy with a great outcome!
Love it!

Monday, August 27, 2012

SOW: Willow Branch Brown!!

Happy Monday ladies!  This week, I chose the Willow Branch Brown as our Skirt Of the Week.  This is a great work skirt.  I love it because it is year round and has great structure to it. That being said, I recommend this skirt in a Pencil or an A-line.  
Sevier Skirts
I love to change it up at work and get out of the all black routine.  Brown looks great with any color, my personal favorites being fuchsia, turquoise and coral.  They pop against the brown, giving you a great look while staying professional.  I pulled this sweater and top off of the J. Crew website so be sure to check there for great outfit options!


Friday, August 24, 2012

First Day of School!

This week while our South Carolina Rep was getting her son Clay ready for school, he had an outfit request.  Clay asked his mom if he could wear his Sevier Skirt Bow Tie so he could look "extra nice".

I think he nailed it!  What do you think?!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Style My Skirt: Zig Zag Multi & The Gap!

Today I am going to highlight one of our best sellers at Sevier Skirts.  The Zig Zag multi was new this last Fall and flew off the shelves.  With all of the colors to choose from its easy to see why.  So this morning I took the Zig Zag to the Gap and put together some back to school outfits.

I know most of us are out of the class room but it is still fun to get 'Legally Blonde' with it and put together school ensembles!

Ill start with the sweater set!

Love the detailing on this knit.  Cable knits will never go out of style. Underneath I have a purple collared button down.  Love this preppy look.

 The multi is great because you can wear any color under the sun with it!  Want to be casual?  Try the look below.

Okay, this jacket is too cute!  It is a sweat shirt type material lined in neon.  I love the neon pop.  Its understated but still fun.  I think it was made to go with this skirt!

Im a sucker for denim jackets.  This classic 1969 label is the best.  I love the navy polka dot shirt underneath.  Mixed prints are awesome!

Last look: Keep it simple with a solid silk.  Love the fuchsia pop!

Confession:  My model is my friend Melissa.  I promised her a walk and kidnapped her on this shopping spree instead.  Excuse her sports bra poking out, she was ready for the trails!

Lets give her a hand though, what a fabulous model she was!

Monday, August 20, 2012

SOW: Lily Pad Olive

Morning ladies!! Happy Monday!  Lets start this week off right with a great deal and even better skirt.  The Lily Pad's are one of my favorite textured skirts at Sevier.  This is a fabric that we acquired over seas.  She's a light-medium weight cotton with sateen lily pads embroidered onto the skirt.

I chose the Lily Pad Olive for this weeks SOW because I featured it last Friday in 'Tips for a Flattering Fit'.  Im hoping this gives you loyal Swing buyers a nudge to try a Pencil.  This is a perfect skirt to try a Pencil in.  The texture hides the unwanted lumps and bumps!  Here it is shown as a Swing, so it looks fabulous either way.
Lily Pad
I outfitted this skirt for the Fall.  I can't wait for that crisp feeling in the air and layering!  If your adventurous go for a coral top like I have shown here.  Green and reds are complimentary to each other so this coral/rose color looks great against the Olive Lily Pad.  If you like neutral go for the beige Michael Stars Cowl Neck that you can buy off our website.  Of course pair this with riding boots and your good to go!  In the winter, top it off with a leather jacket.

Wait, did I mention this skirt is a year round skirt?!  Possibilities are endless!


Friday, August 17, 2012

Tips for a Flattering Fit: Texture

Okay ladies we have squared away what style you need to wear, now lets talk texture!  Texture done in the right way can enhance your look.  On the flip side, done in the wrong way it will take away from it.
Here is my rule:  The bigger the skirt(Swings)-less texture.  The fitter the skirt(Pencils)-texture is great.

So here's the deal.  Im going to say three ugly terms that I never hope to repeat again.  Here goes: cellulite, saddle bags and love handles. YIKES!!  Have any of these?   Well I have all three...TELL NO ONE!  You would think I don't wear pencils right?  Wrong!
I wear pencils, but I wear them right.  If you have any of the above you can wear certain textures to mask them.  Say you have love handles or saddle bags.  Cover those up with the Naomi or Lily Pad or Peonies.  You can get all three of those in a Pencil.  What you notice will be the texture of the skirt flaring out, not your lady lumps.  My favorite is the Naomi!
Lily Pad                         Naomi                   Peonie

Next: Cellulite.  Got it? Who doesn't?  Ever wear too tight pants or too thin skirts so it dimples in the back of your thighs exposing your minimal time spent at the gym?  I've been there.

In that case, go with a sturdy fabric that keeps you in.  Any of the below will work for you in a pencil.  They are all medium weight fabrics with great structure to them.  Consider them your Sevier Spanks!

