Wednesday, January 29, 2014

NEW: Spring 2014 Line!!

One day its freezing and then another day its…well it’s freezing.  That’s nothing new, but our Spring Line is!  Finally something to look forward to besides warm weather! Not only do we have all new Fit Specialists (stay tuned for next blog) to roll out, but we also have a great new line to introduce.  My top pick are as follows...
I am on the casual sequins band wagon.  I love those pieces that you can dress up or down, especially when it comes in such a sweet hue!  The Blush Sequins makes my top 3 favorite list for 2014 Spring Line.  Wear the Blush Sequins to a wedding or cocktail party, or with a jean jacket and button down cream blouse.  

The next to make my top 3 is the Chiffon Ruffle Ruby.  First, I love this color, it looks great on all skin types.  Secondly, I love light, air-ry chiffon.  So feminine, so textured.  The layers of horizontal strips will add some interest to your spring closet.

Lastly, we have the Ellie Brown.  I couldn’t leave this number out of my top 3.  As a Sevier staple, the Ellie’s are the perfect knockout skirt that can be just as casual as they are fancy.  The Ellie Brown color way is the first we’ve seen of this fabric in a neutral.  Be ready to wear this any way imaginable, this is versatility at its best!

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