Sunday, August 5, 2012

SOW: Cantaloupe Cotton

To me, August marks the beginning of the end to summer.  As hot as this summer has been, the end of warm weather is always sad to me.  To hold on to summer for a little longer this week were going to spotlight one of my favorite summer skirts for the SOW!  The Cantaloupe Cotton is a light weight yellow based cotton with a great pattern on it.  
You can wear white, navy, brown, black, teal, blue, pink, red, etc etc with this skirt.  It is extremely versatile!  The pattern is loud enough to carry its own, so you can keep it simple up top.  I dressed the skirt up in the outfit below.   I love to bring out the pink with this light weight jacket.  Blue is a really nice pop with this as well.
SOW: Kaliedoscope
You can wear this skirt from spring through fall.  She looks great with sandals like I have shown above for the summer or riding boots for the fall.
I would suggest this skirt in a swing.


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