Monday, May 6, 2013

SOW:Daisy Chain!!

With Mother's Day around the corner, I wanted to go floral for this weeks SOW.  The Daisy Chain was an obvious choice!  Take 20% off this week only for this hot new season skirt!

The Daisy Chain is a 100% cotton light weight skirt.  You will get Spring, Summer and early Fall out of this skirt.  With orange, white, green and turquoise flowers, you will have no problem picking a top to match.  The Daisy Chain is available in all three styles.  I recommend a swing.  I love the way light weight fabrics drape in a swing!
SOW:Sevier Skirts
There are so many ways to dress this skirt.  I couldn't settle on one color so I have a few options for you.  If you want a contrasting pop, try a purple top.  If you want to match the skirt hue for hue, go with an orange or turquoise top like the ones above.

This is a versatile skirt that can be worn for nice occasions like a graduation, or dressed down for running around town.  For an effortless look, grab a Michael Stars top.  My picks for the Daisy Chain is the Slub 3/4 Boatneck.  For a contrasting look, I picked the Coral.  Want to go neutral?  Go for the Sand.

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