Monday, January 13, 2014

SOW: Lily Pad Olive!!

Not only do we have the perfect fit, Sevier Skirts has the most interesting fabrics that you won’t find in stores.  Knockout colors, pattern envy prints, and texture set us apart from the rest.  During the winter, instead of opting for a drab number, go to the Lily Pad Olive instead!

This lightweight cotton base adorned with abstract polyester taffeta is Sevier Skirts at its best.  Try this skirt in a pencil or a classic today!
Skirt of the Wee!
Treat the Lily Pad like your favorite pair of khakis.  Any color goes.  I especially like magenta with this skirt.  Above, I have a casual put together any-day outfit. Throw on your go-to chambray shirt and favorite pair of broken in brown leather boots.  In the colder months I would suggest a scarf and jacket. In the summer, sandals and a tank is perfect!

Enjoy the Lily Pad Olive at 20% off this week only as our Skirt of the Week!

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