Friday, August 17, 2012

Tips for a Flattering Fit: Texture

Okay ladies we have squared away what style you need to wear, now lets talk texture!  Texture done in the right way can enhance your look.  On the flip side, done in the wrong way it will take away from it.
Here is my rule:  The bigger the skirt(Swings)-less texture.  The fitter the skirt(Pencils)-texture is great.

So here's the deal.  Im going to say three ugly terms that I never hope to repeat again.  Here goes: cellulite, saddle bags and love handles. YIKES!!  Have any of these?   Well I have all three...TELL NO ONE!  You would think I don't wear pencils right?  Wrong!
I wear pencils, but I wear them right.  If you have any of the above you can wear certain textures to mask them.  Say you have love handles or saddle bags.  Cover those up with the Naomi or Lily Pad or Peonies.  You can get all three of those in a Pencil.  What you notice will be the texture of the skirt flaring out, not your lady lumps.  My favorite is the Naomi!
Lily Pad                         Naomi                   Peonie

Next: Cellulite.  Got it? Who doesn't?  Ever wear too tight pants or too thin skirts so it dimples in the back of your thighs exposing your minimal time spent at the gym?  I've been there.

In that case, go with a sturdy fabric that keeps you in.  Any of the below will work for you in a pencil.  They are all medium weight fabrics with great structure to them.  Consider them your Sevier Spanks!

Chevron Lurex       Scallop Lace on Black        Honeycomb

I've shown you what to wear in a Pencil, now I'm going to show you what not to wear!  All of the fabrics below are some of our thinnest fabrics.  They look dynamite in a Swing.  They drape beautifully.  But being a girl with a few humps and bumps I stay away from them in a Pencil.  Tight against your body, they would show everything!  EEK!  So keep these in the Swing, sometimes A-Line category!
Pastel Paisley          Mosaic Fuchsia           Phoenix Floral  

Keep these tips in mind this Skirt Season and you are guaranteed to have a flattering fit!

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