Friday, August 10, 2012

Fresh Meat!!

Ladies I'm so excited to introduce you to the two newest members to the Sevier Team!  Below is Ginny from St. Louis and Catherine from Charlotte.  This week they came to Nashville for Skirt School to learn the tricks of the trade.  Tonight we had a faux party to get them ready for the fall!

Let me tell you, they were fabulous!
 We had the party at Rachel's apartment.  Rachel is our Nashville Sales Rep.  She needs to add 'hostess with the mostest' to her resume.  Check out her spread.  

The right side of the table was all wine... did  I mention how much I  love Rachel's parties?!
Hostess Rachel rockin' the Naomi Ivory

Gang's all here!
Here are the ladies at the end of their long workday, still looking flawless!
From left: Mary (The Kearney), Catherine (The Peacock), Rachel (The Naomi), Ginny (The Tribal), Courtney (The Poly Floral), Suzanne (The Cathedral)

What really caught my eye, fabric wise, was the animal prints for the Fall...
Velvet Animal prints...

Such a fun night!  Catherine and Ginny, you two did an awesome job!  We're so glad your apart of the team!

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