Friday, June 8, 2012

Introducing: Men's Neckties & Bow Ties!!!!

Here at Sevier Skirts we feel that dads get the shaft when it comes to having fun with outfits.  You always see mother and daughter outfits, but what about dads and their little ones?  Sevier Skirts is here to fix that problem!  We are proud to introduce to you our newest product to grace our online store:  Men's neckties and little boy bow ties!!!  Thats right, now you can buy dad your favorite Sevier Skirt fabric in a tie!!  The same goes for the little man in your life with a bow tie!

So heres the deal,  you can buy ties and bow ties online only.  If you go to our website, on the front page just click on the picture and you will be automatically sent to the tie & bow tie online store.  We have certain fabrics already selected so get your ties fast, first come first serve!!

Father's Day is June 17th so get your orders in right away!  Im thinking the look above is precious.  So Liberty Mauvrey Tie for Dad, Mauvrey Skirt for your little girl, and Mauvrey Bow Tie for your little man.  Or get online with your kids and let them pick out one just for dad!

Sevier Skirts for the Family!!
Left: Cantaloupe Eyelet, Dad: Mauvrey Tie, Middle: Mauvrey, Mom: Olympia Yellow, Boy: Mauvrey Bow Tie

Left: Cantaloupe Eyelet, Middle: Mauvrey Bow Tie, Right Mauvrey Skirt
Call your local sales rep to have the skirts custom made!
Or call us: 615.750.5013

I know what your thinking, we have just opened up a brand new door for your family photos!!

Stay tuned, we have different photo shoots coming soon!!  Maybe something for July 4th perhaps?? Hint, hint ;)


  1. I always give much preference to neckties. I have different collections of Mens neck ties in my wardrobe.

  2. Yes Christina S I am totally agree with you.I also give first preference to neckties and now it become very easy to get huge variety and styles of neckties as there are many online shops.That's why I always use to buy neckties online