Monday, June 18, 2012

SOW: Annie Damask Dot!

This week's SOW is the Annie Damask Dot!
Enjoy 20% off of this lightweight cotton skirt this week only!  This is a faux damask.  A true damask is a fabric that has a pattern by the way that its woven together.  We call this a damask because of the way it looks.  Most damasks are too thick to wear in the summer which makes this skirt so special.  You can wear this skirt spring through fall.  I chose this as the SOW this week due to the amazing colors you have to work with.  You can wear bright, light and any color green in between.  You can also wear coral, yellow, white and brown if you want to match this dead on.  Otherwise, you can choose colors that aren't even in the skirt such as fuchsia and it will still work with this skirt.  Below you can see how I paired this skirt.  I have a few options for you...

Annie Damask
Yellow and coral match this skirt dead on.  You can see how the fushcia fits right in with this look regardless of not being in the skirt
I am a huge fan of jean jackets.  Lucky for me, they're in!  Top this look off with a jean jacket, colorful or neutral sandals and you are ready for your day!

P.S. I love this skirt in a swing!  It drapes really well.

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