Chevron Lurex       Scallop Lace on Black        Honeycomb

I've shown you what to wear in a Pencil, now I'm going to show you what not to wear!  All of the fabrics below are some of our thinnest fabrics.  They look dynamite in a Swing.  They drape beautifully.  But being a girl with a few humps and bumps I stay away from them in a Pencil.  Tight against your body, they would show everything!  EEK!  So keep these in the Swing, sometimes A-Line category!
Pastel Paisley          Mosaic Fuchsia           Phoenix Floral  

Keep these tips in mind this Skirt Season and you are guaranteed to have a flattering fit!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sales Rep Nashvegas Trip!

 From Sunday to Tuesday ALL of our sales reps came to Nashville for a conference to get the Fall Season started.  This was such a treat for me!  I have talked to these girls via phone and email, have seen their names on our shop countless times and made each of their business cards...but I had never actually met them!

On Monday the girls worked sun up to sun down at Suzanne's house then at the shop.  After that, we went to dinner at Tequila's.  The energetic pictures below are misleading!  The girls were exhausted!!

....its amazing what a little tequila can do ;)

Ashley and Rachel (Carolina&Nashville reps).  I think these two look like
sisters!  Whitney's to the left, she's our Memphis rep!

Ladies meet Courtney!!!   She's the shop manager.
Courtney has to check off every single one of the skirts before it goes out the door.
That's only one of her jobs.  Did I mention she has 1 year old
twins at home?  Yeah, she's pretty amazing.

The good lookin' blonde?  Oh thats her husband Matt!

Suzanne and JB!  So  sweet!

...and now he is going to eat her face.

This is the side of the table I was sitting with.  Hi ladies!
Lookin' good!!

Here are all the ladies at the shop before heading home.
Such a great group!

It was such a pleasure to finally meet these amazing women.  It was a great way to kick off the 2012 Fall Season.  I will introduce each to you individually in the coming weeks so you can get to know your sales rep a little better!  Stay tuned!

Monday, August 13, 2012

SOW: Paisley on Linen Black

Happy Monday ladies!  This weeks SOW is the Paisley on Linen Black.  We are about to get into that time of year of transitional weather.  With that in mind I wanted to pick out a versatile skirt that can be worn warm or cool!  The Paisley on Linen is a medium weight linen with black velvet appliqué.

Black goes with everything so you will have no trouble outfitting this!  Go with any color under the sun for this one.  A denim jacket will look amazing with this skirt, so break that bad boy out too!
Paisley on Linen
I made it easy on you by picking out our Michael Stars tees.  Just go to our website and you can buy the above there!  What can I say, we're a one stop shop.

Have a great rest of your day ladies!  


Friday, August 10, 2012

Fresh Meat!!

Ladies I'm so excited to introduce you to the two newest members to the Sevier Team!  Below is Ginny from St. Louis and Catherine from Charlotte.  This week they came to Nashville for Skirt School to learn the tricks of the trade.  Tonight we had a faux party to get them ready for the fall!

Let me tell you, they were fabulous!
 We had the party at Rachel's apartment.  Rachel is our Nashville Sales Rep.  She needs to add 'hostess with the mostest' to her resume.  Check out her spread.  

The right side of the table was all wine... did  I mention how much I  love Rachel's parties?!
Hostess Rachel rockin' the Naomi Ivory

Gang's all here!
Here are the ladies at the end of their long workday, still looking flawless!
From left: Mary (The Kearney), Catherine (The Peacock), Rachel (The Naomi), Ginny (The Tribal), Courtney (The Poly Floral), Suzanne (The Cathedral)

What really caught my eye, fabric wise, was the animal prints for the Fall...
Velvet Animal prints...

Such a fun night!  Catherine and Ginny, you two did an awesome job!  We're so glad your apart of the team!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How it's Made!

Well ladies it is finally here... the 'How It's Made' video!!!

Your Sevier Skirt goes through 12 steps during production to ensure a custom fit.  We thought it would be great for you to see exactly what that entails.  And by exactly, I mean a fast forwarded version with a nice beat so you don't have to sit through hours of cutting and sewing!

Simply click on the link below and watch our quick little video.  You might even see your skirt being made!  See if you can spot me, I'm wearing the Box Pleat in one section and the Scalloped Lace on Black in another part!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

SOW: Cantaloupe Cotton

To me, August marks the beginning of the end to summer.  As hot as this summer has been, the end of warm weather is always sad to me.  To hold on to summer for a little longer this week were going to spotlight one of my favorite summer skirts for the SOW!  The Cantaloupe Cotton is a light weight yellow based cotton with a great pattern on it.  
You can wear white, navy, brown, black, teal, blue, pink, red, etc etc with this skirt.  It is extremely versatile!  The pattern is loud enough to carry its own, so you can keep it simple up top.  I dressed the skirt up in the outfit below.   I love to bring out the pink with this light weight jacket.  Blue is a really nice pop with this as well.
SOW: Kaliedoscope
You can wear this skirt from spring through fall.  She looks great with sandals like I have shown above for the summer or riding boots for the fall.
I would suggest this skirt in a swing.