Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lets Go Shopping...

Good morning ladies!  I hope this Friday finds you well.  If not, at least its Friday right?  So this week I decided to mix it up a bit with the blog.  I have shown you previously what I would wear with skirts from my own closet as well as picked tops and accessories out from the internet.  The only problem with this is you ladies may not have whats in my closet and I can't show the outfit together from images from the internet.  To solve this dilemma, I hit the Green Hills mall and went to the first store with a sale sign I saw.  Cue Ann Taylor Loft.
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I'll be doing a mall/store series about once every two weeks.  I'll pick a skirt and take it shopping for an outfit.  I'll do stores that are accessible in most cities for our clients that don't live in Nashville.  The Gray Gardens was a huge hit this year so I have chosen it as my first skirt for this series!
I think fuchsia looks dynamite with this skirt.  I love purples with grays above any color as it is.  This shirt is comfortable and casual.  It has pin tuck detailing with a rope tie at the neck area.  I love it!

This is my favorite look with this skirt.  A simple safari pocket button down.  Look how the pink really makes the pink pop in the skirt!  So cute.  Either tie the shirt like I have, tuck it in, or leave it out and belt it.  You could do so much with this top!


Next up: Shoes.  Lets go to Nine West.
Ladies, meet Tiffany.  Tiffany is the store manager. She had me in and out in five minutes.

If your a flat kind of girl, go with this fun animal skin print.  I love the teal with the Gray Gardens.

For a small heel, these two are great.  You will get your wear out of the neutral.  The blush is a hot
seller as Tiffany tells me and I find that it can be treated as a neutral as well.

Blush flat for the ladies who are not into heels.

I love these suede pumps.  Both colors will look amazing with the Gray Gardens.  This can take you into a fall looks as well.
Same color options as the above suede pumps without the extra height.  To be worn for a fun, casual occasion.
These look great with the bangles from The Loft.

If you have a skirt your having a hard time outfitting, let me know the skirt and where you shop and Ill have it covered!


  1. Can you do Across the Universe? Or orange/coral feather? I made mine though on more orange side. I shop anywhere.. Target, Macy's, Loft, White house black market..,thanks! Emily Mcgehee. Whitney is the best rep over here in Memphis area btw. ;)

  2. Yes, yes and yes!! I will cover them both this week, probably on Friday. Would you tell me one person, celebrity, that you like style wise and I will shoot for that. Or, tell me if your looking for simple casual, fancy or both! And yes, Whitney is a gem!

  3. I love Kate winslet's style for sure. I wear my skirts a lot for work and socially so a career to casual look would be awesome! thanks, I love the blog! emily m