Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mariposa Jewelry

I love being in the fashion biz.  Not only do I get to see great fabrics and skirts daily, I also get great tips on other products and companies to check out.  Im here to pass on such a company to you ladies today!  The company is called Mariposa.  It's a handmade jewelry company focusing on ornately decorated bracelets.  Ashley Black's (South Carolina Sales Rep) mom, Carolyn Brown, is the owner and maker of Mariposa Designs.
Carolyn's company Mariposa, is Spanish for butterfly.  Her bracelets picked up so much attention, they were their own 'social butterflies, ' which lead to the name of the company.  Carolyn was in the Mortgage business for 30 years before starting Mariposa in October of 2009.  She designs and makes the bracelets herself, selling in boutiques in South Carolina, Memphis, Seaside, Seagrove and Destin.  One of her daughters designs along side her, while Ashley helps with the marketing.  I love collaborating family businesses!  Her new website will be up soon, until then you can order directly from her.  Email her at 

Carolyn began her creative career with appliqué tees.  The demand was too high to keep up with.  When researching another profitable sector, leather proved to be in.  With that in mind she created this design of a thick leather strap cut into thin strips adorned with different jewels and stones.  They snap in the back making it easy to put on and take off by yourself.  They are such eye catching pieces.  Suzanne wears hers around with her Sevier Skirts all the time.  The combination is dynamite.  Your wrist hangs right where your skirts start.  They are the perfect compliment to each other.
Friend Mariposa Designs on FB to see Carolyn's different pieces.  The bracelets are $195.  Pick one from her collection, or email Carolyn to tell her exactly what your looking for and she will custom make you your desired design.  They make perfect gifts!!

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