Monday, June 25, 2012

SOW: Water Bouquet

This weeks SOW is sure to put a pep in your step.  I chose the Water Bouquet due to its excellent color options and in style floral print.  This Water Bouquet is a light weight cotton.  A perk of this skirt?  It can be washed in the washing machine!

When choosing an outfit for this skirt I thought first, I want color.  Second, I want a light look (weight wise).  Third, I wanted an outfit that could look different based on how you styled the top.  I went with three long sleeve button downs.  

Water Bouquet

The coral top is silky and will look nice for  nice dinner out.  Pair with a denim jacket and heels for a hot date or flat coral strappy Steve Maddens for a girls night out.

The Yellow button down is actually a very small gingham print.  I think you should roll up the sleeves on this and un button a few buttons from the top.  With a fun bun, your looking adorable for your next cookout!

I love the mint top.  This is the ultimate fresh color.  Simply pair this with the brown strappy sandals for your next vacation or throw on the blazer, and brown flats and take this look to work.  In the summer time its nice to not be in black in the office.  You will put a smile on your coworkers faces with this fresh look.

You can mix and match every piece I have here.  Just a tip:  If you want to match the coral top with the coral jacket, which would be very cute, pick a neutral show to go with.

If you would like one of the pieces in this blog, click on an icon above and it will shoot you to the page!

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