Friday, August 3, 2012

Tips for a Flattering Fit

How is it that one person can look drab in an outfit while someone else can look amazing in the exact same thing?  Easy, one person knows their body type and dresses accordingly while the other doesn't.  We all fall victim to this.  Im going to try to help with simple suggestions and tips on finding your flattering fit!

 Did you know certain textures are your friend, while others applied in the wrong way can be your enemy?  Also, the weight and structure of a fabric dramatically effect your over all look.  Over the next few entries, Ill go over which style is best for your body type, what textures should be ordered in which styles, and even what weight of fabrics you should pick for your body type.  These three things can be the difference between drab and fab for you this season.

Im going to begin with the foundation of your skirt: 

The Style!
A-line                       Pencil                      Swing

Luckily for you, Sevier Skirts are custom made for you so really, every style can be made to look dynamite on you.  Let's say your buying off line though.  Our sales reps are not there to suggest tapering.  You just need help picking the most flattering style for your body type.  Here is what I would suggest:

For curvy body types: You have a small waist compared to your hips and or booty. (You go girl!)  Best way to emphasize that is with a swing.  This accentuates your tiny waist while still clearing your curves.

For Boxy Body Types:  You have less of a difference between your waist and your tiny hips.  Show that off in a Pencil or an A-line.  This will highlight your nicer upper legs too!

For Spoon Body Types: You have a small waist and curvy hips, but no booty.  Go with an A-line.  The A-line appears to look like a swing on you, accentuating your small waist, clearing your hips, but not sticking out in the back due to your lack of backside :)

Next week I'll cover texture.  Have a great weekend ladies!

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