Monday, January 6, 2014

SOW: Liberty Lovely Lady Cord!!

Y’all today’s high is 14 degrees with a low of two.  Two degrees in Nashville, TN. I did NOT move here for this!  In leu of this weather, I went with Sevier’s coziest outfit to date with our Skirt of the Week: Liberty Lovely Lady Cord!

This micro wale cord will keep you warm this winter and lookin’ good to boot.  This number comes in all three styles.  See her below in the Swing!
My challenge this week is to make UGG’s not only comfortable, but attractive.  I picked this cute pair of booties to go with the Lovely Lady and am in love with the results!  The gloves are UGG’s as well.

Now to break this outfit down one cozy piece at a time:
1. Cashmere Cardigan- Find your go-to cashmere.  I like this understated camel cardigan from J.Crew.
 2. Cable Knit Scarf-Match up your sweater with a like color scarf!
3. Bright Knit Sweater-to brighten up these cold winter days! 
4. Liberty Lovely Lady Cord- Comfy cord to keep out the chill.
5. Leather Gloves-Leather gloves add sophistication to any winter look.  Have fun with them and pick a color!
6. UGG Booties-You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.
7. Cable Knit Tights-These are a must on days like today!
8. Wool Throw-Curl up on your couch with a wool blanket and a hot drink.
9. Hot Drink- Give me a black tea or strong coffee on this 2 degree day!

FUN FACT:  UGG’s started as shoes for surfers.  After coming out of the surf in the winter, they strip off their water booties and slip on UGG’s because they don’t need to be worn with socks.  Did you know that?  You do now!

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