Monday, August 13, 2012

SOW: Paisley on Linen Black

Happy Monday ladies!  This weeks SOW is the Paisley on Linen Black.  We are about to get into that time of year of transitional weather.  With that in mind I wanted to pick out a versatile skirt that can be worn warm or cool!  The Paisley on Linen is a medium weight linen with black velvet appliqué.

Black goes with everything so you will have no trouble outfitting this!  Go with any color under the sun for this one.  A denim jacket will look amazing with this skirt, so break that bad boy out too!
Paisley on Linen
I made it easy on you by picking out our Michael Stars tees.  Just go to our website and you can buy the above there!  What can I say, we're a one stop shop.

Have a great rest of your day ladies!  


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