Friday, June 29, 2012

Lets Go Shopping!

Last week after my first mall shopping venture, I had a request  to go shopping for the Orange Feather and the Across the Universe.  Ask and you shall receive!!  Im going to start off with the Across the Universe.
Emily, one of our fabulous clients, disclosed to me that she likes Kate Winslets style, and that she needs an outfit that will transition well from work to social.  To be completely honest I picked out the outfits for the Across the Universe before I got her message about her style but I think what I came up with was exactly what she was looking for!  The Across the Universe is fantastic because it has so many colors already in it that all you need to do is pair a solid color top with it.  I went shopping in the Sevier Skirt closet for this one from our Michael Stars line.

The black look is a perfect Kate Winslet Look.  Classic black, and modest with the 3/4 Length Sleeves.  If you want a top that will transition great from work to social hour go with the mustard on the right.  There is a touch of sparkle in this Cap Sleeved Drape Neck that makes it more dressy.  Mustard not for you?  Thats okay, go with the same top in black.
If you want something fairly causal, this Drape Neck Tank is great!

For shoes, I went to Target.  Kate Winslet is classic, not trendy.  With that in mind here is what I picked out:
Heels for height!
Casual Flats
with a touch of

Lets move onto the Orange Feather.  Emily I know you have the more orange side showing on yours.  In the shop we have the more beige side showing so that is what I went shopping with.  Everything I picked out will look just as great with your skirt!

For the Orange Feather I went to Target.  No need to spend a small fortune when you can look great for less!
Modest Top with
Peek-a-Boo Arm Slit
Casual Sophisticate

I want to first explain that this skirt was not my size, I am actually holding about four inches of extra fabric behind my back so please don't judge on fit!

I love the top left look for your next vacation or lunch date with your girlfriends.  This beige knit dolman sleeve with black cami says, 'Sophisticated meets casual' while not trying too hard.

The black is very Kate Winslet.  Classicly modest with a hint of skin exposed at your arms.
Self Belted Black
Jersey Knit
Navy and Orange:
Made for each other!

Last two looks!  

On the left we have the most casual option.  This is a comfy jersey knit top with fun neck detailing that is hard to see due to lighting.  It comes with a black jersey knit belt to better define your waist.

Now the look on the right is just to give you an idea outside the box. This is not a 'Kate Winslet' look.  As always, we are here to show you outfits you would not have usually thought of.  This is a basic white tee with a cowl neck line and fun navy and white  button up sweater.  This look is perfect for fall to early spring.  I love love love orange and navy together.  They are actually complimentary colors on the color wheel.  If your looking for a fun outfit, go with this!

Can't go wrong with this neutral.
Won't take away from the orange.
Thanks for the request Emily!  I went to Target on Wednesday so be sure to get there fast, Im sure you know how fast their inventory moves!

One last tip:  One of my favorite skirts this season happens to be quintessential Kate.  It is called the Black Scalloped Lace.  Good for year round.  I love this one!  Check it out by clicking here!  


  1. I love it! I've got to get a navy top for sure. I did love the navy floral for a funky touch, too! I'm curious if you think I can wear black with orange feather on the mostly orange side? It looks awesome I think on beige side but wanted your opinion for the flip. Love everything you chose- you are too good! :) Emily. I can't wait to host my next party.

  2. I love black with the all orange side to make a bold outfit. I think when you add beige or brown to it, it becomes more casual. Worried about looking too Halloween with the orange and black? Wear a beige or brown cami underneath of what ever black top you put with it so the cami sticks out at the bottom an inch or two. Then, pair it with a matching beige or brown sandal/shoe like I have in my outfit. This will tone it all down and not look like your ready for October 31st! Plus, I am a huge fan of black and brown together when done right.
    Tip: When wearing a brown shoe with a black outfit you need to make sure all your other accessories are brown as well. So purse, belt, etc. Thats pretty much the rule of thumb on that one :)

  3. Thanks!! can't wait to try it out.