Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sales Rep Nashvegas Trip!

 From Sunday to Tuesday ALL of our sales reps came to Nashville for a conference to get the Fall Season started.  This was such a treat for me!  I have talked to these girls via phone and email, have seen their names on our shop countless times and made each of their business cards...but I had never actually met them!

On Monday the girls worked sun up to sun down at Suzanne's house then at the shop.  After that, we went to dinner at Tequila's.  The energetic pictures below are misleading!  The girls were exhausted!!

....its amazing what a little tequila can do ;)

Ashley and Rachel (Carolina&Nashville reps).  I think these two look like
sisters!  Whitney's to the left, she's our Memphis rep!

Ladies meet Courtney!!!   She's the shop manager.
Courtney has to check off every single one of the skirts before it goes out the door.
That's only one of her jobs.  Did I mention she has 1 year old
twins at home?  Yeah, she's pretty amazing.

The good lookin' blonde?  Oh thats her husband Matt!

Suzanne and JB!  So  sweet!

...and now he is going to eat her face.

This is the side of the table I was sitting with.  Hi ladies!
Lookin' good!!

Here are all the ladies at the shop before heading home.
Such a great group!

It was such a pleasure to finally meet these amazing women.  It was a great way to kick off the 2012 Fall Season.  I will introduce each to you individually in the coming weeks so you can get to know your sales rep a little better!  Stay tuned!

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