Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DIY-Measure Yourself Video!

Have you ever wanted to purchase a Sevier Skirt online but didn't feel confident to measure yourself in order to make your selection?  We completely understand.  That is why we made a 'Measure Yourself Video'.  Mary, our shop manager and Suzanne, Sevier Skirts founder, will take you step by step on what measurements you need to take, and where those measurements are.

First Suzanne will talk you through the steps.  After that, Mary will demonstrate how to measure yourself on her own, just like you will being doing at home.
So whip out those measuring tapes and watch our 2 minute video.  You will be able to join our sales rep team by the end of it!

This will be available on our website soon so stay tuned.  Ill let you know where to find it!

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