Friday, June 1, 2012

Little Lady Skirts

Here at Sevier Skirts we've been diligently working to freshen up our Little Ladies skirt patterns.  Im excited to announce to you our improvements!  First, you will notice that 90% of our skirts waistbands will be made with the same fabric the skirt is made out of.  There are a few exceptions where that is just not possible, but you will know in advance which ones those will be.  Second, you can now order border pattern skirts for your preteens!  One of my favorites is the Ace that I have shown below...
We have also tweaked the shape of the skirts to allow for a more flattering silhouette on your little girl.
Below is an example of an eyelet with seersucker underneath.  Notice the seersucker waistband.  Too cute!!

One of my favorite skirts is the Liberty Berry Floral.  Look at this tiny one!!  It is so small that it wouldn't even fit on the dress form (fancy word for mannequin)!

Below is an example of a skirt waistband that can't be lined in itself.  It just wouldn't be comfortable for your little one to have the flowers rubbing against her waist all day.  The black is a nice coordinating scheme for this one!

Our last improvement you will find in the inside of the skirt.  No longer will you see the serged edge that showed with the lining.  The liner will cover that.  Below are before after shots.  

Stay tuned for changes to our preteen and toddler online store.  They will be up soon!
And the best part of all of these improvements.....NO EXTRA CHARGE!!! Thats right, we don't charge you ladies for a better product.  That's just not our style :)

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