Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day

Incorporate Sevier Skirts in your Father's Day this year.  We want to make it easier on you than it has ever been to get your family dressed and out the door in a stylish fashion.  After all, we know its the moms out there who are putting the outfits together ;)
Let Sevier Skirts make it easier for you this Father's Day with an outfit that is sure to impress!
Surprise that special man in your life with a Sevier Skirt gift for HIM!  Below is a cute outfit for the whole family to enjoy.  A mens seersucker pink necktie, a boys seersucker pink bow tie, a Seaside Eyelet for mom and a pink Light Bright for your little lady!  You can finally shop Sevier Skirt's guilt free knowing that this isn't for you, its for your family ;)
Father's Day

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