Friday, January 31, 2014

Welcome to the Team!

Not only are we launching our new Spring line, we’re also launching an all new Fit Team!  Join me in welcoming some new faces to the Sevier Skirt family!
Some newbies with Suzanne

Welcome Ladies!
 A few weekends ago, these brave ladies gave up their Saturday to go through Skirt School fit training. For an entire day, we had different body types coming through getting measured, and getting our ladies ready.  If you’re curious how we train, it is a hands on process!
 To 5105 Alabama Ave. these ladies went to spend the day with the chalkboard, skirts, and their teacher: Suzanne.  Below Suzanne is rockin' the NEW: Apache Sequins.  A perfect example of casual sequins done right with the solid navy tank and layered necklaces.  LOVE.
  New ladies means new locations for Sevier Skirts!  Coming to a city near you is:

Billenda Nabors
Chattanooga, TN

Taking notes!

Terri Parks
Orlando & Melbourne, FL & Surrounding Areas

Priscilla Harris
Nashville & Brentwood, TN

Taking a break!
Liz Daly
Columbus, OH

Fluff Roberts
Birmingham, AL

Jane Sarver
Nashville, TN

Alison Pacewic
Greenville, SC

Our models!

 Welcome to the team ladies!  We are thrilled to have you!  Book your party today by calling or emailing one of our new Reps!

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