Friday, January 3, 2014

Spring trends to wear NOW!

The 2014 trends have been announced for Spring and I am getting impatient.  For one, it’s something new to add to the mix.  And two, I want to capitalize on the trends before everyone else does.

Today I took two trends you will see come spring and put them together to wear now.  Fringe meets Cowgirl.  Face it, these two are perfect for each other.  

To invoke the western girl in you try the following:
1. fringe boots
2. wide belts (very flattering worn low at the hips)
3. turquoise jewelry
Spring Trends to wear now!
Above I took a lady-like skirt, the Cathedral and added a western, fringe contrast to it.  The low wide belt at the hips is extremely flattering and feminine.  Go big with this trend with large accessories like a turquoise cuff.

Fringe is easy to pull off.  You see a little of it now and I predict a lot of it come spring.  Try the following:

1.Fringe boots 
2. Fringe vests
3. Fringe Tunics for summer
4. Fringe jackets
5. Fringe scarves

Fringe adds movement to your attire creating attention in that direction and away from your unwanted areas.  Try a small piece to start with, like at the ends of your scarf then go from there!

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